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“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.” ~ Horace Mann.

What up Stackers, hope you are all having an awesome Weekend! 😎

I'm coming to all my Friends on Steemit and want to know if you can help me out for a second? ⏱

I'm looking for some awesome Steemians that you know in the community that are very active. 👨🏼‍💻

What do I mean by active? Such things like always helping the community, commenting a lot, and providing tons of value making this place awesome. 💁🏼

I have lots of voting power and throughout the months, I've been upvoting tons of great people on here, however...

Now it's time for me to find some new community members that I might of missed that needs a little more support (upvotes) from me. 🤑

So do you guys have any recommendations? 

All you have to do is post their Steemit Profile EX: @charles-fuchs in the comments area, so I can take a look and see what they have been doing on Steemit.

I'm looking forward to all your recommendations and I appreciate all the help!

Have an Amazing Sunday Steemians! 💞

P.S. For those who are interested in following my daily activities that I do in very "short form" called "Micro Blogging" on Steemit... you can follow me there: @charles-fuchs

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great banner 😬😀

Check out @perceptualflaws
He started here the same time as you and I. Super talented writer and a great guy.


Thanks boss, I have lots of profiles to look at today :)

Can I vote myself? :P lol nahhhh
But seriously the ones I have enjoyed following so far like clockwork would be you of course then @jaynie @joanstewart and a few others I can't locate at the moment.

P.S I wish your followed page showed their picture as well I do better with pictures then with text. KEEP STACKIN

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Oh wow!! What an honour @bitcoinflood thank you so much for nominating me 😊 really appreciate that! (Please excuse me while i go do a happy dance....lol) but no really... thank you again -irrespective of the outcome xxx


I totally will now 🙌🏼

@stackin am nominating à great community @airhawk-project for their numerous contributions to steemit platform

My nomination goes to @airhawk-project for their selfless work in grooming minnows on steemit platform

Check out @airhawk-project and also check them out on telegram @steemitdotcom

I nominate @gmuxx

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


Plus @overkillcoin. He's just cool.

And @tarc / @rhondak for her animal charity work.

@stackin, I would also encourage you to look at @steemitworldmap. This is a new project that I've got involved in recently, which won the hackahon at steemfest. Basically steemians can pin their travel posts on a world map, which people can search by author or destination. We write a daily #traveldigest, curating our favourite travel posts of the day. I am proud to be one of the writers (which is also why I'm writing less content under my own name).


Haha, thanks @choogirl, but I was in the spotlight not too long ago :)

You should be interviewed as well!


Sounds awesome, ill go take a look :)


Good one @overkillcoin ... I'm on it :)


I'll throw you a curve ball on this one @stackin - maybe do an audio interview in addition to text interview. Take it to a new level :D


Wow, thank you!


Gmuxx also is fantastic!


Thank you!


I nominate @faces

Thank you so much @stackin. You've been doing a lot of support on the platform of which I'm privileged to be a part. More power to your elbow boss. I recommend @dorth @aderonkemi @diana1 @tfame3865 @jodipamunkpas. Thanks a lot.

You could check my account @mitchhunter and see if it qualify.


Great profile, you have anyone else you recommend 😀


I don't know many other active users ready to kiss asses for generous 3 cent 1%upvote ;) and enjoy my 100% upvote worth 10cents on this valuable piece of content, created let me guess in 10 minutes??? This is why this platform is going nowhere. I spent weeks creating each piece of artwork what becomes a post. It is earning 3 steem after removing all rewards from paid bots. While post, result of your laziness to search for active users is already worth 40. Be active and find other active people.


I’m one of the most active STEEMIANS, never complained 😀

Check out @aaronli :)

Do check out @Bitopia! Great long form content!

Hey there! have a look @world-travel-pro , @aburmeseabroad . I'm sure they would appreciate your help.

I nominate @airhawk-project for this support. It's a community account supporting well over 1k steemians on Telegram. It is selfless in it's approach and I believe any support it could gather would help it reach out better to more people.

@kid4life is a great steemian with all his challenges @chiefmappster is good as well with his Beat Battle League and Steemit Music League Challenge and I think I am also a good steemian with my daily crypto news. Hope it helps :)
Have a nice day LOVE&LIGHT


Appreciate you and I definitely would nominate @danyelk he commits so much time and effort to his Crypto news for the Steemit community.


Thank you chiefmappster glad to see someone appreciates the time and effort I put in my crypto news have a nice day.


