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"Enjoy your life by becoming more healthy." ~ Charles Fuchs.


As you guys know, I'm a huge fan of the drink Kombucha. There are so many "brands" around these days with their different concoctions. 

I came across some new ones today called "Holy Kombucha", these seems a little different from the popular brands you see around. 

The major Difference is that these are "Organic" and taste much better. Here are the ingredients for the Amazing Blues Version.

Can you just say 🤤🤤🤤

* Organic Raw Kombucha (Brewed with Purified Water, Kombucha Culture, Organic Tea, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar), Blueberry Juice (Denotes Organic), Thai Basil (Denotes Organic), Lime Juice (Denotes Organic), Texas Lemon Juice (Denotes Organic), Pressed Ginger Juice (Denotes Organic). 🍇🍋

All I can say is that this drink will be one of my favorite beverages of all time... and guess what? I took some extra pics! 🍹

When you ever get the time to come across these amazing drinks, be sure to pick one up. Some may say they hate the taste of Kombucha but the question is... are you drinking the right ones? 🤣

Keep On STACKIN... those drinks! 💞

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Some kombucha tastes nasty, but the ones I tried made by a local farmer is delicious! It tastes like a slightly sweet fizzy drink and even I'm surprised I liked it since I don't like beverages other than water or tea. I prefer to eat my probotics like sauerkraut or kimchi.

Those drinks are to keep you fit and healthy but your taste does not convince me hahaha


Hey now, it’s tasty 😝

This drink is surr filled with nutrients. I can tell it is healthy enough...

Only i wonder how it would taste.. Considering the fruits in it...

I imagine, sweet and sour... Am i right?


Mostly it’s kombucha so it’s bitter lol

Kombucha is such a hot thing these days that people are buying it right and left without making sure that that there is more to it than the name 'kombucha'.

I have couple of organic brands in my market but people tend to go for the sweeter cheaper ones.................


Yeah, I’ve been drinking it for like 8 years, tons of brands so far have come and gone, let’s see if this one survives 😂

Any drink that is healthy and nutritious to the body is a good drink. And since KOMBUCHA has all these qualities then I will greatly concur with you. I hope the drink taste nice


It was lovely lol

I haven't tried that one surprisingly. I have tried tons of different ones. So many to choose from!

Hi, how are you @stackin?

I love Kombucha too, it is very healthy. Hugs

Seems very interesting have to find it :)

I always think marketing is great when they advertise products like these . It really catches the eye but it’s always about the taste as well lol


"Product like these"... how about everything in life is marketed. 🤣

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Nice! I love kombucha but never tried that one.


Give it a shot sometime 😀

I'll keep an eye out for Holy Kombucha.


Yeah, it was a rare find for me lol

Try making Kombucha at home yourself. Save heaps of Cashola and you can try different flavours. Check out some info :- www.nourishmeorganics.com.au


I was thinking about it... I'll look into it but my schedule is so hectic these days :)

It looks good to be organic but not better to the natural? I think that kind of products in general bring a lot of chemicals


It’s all natural ingredients 😂

I will rather go search for this new one you hold

It looks great appearance and organic product. Healthy and pure nutrient keeps you better feeling.


Two people had the same comment lol


I didn't copy of anyone's comments, he/she commented at least two minutes later of mine! And upvoted ownself, get first line of comments as trending sort. Better ask her/him to clarify! Or totally co-incidence!


haha, people just copying pasting your comments. :)

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I will try to look for Kombucha here that looks healthy and refreshing.😊 Health is wealth @stackin !😄❤

It looks great appearance and organic product. Healthy and pure nutrient keeps you better feeling


Totally agree 😝

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