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There will always the so called "powers to be" that will try to control the population and the minds of people ~ Charles Fuchs.


There was an interesting article that was posted last month on Medium explaining why the cryptocurrency market correction is happening. 📊

I'm a huge believer in many "conspiracy theories" because I always like to keep an open mind about everything and this article make lots of sense to me.

Instead of me explaining it all to you, this guy (who's name is unknown) that goes by "Super Crypto" did a great job explaining his theories. Here is a screen shot:

You can read the rest of his article here: 4th Dimension: Bitcoin-Manipulation-Cartel — Price-Suppression is their Goal.

Can this be the truth? Who Knows, the "Truth" is just based something what a person believes in it or not but I do think anything is possible. 🤷🏼‍♂️

In my opinion, we have lots of downside to go. I'm not trying to spread FUD or anything like that but people need to always prepare themselves regardless if the markets are going down or up. So what are your thoughts?

You guys know me... I always say "Keep On STACKIN" 💞

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Market is unpredictable.
Situation is clear cause something is looming and if you do not have skin in the game you can't control even a feather.
Hard to think otherwise.
Keep on steemin'

It’s like the Wild Wild West out here 😂




MtGox Trustee Turns Down Offers to "Sell Responsibly!" (Bix Weir)

There is a very logical way to prove there is crypto price manipulation.

Simply ask yourself, if you were currently in control of any federal reserve, would you manipulate crypto?

Yeah I also think we will go a bit lower but 1000 is in my opinion not happening again. At least I do not see it to be hones. I think between 6k and 5k is a good bouncing area.

Best advice of you life: just hodl.

Worked like a charm for the last 9 years! Why change a winning formula?!

Today I'm wearing black in mourning because I have the blues from bitcoin being in the red from not enough green #icominter

No worries, we are still early in this crypto game, stand strong 😎

Was just flipping through this article earlier... Of course there's some shady stuff going down... How naive would someone have to be to think the banks won't fight back?

Shame but I'm glad to ultimately be on the winning side :)

Let’s start winning 😂💪🏼🙌🏼💯

There is most definitely market manipulation in crypto. You learn that in your first week of trading. It would only make sense that syndicates collude and assist each other in making money.

Exactly how far this goes/what size groups work together/if banks work with crypto whales or not/if banks are crypto whales or not/how much of the FUD spread by institutional money is purposefully to drop crypto prices/how co-ordinated the various attacks are is anyone's guess. Only the biggest of the crypto holders would know, and there is no way that they will tell, for obvious reasons.

Spittin Facts right here! :)

He want to we sell our crypto. Never... Never...

Interesting 😎

I agree with you that will still have a lot downside to go but then I'm too strong for it.

Many big whales are in the game right now they want everything cheap

Hi Charles! Super interesting article... We all know there are some strange and shady things going on... no idea where we are heading, but I decided to hold and to not think too much about my cryptos.
Have a great weekend man!

The fact that whole crypto market goes down and up in same time say a lot about someone controlling most of it. What if banks bought big % of cryptos last year or so and because of it we saw big boom in prices? Now they are playing with us?! I'm sure this is truth, just don't know how much of cryptos they hold.

Fastening my seatbelt for Steem to go up... 😅

Hold on tight! 😅

I hope for some more downtrend until august or september and then a rebound to new ATHs. But lets see...

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Sounds like a plan to me but I think around May is the time to take lots of positions :)

Very informative, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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I don't believe in a secret cartel controlling cryptocurrencies. Here is my take on it https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@crypticat/what-s-happening-meow-crypto-bubble-bursts

if you fall in a sand strom, you have to hide and covered with a blanket for escape the situation, now crypto market are in the middle of sand strom. keep paitent!

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Wow, thanks for this informative post!

It seems likely there is something fishy going on!

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