You're welcome keep doing great things o weeeee

You did great work
Sound great
Followed , Upvoted
and resteemed..
Keep the good work..


Thanks boss! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@airhawk-project definitely gets my nomination. supporting over a thousand redfishes with limited resources


Will look into it 🙌🏼

I suggest @knozaki2015- a real steemit legend who does a perfect job on posting plus is one of the biggest steemit ambassadors with connections all over the world.


Will start following the legend 😎

I follow this people, verry good contribution.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@tojukaka check him out. Really working hard on this platform.


Seconded. You should check @tojukaka out. Great guy, great stuff. I nominate him now and always.


Thanks @phait! Will do 🙌🏼


Yeah @tojukaka! He's really doing well


@tojukaka is the name

I nominate @tojukaka. Is a great steemian. Check him out.


I so concur @tojukaka

Without any second thought i nominate @airhawk-project this community is currently helping thousands of steemians with little resources on telegram.

I nominate @airhawk-project

I nominate @tojukaka. Really encouraging minnows

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Dear @stackin,
Today in my steemians comunity an member, @zubquzaini made for me something very for impressive for my support in that small comunity.
in link is what write about me, impresive for me:


Hope I am useful .

How do we get quality? I propose a position to bring the vote to the post

Firstly, i will like to thanks you for this type of kindness, not every Whale can do this kind of help. It really shows that you have people with less privilege in mind and may the Lord bless you more.

I nominate @airhawk-project, the very best platform i come to know on telegram but working and helping minnows like me on steemit. I wake up everyday smiling because i know this very @airhawk-project.. Training, building, investing, helping and so many more on minnows is his work.. Trust me @stackin if you look into his work you will not regret you do..

Thanks and keep steeming

You should take a look at @roxane and @paulag They're both very cool Steemian! Roxane is doing a lot of French post but she's beginning to do more in English.

I would have mentioned some few names but I know of just a single name that will cover for much steemians. I recommend @airhawk-project .
This team has really been flying everywhere looking for great contents to upvote. They have a telegram group where they bring minnows together to encourage them and support them. Do I still have to say more?
Check out @airhawk-project. They deserve this.

Hi recommend ourselves is never a gud idea and in my case I am a newbie that joined a day back and few hours back did my introduction post, however I would like to recommend one of my friends name who dedicated much of time and resource on steem and he's planning to involve him more and more in steemit and his profile id is


I nominate @scrooger and @gingerninja, They've started Qurator to help out minnows. Which I think is awesome


Thanks @lizzyb!

It seems to me that too many authors do not receive the due reward today) But I know they have a great future here


Sheshhh lol .... I have lots of work to do today lol

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@surpassingoogle and @bayanihan they are both very supportive to everyone especially the newbies

I'll gladly recommend @airhawk-project. It's a community helping a lot of steemians get a footing on steemit. Their telegram group has more than 1200 steemians who they try to support in the bit they could. A peep at the account's steemd profile would reveal this reality.

Out here in korea my favorites are @slowwalker and @ramengirl . Slowwalker writes very poetically and has amazing stories. Ramengirl is super active and speaks three languages. She also recently attended steemfest 2. Also @hansikhouse and some others just opened the STEEM park in seoul, south korea


Thanks for the recommendation @normalbro! I already follow them, I was born in Seoul and need to visit again :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@airhawk-project is the most qualified. I confidently recommend him to you.

Definitely, @airhawk-project is the best

I nominate @airhawk-project for their great job on this platform

I nominate @connecteconomy, a force of positivity and encouragement both in the steemit and crypto community- in English and in German! She lives, breathes, dreams the fairer future promised by the blockchain, and does it with the ease of someone in the flow of their being. It helps that she finds the fun in life and is a great wordsmith too 💥

@paradise-found is running the attitude of gratitude challenge and donating a portion to help children in Honduras.

Herro, have you been following @goldenarms?
He is hilarious and he is helping set up #teamcanada!
@goldenarms posts al the time and is a great writer, you should check him out!

I would suggest @sunnylife because she is the kindest and loves to help and always replies to comments with love and care.
Also I would suggest @paradise-found, who is another great steemian with huge heart and who created the #gratefulvibes challenge which is #1 hands down challenge in this community, since by being grateful we find happiness and half of the upvotes he makes he will give to Orphanage in Honduras.

Yep Myself too..I need some steemanians in my life on steem it lmao...look like your doing a good job. UPVOTED RESTEEMED AND FOLLOWED

@gingerninja and @scrooger

They admin @qurator . A great community here on Steemit that helps give lots of us hard working minnows that produce quality content a boost.

