✴️ STEEMIT GIVEAWAY: 500 STEEM POWER Delegation For A Month... Details Inside 🤑

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Greatness is not what you have, it's what you give. ~ Charles Fuchs

What's up fellow Minnows, Dolphins and Whales 🐠🐬🐋, I wanted to do something special today and do a 500 Steem Power Delegation Giveaway for One Month to a fellow Steemian. 🙋🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️

I've been doing quite well on Steemit this month so it's my obligation to give back to the community 😀

Why would you do this Charles? Well, I've seen tons of awesome bloggers who have been on Steemit for several months posting great content but they lack the "voting power" to vote on their comments/posts.

So Today, I've decided to offer one Steemian 500 delegation for the whole month of September.

I'll make this giveaway as simple as possible, all you have to do is upvote, comment and resteem this post so that we can get this out to the masses so that it's fair for everyone.

✅ Upvote (if you want)  ✅ Comment   ✅ Resteem

How will I choose the winner? Very Simple, I will take a look at your blog to see if you are actively engaging, commenting, posting and especially bringing value to the community.

So there it is... I will choose the winner on Saturday and delegate 500 Steem Power to a lucky Steemian for the month of September. 

Everyone will be eligible so comment away (you can even recommend some of your Steemian friends) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

If I get tons of engagement on this post, I might be able to do this once a week... depending how many people respond to this giveaway 😎

The winner will be announced on Saturday. Have an awesome Thursday Steemians and good luck to everyone! 💞

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Cool initiative! I want to grow in Steemit... Come to me power 😂

You're killing it $100 per post, da man!! 🤑🤑

Bro, heard you're back in Vegas... Let's do one of those "Steemit" Meetings again in a few weeks lol

Yo man id be down to join.

Cool text me when you get it setup

I would love to know more about delegation. 💞 The past 2 months I have been studying steem with professor Charles #stackin. 😂Might of gave up on steemit if it wasn't for you, so thank you. 🤑

I promise to use my STEEM POWER for good......

please consider my entry 🤜🏻 💥 💯 💯 💯

WOW, best compliment today haha ... I'll do a write up about delegation soon :)

.. SWEEEETTT.... since tomorrow is the 1st .. can't wait to learn how to throw around delegation power....
That would be killer bomb info 😉

How cool you get to study this with your professor!

I'm not seeking for the delegation, but I would really apreciate if you spare spare some time to have a look on my content.

Great Initiative congratulation!

Steem on!

Okay man, I don't wanna participate in it even if I'm minnow, but I want you guys, to check my articles about Astana and Car sharing, please? I would really appreciate that, at least you might learn something new.

upvoted and resteemed!
staking some sp :P

Keep on Stackin Lifestyle lol

Congrats to the success @stackin, highly inspirational!

One contribution of mine is spreading this great idea of the Steem Blockchain to the people I know and meet in life. I truly live and breathe the gift economy and plan to make huge contributions to the community going forward! I am also the initiator of #teamsweden which aims to promote Steem in Sweden. There are only around 300 Swedish accounts at the moment so we have a lot of work ahead of us. Although there's great potential here as we are highly developed when it comes to technology as well as held in high regards by the rest of the world.

Also initiator of a local decentralized farmers market in Gothenburg, Sweden which I am working on integrating to the Steem Blockchain. I am passionate about health and a sustainable lifestyle and plan to share more of my vast experience on these subjects. Thank you in advance for any support, massive action is imminent! 😄


Woohoo, this souns fantastic. @stackin

Your gifs are just the best @anahilarski! hahaha

Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I upvoted you and resteemed!

I'll try to do my best, thanks for sharing @starke!

