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What's up STACKERS!

I'm going to keep this post quick and simple. A few hours ago, @swiftcash (a cryptocurrency) just announced that they are giving away** 1 Million Swift Cash Tokens** to Steem Users for free.

The maximum amount one can receive is 10,000 tokens depending upon your Steem Power, Reputation and Followers. 🙋‍♂️

This seems fairly fair for them to do to market the coin but there is a catch, it's on a first come and first serve bases.

Once they run out, the giveaway is over.... so you better hurry! 😉

All you have to do to claim your Swift Cash tokens is by going to their blog and upvote, follow, resteem, and comment on their giveaway post.

Here is the Swift Cash Giveaway post:


There you have it, another way to get some Free Crypto!!

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

~ Charles Fuchs

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Thanks. Would have missed that!

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I missed it also but someone Resteemed it 😬

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Can these points be exchanged for Steem.???

You can sell it on the exchange if you want 😀

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I have to collect it before selling.😂

Thanks for sharing. :) The value does not seem interesting to collect this coin!

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Sounds like me when I was told I could mine 50 bitcoins if I install the app and run it a bit. That was back in 2012 when bitcoin was almost worthless... Also, current supply of SwiftCash is 82 million. 1 million is almost 1.2% of the circulating supply. Imagine if bitcoin was giving 1.2% of its supply away on steemit. That would be 216,000 bitcoins! That's how you're supposed to do the math to see if it's worth claiming and holding or not... Only total noobs who haven't learned anything from history would do the math by looking at the current price.

Everyone believes that every coin will be the next bitcoin and only interested in the speculative side crypto. The real revolution is not the price but the utility for the mainstream population uses the technology for everything in their life.

What do you think the value will be in a world without money, your perception will change in your comment!

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

You must have misread what I said. I don't think swiftcash or any other coin is going to be the next bitcoin. I never said that. I just gave you an example of how you're supposed to do the math to see if a giveaway is worth claiming or not. Bitcoin was the first crypto and will remain dominant for decades to come. Nothing is gonna replace bitcoin. But let's not be naive. 99% of the world still doesn't have crypto and when it comes to bitcoin they feel like they've missed the boat so look for alternatives to invest in. In my opinion, as long as an altcoin is not a scam setup to steal from people, it will eventually turn into a digital store of value alternative to bitcoin. It won't replace bitcoin or become the next bitcoin. It will become a legit altcoin like litecoin and bitcoin will remain bitcoin.

Not sure, I think around 10k Swift Tokens is about $40 🤑

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That's great!, thanks for the heads up.

No problem, I think a lot of people missed their post about it 🙌🏼

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Grats to anyone that gets them & thanks for the heads up! I have to wait over a day to meet the 100% upvote requirements so I won't be surprised if I miss out & regret my ill timing in having enthusiasm for once, but I'll be curious to watch if it's one of the projects that hits & be cheering for y'all. I'm so curious to see what the world will look like in an abundance paradigm as people get stupid rich from paying attention. 😊

As much as I love stacking any coins I can afford or figure out, I'm hesitant to resteem things before I've tested them & done some research, so I'm glad I'll get to snoop on what other people learn about it...

Appreciate the lead, thank you! :)

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No worries, you’ll be able to participate on the next offers later. Just keep grindin’ and you’ll be ok 😎

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Cheers to that!

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How can the cash be converted to steem

They are listed on the exchange, it’s on the website 😀

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Cheers stackin

Just been and followed the criteria. I hope I've been quick enough lol

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You might be, it will take them couple hours to respond 😬

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free free free everyone rush !!!!


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I am really feel sorry for myself
because i am not able to participate and
reason is this
Eligibility Criteria
Minimum reputation: 40
Minimum account age: 40 days as of 15/03/2019
Minimum followers: 100

No biggie, just keep building your steem profile in the next few months... you’ll get there 😀

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what if i eligible for getting free swift then where i can received that coins ?? any wallet ?

Check out there post, all the info is there 😀

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