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You can't blame yourself growing up "Broke", however staying "Broke" in your life is your fault. ~ Charles Fuchs.

YES, I feel "Broke" today because I bought more "STEEM" 🤣 ... No worries, I'll just get tons more "Fiat Money" Tomorrow.

Steem is around a $1 again and you guys know how I do it, I'm "Stackin" that Steem at these lovely low prices. 🤑

Charles, I always see you buying and Earning Steem but I never see you Selling or Transferring your SMB to an exchange to cash out.

Well that was my goal from the beginning when I first joined on May 2017. I told myself that everything I earn from my posts will be reinvested back into my Steemit account. 

I plan to keep "Stackin" My STEEM for a long time! Yes, I had a strategy from the beginning. It really disappoints me that most people don't have a simple game plan when starting out. 🙇🏼

Charles, What if Steem goes down in price? 

Guess what my answer would be? Fuck it, I'll buy tons more...HAHA! You see, I've been an Entrepreneur for over 20+ years and I always take big calculated risks. 

If steem goes down, Ill just lose couple grand... however if it does go up, I'll make tens of thousands. It's a good risk in my book. 🤑📚

If I fail, oh wells... I learn from it and move forward. Yes, It's Simple as that. You can say I have that "balls of steel" attitude...  😳🤣

At the end of the day guys, it's only "Money"... never get emotional about it. Just get out there and make shit loads of it. 🤣

Til' next time, keep on Stackin my friends. 🤑💞

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Yea man!!! We're on the same page. I joined in June and said everything I earn will go back into SP for a long time. I'm in it to win it and like you said so what if it fails? Then we'll just find another opportunity!

But if it succeeds we can be in an incredible position...
Take smart risks, keep @stackin bossman!!

P.S. I started buying STEEM when it was $2.50, I still ain't sweatin'.


That's what I'm talking about, like minded peeps right here! I had couple small purchases around $2, we don't sweat the small stuff lol


I see STEEM hitting $10 as we gain traction in the new year and SMTs roll out. And once we get out of beta (which should be this quarter) and those mobile apps hit the stores, STEEM will be no less than $3.

we have a same frequency of stackin that steem charles, nice move


You too man, steem lifestyle.

Grate job stackin (staking STEEM). Cryptos are like when they go berserk, they can down by xx times, so to its journey. STEEM has VERY strong resistance at $1, when it will increase, it will easily go 2-10x. Also, distribution takes times: new buyers, weak hands clearing, HODLers, network effect etc.

Kaufen, wenn die Kanonen donnern!


I had to use a translate that on google lol ...Buy when the guns thunder!


I think he doesn't​ understand german ;)

It is a good plan. I was today paid from my livestreams so on my next day off I will for sure get me some steem and steem power


Boss, yeah man just get a few :)


Trying to

Steem life!


Yes sir :)

very cool, steem for the win..


Dude was epic in Napoleon Dynamite lol

well, fiat money are useless. i have nothing left in bank account lol

Awfully smart!


Now I can upvote more of my peeps :)


Damn, you must feel sick to the stomach now :P

Actually thats the best decision but of course a risky one. Buying steem is a long term investment and later on you will reap sweet success by making great decision today.

Thumbs up to you @stackin. Im with you in your decision and you can earn money for a living and sooner or later steemit earnings will take over all the expenses that you need and as what @craig-grant saying - FREEDOM! :)


Major Freedom is key to a happy life 🤑😎

That's the way, keep on stacking and hodl:)... Tomas


I got to get to your levels :)

Bad, bad boy!


That's funny hahaha

@stackin congrats, you're going nuts with steem power!

I was thinking, a lot of guys are going to power down a bit for extra holiday $$, I think I should buy some cheap steem on new year's day when the crypto markets are a frozen wasteland... Amirite?


That's fine, Ill just buy more lol .. I'll just post more valuable content and curate making more steem in the meantime lol


I've got to up my value, I've got a plan though XD

Take care guy!


You the man, You artwork is awesome! I should get something done :)


This is the attitude we all need to have here mate...just go for it...like you said we all need to have ball of steel attitude!!! Steem on!


Or at least a steel cup......


Good one man lol


Everything in life is a risk, balls of steel 🤣

I think people don't really understand that you aren't putting your eggs all in one basket. When you say, I've been an Entrepreneur for over 20+ years, I read that to mean I have other invest and so should you!

Your investments in other projects has given you the freedom and option to invest in whatever you want, for however much you want, and not lose any sleep over it.