Awesome idea, thanks for the consideration

Hello @stackin. I try to take this opportunity because I need every help to climb back to rep 56. I just lost my @coinkingz account with 2 months of work, and would like to climb back as soon as possible. I am into street art and surf, and also part of the promo-uk team. Thanks for doing this giveaway, check my accounts and SAVE YOUR PASSWORDS AT 2 PLACES at least. All the bests.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a great contest. I believe I have been very active since joining Steemit and thank you for the consideration

Will take a look, thanks for commenting @raybilson! 🙌🏼

sounds outstanding - thanks for doing this...if you dont pick me ill prolly look something like this girl...but then get over it...


That's halarious ... 🤣🤣🤣

haha thats funny. haven't seen that GIF.

You go @breakthrough. Would love to see you do that. If you do win you have to make a video like that and share it with us.

haha! you can count on it

You're such an awesome possum friend💜


Very nice, thats the spirit!
It's not even christmas and it's the second offer i see in one day to delegate sp. Keep doing the good work!

Early Christmas Present 🌲😬

Wow..@charles nice one ,keep doing what you doing...All the best to the winner....upvoted and resteemed

Thanks @ladu ... will be checking out all the comments :)

This is awesome! Up voting ...commenting and (following) and re steeming.

Good idea bro..you are doing great and giving back to the community-more success

WOW!!! Very Nice...

Giving back to my fellow Steemians :)

This is dope brotha! And you are dope for offering it 😄 Upvoted & Resteemed my man!

I upvoted cause I wanted :-) and resteemed fam.

Fantastic haha ... thanks boss!

Full 100% and resteemed :-)

its nice for newcomers to feel some voting power and gain experience to be a dolphin :)

@stackin aka Charles Fuchs, I just read your banner for the first time. You are quite inspirational in your quest for a great life, while at the same time not ignoring your surroundings. Just a little praise.

Cool idea.

Thanks bossman, Congrat on your win on the other delegation contest yesterday :)

You have been very helpful to the community. Thank you so much.

That's a great deal. love it! thanks for sharing.

Very generous indeed and what a great way to give someone a helping hand,thanks for sharing.

Cool initiative! Also nice seeing those emoticons starting to pop up in Steemit posts :D

Awesome effort in helping the minnows and others here in Steemit.... May one of the best Steemian win!

You have definitely been killin it in the steem world! The minute I saw the stackin brand tee shirts...I thought "aww shit" This is a good idea, and is one of the more positive steem power give aways

You the man @dillonford, i do catch a few of your blogs when I have the time... keep at it man, doing great!

Thank you for doing this Charles.

I hope my blog doesn't put you to sleep, feel free to skim and drink a cup of hot coffee!

Thanks to give a chance to the newbies! Upvoted, resteemed ;)

I don't have blog content at them moment I'm kinda getting my bearings here on steemit but I wanted to thank you for this offer anyway and give the contestants my best of luck.

I'm not looking for a delegation (since there are people who could use it more than me) but this a cool idea. Good on you.

Awww, your are so nice :)

I am still small and I would use 500 Steem.
Great idea!

Impressive contest and i am all in. Hope i win though.

Wow.. What a amazing offer @stackin.. Great job..👌😍
I have a great hope to win this contest..😊🤗
So, Followed, upvoted and resteemed..👌👍

Wow that would be a great news! Hope to win this 500 SP delegation for a month ;)


You are really doing great. Once after a month or so of my starting, i started to fell off, being demotivated but suddenly i read few posts about the community and realized that i myself learned new and enhanced my skills of blogging. That day i parsed through my own profile and saw i have a good collection now.
That was damm happy moment for me and since that day, i am fully motivated and love writing better every time

Killer idea man!

Would love to be part of this. Hopefully, I will win, thanks for the initiative.

Yeeeuhh Yes please!1ueg84.gif

Thanks for helping the community and keep the newcorners motivated

Thank you for your generosity and giving back to the community. Like I said again you rock and of course, you have my upvote and resteem.

Count me in on this one! Awesome you are giving back and helping others. Thanks so much for a chance to win and better myself. I hope to be able to do the same thing you are soon! Thanks again! Upvoted and resteemed!

Great initiative!

Hey Goodluck everyone!

