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It’s almost been like more than a week since my last workout and I suddenly realized something, I feel like 💩!

With two birthday events and Labor Day weekend that recently passed... the food, booze, and partying was popin’ for days. 🤣

I had to even stretch myself out for like 20 minutes today on this weird stretch station just to get all the kinks out (pictured above) haha

Did I make some excuses not to go? Well somewhat. I could of woke up earlier and did some early morning quick cardio but I was just being lazy.

Like usual, I talked myself out of it. Damn you procrastination! 🤷🏼‍♂️

I can come up with tons of reasons why I didn’t want to workout, but they are just more excuses that will not get me anywhere. 🤦🏼‍♂️

The best thing to do is just accept it and move forward. I might need some new fitness goals for that extra motivation.

Today is a new day and the journey continues... maybe I should buy some Nike shirts that states “Just Do It”. 😬

From now on, I’m going to blog every gym session that I do.

This will make me more accountable of my actions and help me get my ass off the couch. lol

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

~ Charles Fuchs

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Gona have to go tomorrow night again :P


Get some of those gainzzz 😬

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Feeling those gainzzz burn atm... :P

Yeah I am just getting back into it myself. I got the Total Gym ( the top of line for residential) and have been stoked doing it the last few days.

Keep up the working out my man.I might document mine on my blog. Iam currently doing it with Disc Golf. So who knows.

Thanks for sharing the Post @stackin

Btw Charles, just letting you know because of your Content Excellence you've secured a spot on
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You will get that done.

But those party weeks are hard.

Especially if you fall back into bad habits and need to get out again and it feels so comfortable just staying there and be a fat fuck.

But after a couple of sessions I usually ask myself how the hell did I live without it?


Especially here in Las Vegas, everyday is a party day that’s open 24 hours that doesn’t close! lol

After one gym session, I got my mojo back 😂

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Now you are very much need yo gym after birthday party, and i knows you never break promise to yourself!


Back on the grind! 😀

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wont lie that thing reminded me of star wars for some reason


It’s a space machine stretching contraption lol

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Nice way to enjoy the day it might motivate others too because crypto is depressing lol ;p


It’s exciting times in crypto, it’s cheap haha

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Ohhhh i jave noticed you were getting chubbier ehehehe lol just joking. That is on my to do list... for the next year ;)


Ouch! I better start doing some cardio this month 😂

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I like how consistent your photos look. Great job!

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It’s the STACKIN pose 😂

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Thanks for always motivating us @stackin! I love your fitness goal!💪😊



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@stackin I can imagine how many temptations and parties there are in vegas. But you have to get strong and go train. I'd love to see your workouts at the gym. Come on you'll get your goal of going to the animooooo gym more often. A big greeting.


I’ll just do both lol

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Stackin be like💁‍♀️🤦‍♀️



Ouch! It’s more like 3 hours 😅

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You have all the motivations you need in the surroundings of yours ;)

While stay fit and healthy there is no 2nd choice by the way !


I must make my why to a must... Anthony Robbins quote! 😂

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Those free days affected your condition and returning to the workout routine was like a question for yourself in plan, do I really have to do this? And it's like oh yes of course you must


My new game plan, party and gym haha

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Oh man, I got the same issue. Only my procrastination is 4 weeks long. In about 5 weeks I have a Viking Obstacle Run with my 2 brothers and a friend of mine. I will start tomorrow (I know how that sounds 😁) and I will keep it up until the day is there.

I will keep tabs on your progress for motivation

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I like post you sire

yess....i'm like

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Hope you should get your motivation and fitness planning very well.


Hope you should get your
Motivation and fitness
Planning very well.

                 - kushtia2

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