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"Life is like a game, you have to participate if you want to win" ~ Charles Fuchs.


Are you part of the new Steemit game called STEEM Monsters yet? Yesterday, I decided to get myself some of those "packs" and start building my team for battle! 🤣

If you don't know what I'm talking about? You can take a look at @steemmonsters for more information on this new and upcoming game on steemit. 

Many Steemians are looking for those "rare" Epic and Legendary Monster cards which are pretty hard to find.

I spend over $100+ SBD so far and only found a few of these rare cards. They are currently $2 for each "booster" pack and they contain 5 random cards. 

You can take a look here: 😎

In the next few days, I plan to get some more packs so that I can complete my "STACKIN Monsters" Team. I'm preparing for war! Are you guys ready to battle me? LOL 😳👨🏼‍💻

The awesome thing about the platform is that you're able to "Gift" these "Monster Packs" to friends and followers!

So I'm giving away 3 unopened "Monsters Packs" Tomorrow!

All you have to do is comment below and resteem this post. I'll pick 3 random winners tomorrow! So for those who have already bought some "Steem Monster Cards", post some of your cards below! 😎

Keep on STACKIN! 💞

P.S. For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.

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only got a few rare ones ;( ran outta sbd lol


I went pretty "ham" and bought $100+ SBD worth and didn't realize it... I got addicted opening them packs lol


when does the tourny start?


Not sure but it can happen in couple of weeks :)

"I won't spend all my sbd on packs"
*20 minutes later
"Well shit"


That’s what literally happened 😂😅

You rock @stackin for doing this giveaway! We saw the announcement a few days ago and thought this is a real badass concept, however, $2 a pack can be a bit much if you want to really invest.


Yeah, bought like 50 packs! Sheshhh! Haha...

Any one got any legendary cards? I'm lovin my 200 Level GOLD DRAGONS! 😂 🤣

You not on the discord @stackin ? Soon there will be guilds! ;)


Oh snap! I’m not really a discord guy but let me get on that 😂

Almost everyone in PAL and Helpie are obsessed with these hahhaha I was thinking of taking the plunge but afraid I might blow my entire stack by just keep buying it hahahha.


I was buying a few packs at a time then after a few hours, I got addicted and spent $100 SBD 😳😂


ahahahha yeah that would happen to me too so much resist but its hard as the others are showing off their decks and legendaries!

Here is my legendary!

Hope to get some more in the giveaway!!😃


Oh snap, I need that one still! 😢😂


I hope soon we can trade legendarys!

Only got a few epics and 1 legendary out of 30 packs. Eventually working on more towards a deck but I will post a few of the good ones I got.

fire demon.png

I just heard about this the other day and I think it is a very interesting concept. Still doing some reading, but it looks like it will be something to help the steem blockchain grow. Upvoted and resteemed!


Totally agree! It unites the steemit community for some fun action 😀

https   steemmonsters com   (1).png

No epic's or legendaries....But this guy has got to be my favorite LOL



He looks powerful 😂

Here's my comment. I never win anything so I've got my fingers, arms, and legs crossed. I'm really excited about Steem monsters. I've always loved trading card games like this and I think this one seems very well done. I'm really looking forward to seeing the tournaments in place.


Same here! Did you get any legendary cards? 😬

Haven't been on the game but I will try it now and ready battle with you
😂 😂 😂


Yeah, at least get a pack 😀

I hope I will win the Monster Pack! I hope there's a youtube video I can watch so I'll know how to play. lol. I am planning to buy my cards but I don't know how to play it yet. Looking forward to tomorrows contest @stackin, maybe there's no need for me to buy own Monster Pack! :) ♥


They are still in the alpha stage so you can only buy packs right now 😀


I need to get my own pack while they're selling it for $5. Thanks @stackin! ☺♥



You got a nice collection! I am excited about this new game :)

I don't have many yet (spend ~$50 on them) but at least I have a few rare ones :)


Get ready for battle lol

i will decide tomorrow if i win this then i'm ready to have a fight with you😬😬🙄🙄😁..

well i want that gold dragon

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Your information is interesting.
I hope you will get all the cards and win when you fight.
Have a good day @stackin

Would be nice to get some lucky high level ones.

The game seems interesting to me, but they charge initial fee to play for what I read, so at the moment I can not :( now so I see these arming a very strong deck!

Oh man, why wasn't this around instead of Pokemon when I was a kid?

Now you are a legend in that too ;)

commented upvoted resteemed :D
i hope i can win this time heheh

Interesting and important information greetings.

I have heard about Steem Monsters, but not looked into yet. Looks like it could be some Steemin' fun.

Resteemed.please give me those cards I need them very much my account is at verge of closing.please!!!!?

Oh shit! Do you play magic by chance? So freaking cool! Goodluck!

I need to start playing!


It’s starts in couple of weeks I think, only thing a STEEMIANS is so right now is build a team of monsters 😂

Resteemed, btw. More people should know about this

This looks awesome..... going to pick some up. Fingers crossed. Upvoted and Resteemed.

I would love to win this contest! I'm short handed when reading about all the cards purchased over the last week! I have one pack! However, I have a love for this game at the moment. I spent the entire day writing stories for the author contents posted on @SteemMonsters! I've done a write up for entry in the contest and would be a winner if a few upvotes were to come from this comment post. If you're interested in reading my stories about the Fire, Water, and Earth monsters in my pack. Than, feel free to cretic my authorship. Once becoming familiar with the characters I elected to enter the contest.

Find my contest entries for different Steem Monsters types in links below #SteemMonsters

Fire Element Monsters

Water Element Monsters

Earth Element Monsters

I'm happy to be entered into this contest! It's very generous of you to make such an offer @charlesfuchs! Thanks again!

Yours truly,


bought 9 booster packs and got 2 epic cards! Enchantress of the Night and Magi of the forest

I'm born ready....

Congrats! I did not get any rares yet, but I have only bought 4 booster packs...

I've been keeping an eye on this and it looks awesome :). Can't wait to see what they do with it. Thanks for the giveaway - Hope I win a pack :)

I have bought a few packs I don’t think as much as you buy I will get more only two legendary so far but it is addictive to want more to complete sets lol

I did not know about this new game. This excited, I would like to start but I do not have the money to buy packs, thanks to you I could start to create my team of monsters.