That steem power definitely will come in handy. Fingers crossed.

Greatness is not what you have, it's what you give. ~ Charles Fuchs

Quoting yourself like a boss. Love your work as always Charles!

Awesome idea dude! happy to join the contest

Good I want to mention to @moisesmcardona because it seems to me that his work he lacks them rewards

Thanks for your generous initiative.

Crushing It! Inspiring!

This post has received a 5.15 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @stackin.

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

Awesome Initiative :)
Upvoted Commented Resteemed
Thank you

Hopefully I will be the chosen one! Thank you for launching this anyway! cheers man!

@stackin much respect man, 500 steem power ain't no pocket change lol thank you for giving back to the community ,greetings from Aruba :)

I think it's a great initiative! good luck for the one who is selected!

Great idea and support

Count me in fellow steemian.

That is a very humble deed. I will reshare just because I want to see someone who actually deserves it get that boost she/he needs to update from minnow status.

Thank you @vidnatural... will be going through all the comments tonight and tomorrow. Good luck :)

Honestly I don't care much to win but thank you anyways!

By the way I recommand @stefanmoe. He is always supporting the community.

@stackin - Sire, you are doing an impressive work. 500 SP for delegation is a dream for me Sire. Love your work Sire. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post Sire.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

You're awesome @stackin! From your friend in Steemit FB page.

Great! Thanks!! :)

amigo #resteemia at your service

'500 SP delegation', i'm ready for it. impressive work @stackin

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

Tremendous job with the blog!

This is cool you're doing this!

3300 posts in 2 months equals massive engagement. I been giving away SBDs since day 1 even tho I'm a minnow. I started #teamcanada to help others. Papaya! I win lol Thx for the chance @stackin and have yourself a great weekend. I maybe too late here I'm not sure either way I'ma follow you pimp. Be flattered if you checked my blog but warning.. it gets a little nutty sometimes ..

I am here


This is awesome!

Nice Idea, would also be happy, if you could check out my channel. Cause I am still not really sure about the system, if it's just working if you put much efforts in your articles or if you have to do more. Cause there are much dubious offers, l buying some advertising offers like buying 200 votes for 2 steem. Up voted!

Done Done and Done

A lot of wonderful shots are still not published here. Give me a chance!

Dear @Stackin,
Project Steem is a social Project, which aims to bring some benefit to the ones, who are Donating some SBD for a good Cause. On the Longrun this goal shall be achieved with an Upvote bot, which could really need your 500 SP Delegation in order to start collecting Donations for honorable Charities :)

Feel free to Stop by on the Blog of @Projectsteem for further information on the Project itself :)

It was always one concern for many joining Steem that the higher ups would monopolise the system like Youtube, but you are proving Steem is not rigged in this way. There is giving back and a fairer redistribution.

I do online magazine and covers and on its content is my own and i am choosing 10 unique and good posts undervalued or trending and i publish it everyday to promote good content in Steemit.

I hope that i can make it and of course i cannot fund it so i hope i can get this one to help more for the community and give the undervalued authors self-esteem.

Great blog you have @stackin! God bless you and your journey here in Steemit!

Amazing initiative and such a kind things to give back 😊 truly humble act
but that's you, always doing things for others and inspiring us 😉
Greatness is not what you have, it's what you give. ~ Charles Fuchs
That says a lot and are words to live by.
Thank you for being so amazing and you are going to make someone feel like a early Christmas present has arrived 😆
Who's the giver? 👉 @stackin 👈
Who's the receiver? 👉?👈 a much deserving winner!
Cya later friend. Cheers 😙

Thanks for the opportunity . I am new and learning from steemit blogging .hope so may be in future I will also provide this kind of opportunity to steemit fellows.once again thanks

This is cool! I'm so winning this!!

Make sure to check out my blog

ıts very good idea :)

Upvote you....thanks


Upvoted and resteemed

Can't wait to hear I'm the winner :)


You're such a giver <3

thanks for holding this contest.

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