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"There is no one that can change your life, you must look in the mirror and make a decision if you really want it bad enough" ~ Charles Fuchs.


It's On Once Again! Another weekly "STACKIN" Contest, it's been over a week since the last time I gave away two (2) lucky winners 5 Steem Each (Value $50). 🤑

Todays Price Prediction Contest will be "EOS" and yes, I'm currently am investor that I believe they are going to be one of the biggest Companies in the coming years dominating the "Crypto" Space. 

Currently "EOS" is ranked #9 on Coinmarketcap.com with a Market Cap of $$9,322,473,908... I should of bought more when it was .50 just a few months ago 🤣 📊

Here Are The "STACKIN" Contest Rules: Win 5 STEEM For Guessing EOS Price!

  1. All you have to do is Comment, Resteem and Upvote (if you want) 
  2. Guess the correct "Price of EOS" @4:00 PM PST Time on Jan 29. The Last Guess stops at 12:00 PM PST. Jan 29!
  3. Tag One Friend (Example @Stackin) with your guess and that person will win also!
  4. One (1) WINNER (and a friend) without going over will win, No Edited Posts!
  5. Both of you will get 5 STEEM EACH!! 🎉

My "EOS" price prediction will be $12.98 at 4:00 PM PST Time on Jan 29! Alright, Let's have some fun and I'm looking forward to your answers!

Good Luck Everyone and Keep On STACKIN! 💞

For those who are interested in following my "Daily Activities" that I do in very "short form". Follow me here: @charles-fuchs


EOS has been holding ground lately.
My guestimate for EOS: $14

Good post

My guess is ....... 14.80 $

I say $ 15.15 :)

Hope this number brings luck haha

I’m gonna EOS $14.34

I think it’ll be 13,56.

Let’s see what happens 😬😀

EOS= 13.9$

Good luck to all of you! Thanks @stackin for your awesome contests! <3

May be Eos price $ 14.5 @Stackin

@enolife $17.36

Dannng, if that happens... I will be stackin for sure lol

It's likely to happen because we are expecting a big bull run in ALTs this week.

The Plankton king has landed and his budding whale @ankarlie use fish telepathy and say the price will be $12.456!

*Swims away to return on the next post

You even broke it down to an extra digits haha. Good luck @maverickivictus :)

hmmm... ok, how about 13,13$ ... 13 is my lucky number bro :)

btw: I gonna tag my buddy @homeartpictures


13 is my Baseball number growing up and my fav lol

Good luck @spirits4you! :)

Cheers buddy :)

it will go down so i hope 13.99$

I say

"There is no one that can change your life, you must look in the mirror and make a decision if you really want it bad enough" ~ Charles Fuchs.

Are you sure that wasn't Michael Jackson? " i'm talkin bout the man in the mirror"... and no message could have been any clearer........

EOS @4:00 PM 1/29/18



Great contest. I own some EOS. My prediction is $14.88.

My guess is $15.29 and I am tagging @pit-bullion just because he is a Very Cool dude who lives in VEGAS too....................

A great opportunity to test your intuition, my price is 13.01 dollars! Thank you @stackin

Thank you for sharing that

What a great contest! The participants will learn something about krypto and also they will earn STEEM. Very good bro. Keep on!

The only reason I upvote this guy is because I know he spends hella doe in my town. Keep the city alive. Being that you dont know how to keep it classy

Going with $14.53. Good luck!

That is a tough one. Can I give the answer 1 second before that time?

The last guess is 4 hours before so its fair.... good try though lol

@stackin congrat for post😊

Good luck steemit career

Please upvote and reply for me @burabay

Thank you so much 😊

Can you go upvote my fundraising post, oh wait that’s spam not a guess 😂 okay, so I’m thinking I’ll use my favorite number 17.10. :)

I'm going to guess 13.05! I'm never right on these but its quick to throw a guess out there!

$14.816 !

My guess will be $13.66

$2500 that's my guess stackin!

This is intimidatingly awesome, great innovation @stackin

Much love

wow this is amazing sir you are awesome

price of EOS should be $14.57 . will try getting some of the EOS pie. @jtruth

My prediction is $13.92 @stackin.

That´s a hard one - simply because looking at the chart, EOS is at a very interesting fork - there is either a big pump or dump incoming and I don´t see much sideway action any longer.
So being a committed EOS Hodler myself, I certainly hope for a big push - maybe not happening until your contest deadline, but maybe in the making....
My guess therefore is $16.32 and I nominate @movingman since if someone deserves to win some extra bucks it´s him :))

I'm guessing $13.8 @ceyonce

My guess is $14:34 Dude.
If I win don't worry about me, please give to....
@perceptualflaws & @gmuxx

I'll shoot high, $15.55 @laurynas420

Mmmmmh, ok.. 14.55$ I guess...

My prediction is:

$ 13.03

15.27 for EOS

Thanks for the tip... and thanks for sharing!

My prediction is $15.45
Also tagging @avagado.

11.77 I think


i dont got no friends on here so @stackin

My guess 11.88 @stackin
Try my best ☺

My "EOS" price prediction will be $15.03 at 4:00 PM PST Time on Jan 29 :)

This post has received a 6.49 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @stackin.

Thanks for sharing amazing!!

I'll be bullish and say $15.40 USD ;)

i am a bad predictor at $14.77 @abontikazaman.

Eos 4pm Eastern Jan. 29th 2018
And I Would Like To Tag @altcoinbuzz

I will try my luck again, I am guessing $14.03! :) I hope I get it right. Thank you @stackin! :)♥

I just saw there is another comment with $14.50. So please make this $14.51

Dream big right? $25

i think it will be 14.80$

$13.20 @tojukaka

Over all that's the great post ..
I realize it is so valuable post .
Best of luck ..Carry on your own way.

@zeldam maybe EOS price $16.5

I think the price will stay $16.04

EOS price will be $12.58 by 4pm @stackin

I think the price of EOS at this very moment is 14.396USD 🤗🤔😂 alright Mr. Stackin!.. You got me @stackin here 🤣 @ediah

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$14.11 @Charles92

Combination of my two favorite numbers...Worn by my two favorite players + Luck 😁😁

E be like say e don enter oo

I'm guessing $14,14

My guess with @itsharrah, is that it will be $13.14 @stackin.

$13.93 is my guess.

I am thinking $14.72, @snowpea

EOS 15.37 USD....I'm so new I don't have any friends yet :( SO me and (Example @Stackin)? :)

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