Someone call me ?!! and any Steemians ;)



@SirCork , @youarehope.org
@dwinblood umm how many is too many ...

Hope you find good ones that deserve help 😉


Got so many of them haha

@charles-fuchs Great idea. @lichtblick supports a lot international stuff, if you don’t know him, check him out! For me it would be also a pleasure if you wanna check out my profil @akashas I am more active in the German community part and the neeeeed more power!!!!! 👊🏽 Thanks for the post💗🦋💎

Hello @stackin,

Interesting what you are doing. Check my blog @yaanivapeji and see if you like it. We minnowers are interested in whatever help you can render to us. No help is little. Cheers.

I nominate mahh man @danyelk!


I second papa-pepper!

@michelle.gent. Always posting and promoting Steemit.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey @stackin Charles I see you live in Las Vegas, I do as well, I’d love to link up with you some time, totally rad to find another Steemian here in Vegas. I am new to the platform but am becoming more and more enamored by it, the potential for growth and actual fun seems limitless and there is always something to learn.

I am a Stand Up Comedian in Las Vegas, so this platform, especially with a worldly audience seems like the perfect set up and at the perfect time.

Like I said, I’d love to catch up with you some time and maybe have a coffee or something like that. Hope all is well, Peace!

@layl is solid.


how can i help you, if can i help you, i feel happy

Take a look at @Poeticsnake, she is an awesome steemian.

Also @rhondak, a fellow administration at The Writers' Block who also runs an animal shelter on her @tarc account.

@steveuk always writing good stuff


Thanks for the vote Stackin, they should name a star after you.

I nominate rodeo670
He is a good person, he reaches out to people, and offers to help when he can! 😊

I nominate @sirlunchthehost

Looks like self-promoting is OK... I would appreciate being considered! @fishyculture

My wife @kotturinn practically lives steemit and goes hard day in and day out on this place. Proof is in her actions. Always dropping ultra high quality and high effort posts with consistency.

What about recommending myself? @frieda Thank you for the opportunity.

Your helping nature is great to encourage new users in steemit .pls add me @lavanyalakshman. Thankyou

Dear @stackin,
i am much impressed from @surpassinggoogle, who always do great for steemians specially newbies.
and secondly @moses153, who often surprise visit to any of newbies with 100 % upvote.
i also appreciated your efforts for promotion.

maybe this guy @free999enigma i've heard he brought some people on platforme, he helps others through his discord channel, is a poor content creator (he and his colleague), he's addicted to steemit and steem projects votes everyday.

Check out this steemian @justcolorit :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Look fantastic I just resteem some of his post to my followers.
Picture made from coffee.
Thanks for idea!

there are so many cool peeps on steemit! Peeps that are making SUCH an effort in the community. I could make a looong list, but here are a few of the peeps who I think REALLLLLY deserve extra support


These peeps are basically my homeslices and I recommend them ALL


That’s a huge list 😂... will look at them 💖


They AAALLL rock!

I nominate @jaff8, my first SBD was gifted to me by @jaff8, when I needed it most. When it comes to commenting and posting @jaff8 is very active his post is usually on a daily basis here is a link to his blog so you can check it out https://steemit.com/@jaff8

hey @stackin check out this cat @romaan-namoor

I'm always looking for more support ;) @topkpop is pretty awesome as well as @drjohn

Am nominating @airhawk-project for Thier outstanding job here on steemit

Amazing Idea here. Will follow

follow me @spinx23 and upvote if you like

@airhawk-project is a good Steemians u should check him

Check out @airhawk-project great Steemian

Am nominating @airhawk-project

@jackpot....have been trying hard to grow with blogs that I hope are of info for some steemians. Hope I qualify.

Am nominating @airhawk-project not just because of their great content it's Thier contributions towards making steemit a great place for newbies

I nominate @airhawk-project seriously the @airhawk-project team are really trying for the community please look on to them. Thanks!!

Am nominating @airhawk-project

This post has received a 23.06 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @stackin.

I am nominating @airhawk-project

I just upvote ur post and following. Plz do the same

@stackin my nomination goes to

good job buddy

Am nominating @airhawk-project for your consideration

@charles-fuchs, awesome

@airhawk-project is my best pick

Nice one brother it is good.. Keep it up
go on

Is Steemit community becoming the basket of deplorable

Am nominating @airhawk-project