I would love to hear about your other projects and how you create your strategies. You always do your homework and I am looking to cheat off your answers, so move your arm and let me see what you got there!

You badass you!!


You the badass! Haven't seen you in a while lol ...

Terrible ;)


I know 😋💖

time to celebrate lol 🎉


Throw those hands up 🙌🏼🙌🏼😂😂

Drip drip drip every month, as much as possible.
As you say, no drama losing a few k, but if it goes up to $10 I want to be sure I have as much Steem as I can get my hands on


I better start stackin tons in the next 3 months, its going to be way harder in 2018 :)


That's my plan

I like the last sentence. It is only money...dont get to fucked up by it.

Need to recharge my VP ab it so I send you a boomerang to do my dirtywork :-)


No worries, I tend to charge up my batteries on Fridays lol

ah, It is worth it :)

Imho you've done it too early, blood on coins would flow until fork so it steem would propably dump more, but after fork it will rise
Bitcoin news here


Na, it’s been done. I’m a contrarian. People did that with bitcoin cash... some are doing it early now. Some are realizing that bitcoin Gold will fail in the next two weeks 😀

I keep chipping into more steem too I can't resist , the more I learn the more I like :)

Thats the stackin power
lets celebrate 😍😍


Party Las Vegas Mode :)

From the 50/50 split are you taking those SBD as profit? or investing those back as well ? At some point you gotta take some profits right? Whats your goal target number before you start doing so?


My goal was to put it all back in until End of 2017. Sbd dollars I got was to buy more steem, giving it away, some upvotes, etc etc... profits for me will soon arrive 😬

I'm here with exactly the same plan!

I'm a bit greedy at the moment and want the price to go below 1$ again before I buy some extra Steem Power.

Save some for me at that dollar marker man!

Smart Media Tokens going to turn those flies into butterflies next year!


Yes sir, added a little more to the pot this morning too!

Good entry point for sure! Good work!

As always incredible advice. I don't have much money laying around, but what I lack in money I try and make up for being efficient and trying to create as much value on steem as I can.

Your build up of reputation proves that the strategy is working! 👍


I need to get up to 70 ASAP 😂

Powering up or selling it high?


Powering up of corse :)

Congrats on getting a good thing "on sale"!


Hope I don't buy defects haha

I'm a total newbie to steem and steemit, I was tempted to invest a little in steem, but after that "fuck it, I'll buy tons more" line 😂 I'm tempted to invest a ton in steem


Great news bro.resteemd and upvote

If you are going to lose, lost big. Do not go bankrupt over a duplex.

I feel I am in good company...I bought yesterday too...have some more powder ready for Steem to drop below a dollar which I think it will.

In the end, this platform is going to be huge. I love reading your posts and your optimism. I watched this video that @ned put out and thought of you @stackin.


I have steem at over $100 since it is one of the major blockchains that has utility and is being implemented. When the hype ends, Steem will have value because it is being used for so many different things.

Hilarious idea of approach, probably the right one hahhaa

Keep up this alter ego, im following you!

About time someone made a rational decision!

That's what I plan on doing! :)


Powerful ☺️💪🏼💯

You will get good profits my man!

I love your attitude and totally agree! Stackin is a great word!

This is definitely a nice time to buy with STEEM being close to a dollar. It’s been a couple of weeks since I made my last buy and I’m itching to get some more now than the price is dropping again.

Keep teaching boss! Still trying to understand all this but very cool! Thanks to you!

Now again you exchange it for bitcoin and hold it till 1st Nov 2017. Hard fork is gonna take place on 25 oct. Get free Bitcoin Gold there :D

I agree this is the time to buy, and it will go through many more cycles and you might have more opportunities, but then again this might be the last chance, so i think you did great, my friend

Loving your courage...wish I can do this soon

If you can't take risk you will hardly be successful.
I love your spirit, keep it on.
See you at the Top

It all good. I am with you cause I still believe at the end Steem will be $10 a coin and more.

Bad words! 🙊 Keep stacking that steem 👍

Great my friend.

You know what?
I​ did the same!
I bought some and some of I​ powered it up now.
For me, ​it's the same. I reinvest every earning back for the long run.


It is so simple. All about right mindset. You are huge inspiration. Thank you for sharing your insights.

I do think this is a great entrance range but I'm not sure we're going to see another pop on this coin until more news occurs. Appreciate your posts and analysis, keep it up. Thanks

i feel ya i am doing the same!

