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What's up STACKERS!

Before I get started, I just wanted to say... "I opened a HUGE can of whip ass" on some people in the Tournament a few minutes ago. 💁‍♂️

..... Totally Kidding! (Kinda) 😉

This was my second Steem Monsters Tournament in the last 2 days and this time I had my game face on ready for battle.

Congrats to @bji1203 for totally kicking my ass on the final battle to win the game. In Every Round, he busted out those "Special Airdrop Summoners" cards to take me out. 😂

This completely sucked as I had 0 of them. I was completely out matched by the powerful summoners upgrades. 🤦

Better Luck Next Time, Charles!!

Here were the details of the Tournament. As you can see, I won 5 Steem for coming into 2nd place out of 111 players. Not to shabby...


This was a great move for Steem Monsters to add Tournaments to the game. It's more fun than just trying to battle for award cards everyday.

Never heard of Steem Monsters? Well, you can learn more about Steem Monsters Right Here. While you are there, pick up some cards!

Until Next Time, Keep On STACKIN! 💞

~ Charles Fuchs

For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.

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Go SteemMonsters Go Charles

Haha, I’m doing my best to be the king of steem Monsters jk 😂

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YESSSSSSS!!!!! Congrats!! You were kicking ass, lol!!!! NICE!!
bg (600px, 12fps) (1).gif

However, the next day I lost in the first round 😂😂😂

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Cool, I'm stuck in Dapp world at the moment. I'll try and get into Steem Monsters, I'd just be really late to all the tournaments. What coins are you stackin right now? Besides Steem of course.

There so many dapps everywhere, it’s hard to keep up these days. I’m thinking there will be like 100x more later on this year.

As for tokens, mannn this bear market is tuff to buy and hold. I’ve just been trading in and out for over a year 😬. I do like EOS, it’s my 2nd fav. But I’m thinking that I can get them cheaper later on the year 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Hey Charles, I always knew you were lucky in Vegas. Next time no.1! :)

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I know, right? First time, luck was in my side 😂

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Awesome! Need to try them out as it has been a crazy week so far but look forward to trying them out soon!

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It looks as if there are about 2-3 of them everyday. I’ll watch out for ya the next time 😀

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Appppresh! 😎

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Congrats for your 2nd.Place!
Keep up the good Game and cu on the Battlefield

I need to develop my skills on the next tourney 😎

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You've always loved the game good to see your passion being rewarded, cheers

Steem Monsters is fun if you win 😂

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Congrats Charles @stackin it is not Easy winning against those Summoners that you and I did not get dropped into our laps........

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I know right!? I got destroyed again just now 😂

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Oh. Then i guess this is the high i finally join. No more wating

Way to go. Excellent win. 👍👍

I actually tried this round 🤣

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Second place not bad 😜🤘
GO Charles!
Sorry you got kicked in the last battle tho, but I'm sure you will win the next one.
I can honestly say I tried tournament once and I totally sucked at it so... Haven't played another yet 😂 hahaha

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