I've been thinking of doing this as well, actually. I'm still super new to all this and I'm still learning new things every day, but from the moment I heard about it I had this "feeling" that it was something I need to invest in and actively participate in for real. It's good to know I'm on the right track :P

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another one

You seel sbd 😂😂

Excellent! Stakin

Yes, i m also thinking buy steem, though i m new in steemit. Only 2nd day running here. @stackin help me how to success here

I like your thinking and your strategy. This is what I'm thinking. Right now is a perfect time to buy it, because it is so low. You just reassured me to keep buying it because I'm here for a long run.

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There's a growing number of things we can do with Coin.I'm really looking forward to it.

You terrible! wink Terrible! wink wink person. How dare wink you.

agreed with you have to risk in life. Buying Steem is not going to wast, it is a good investment.
Steem will go high in few years

We must be linked mentally man. I bought another 1k worth yesterday too hahah That's the second time we have purchased a day apart

100% agree

Where else can you invest, then watch it grow. At the same time, create awesome contents to add to that investment. It's a win:win!!!

I really like your attitude and your positive over steem...I'm encouraged to stack for more...Thanks @stackin .

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Damn Charles, love the visuals of the post, feeling so glamorous haha, anyway have also been thinking about buying some Steem to my account, but need to think this a bit through as well, although I'm more than 85% sure that I would profit ~200% by the end of the year already.
Anyway good luck buddy and keep on @stackin!

Good man! Investing is a good choice. The more you invest now the more you will get tomorrow. That just doesn't mean invest in anything. We have to look at its' future potential.

Nice work!

The same plan here. I am adding steem to my account. Did 2 purchases so far. It is my first adventure with crypto. I hope it will work. In the meantime, earning some steem power with my posts.

Considering your posts and enthousiasm, do you consider $1 per STEEM as a border? Below you are buying? a.k.a. STACKING??? :D

I decided to buy some at $1.07
Steem appears to have hit the bottom right now, swinging between $1.04 and $1.05

I really wish I knew about Steem when it was bellow $0.10

I'm a crypto noob and fallen in love with the blockchain and all its possibilities. What an exciting time we live in.
I'll put every extra penny I have into steem while its cheap . Rock on

I would buy STEEM now if I could. But I'm earning as much as I can though because I'm actually here or the long haul. When we get out of beta and have communities feature and mobile apps, I'll be here still, working 24/7 and stackin.

Like I said in a comment below:

I see STEEM hitting $10 as we gain traction in the new year and SMTs roll out. And once we get out of beta (which should be this quarter) and those mobile apps hit the stores, STEEM will be no less than $3.

That's really cool infact ;)

Congratulations @stackin!
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but its also a fact that, u r wise calculator to manage ur risk..

Thank you...steemon.......

Great plan. I'll take steem over BTC any day.

Well that was my goal from the beginning when I first joined on May 2017. I told myself that everything I earn from my posts will be reinvested back into my Steemit account.

You're just the best example to everybody here!
Stackin for Steem President :-)


Hey man, Thank you for stimulating the Steemit Economy! I have upvoted and resteemed this post, Here is my latest post if you are interested.

It makes a lot of sense because if you are going to blog everyday already then the money can stack up faster!

I Iike this mindset already and trust me, it's same on my mind except for the fact that I have not executed yet.
I'm more motivated now.

good choice... I wish I could buy more. but my time will come.. Why I believ see my post from 5 minutes ago

I hope you vote for me as witness... because I just started and can bring a lot more...

Awesome! Liked this article.

Stack it high and hustle on. ;)

Good advice

I was searching a post who are so much committed in this community and at last I got it. I am only 3 days old here and like to spend more time. I am also not in hurry. Like you I just want to build a network here. Thanks for your post.

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Sounds like we think alike. However, I bet I'm quite a bit more broke than you. Living on a disability fixed income makes my investment opportunities very narrow. Ad clicks and traffic buys have become few and far between for me at my main site - https://tonygreene113.com ...lol.

When Bitcoin is climbing On Poloniex It reached $5276 I thing the next stop will be on 6k This will Happen to Steem one day. Keep your support!

With ALT coins on sale lately, the risk was far worth the reward of getting such low prices to reach a bit to add to my stacks. Buy low. Average down if it goes lower, if you believe in the long term growth.

Only grabbed a sliver of Steem because I can "mine" it through blogging, but definitely respect your message and confidence.

"Rock Bottom Has Built More Heroes Than Privilege"