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"Stop Bitchin' and Start Doing" ~ Charles Fuchs.


It's been pretty awful in the Cryptocurrency Markets for the last few weeks but that was expected. Lot's of coins are still over valued and we can see more down turn in the coming weeks. 📉

In my opinion, this is a good thing! We needed a healthy correction this year... when the markets are down, more people can now get into the projects that they believe in. 

It's a win/win situation unless you sell... that's when you lose. 💸

"Alright... enough of your opinions Charles Fuchs, I just came here to win some of that SBD from you!" 🤣

There will be "One Winner" that will be chosen on JUNE 13TH at 11:00 A.M. to win "5 SBD". Here Are The "STACKIN" Contest Rules: 

  1. Follow @STACKIN on Steemit. 
  2. Must *Comment and *Resteem this post.
  3. Guess the price of "STEEM" will be exactly at 11:00 AM PST.
  4. The Last Guess Stop at 6:00 A.M. PST. June 13th!
  5. One (1) WINNER without going over will win, No Edited Posts!
  6. Winner will get FIVE (5) SBD! 

The current price of Steem is $1.801! This contest will end tomorrow morning so that it will give people enough time for everyone to participate and get their guess in.* 

All you have to do is "Resteem" and "Comment" your prediction below to qualify. You have til' 6:00 A.M. PST on June 13th to lock in your "Steem Prediction". 

* Please do not edit your guess or prediction before the deadline, you will automatically lose and get flagged. We want everyone to have a fair chance of winning!

* I appreciate all the "Upvotes" as it's a way for me to do these contests weekly so that we all can have a little fun on Steemit.

Have a great Tuesday and Keep On STACKIN! 💞

P.S. For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.

*Stay Tuned for my weekly "STACKIN Steem Contests" where I've givin' out $1,000's of Steem, SBD, and Merchandise to fellow Steemians!



1 usd.


The whole makrket just took a tumble in the last 20 minutes, wonder who’s going to win! 🤑

1.7$ ... I wud leave my job if it reaches 15$ in coming monthd lol

It can happen in couple of years 😀

Oh I'll say $1.98 though I'm wishin' for a whole lot more 😂

Price of Steem will be $1.731 (hopefully)

my guess 1.82 $

I will guess 1.72

Hello, @stackin my prediction of steem is $ 1.87

my price 1.74 $

i would say $1.76

1.712 $ my price for steem =)

Cool, thanks for sharing.

i guess steem will go sideways... my prediction would be $1.877

If technical analysis worked then the authors of those chart posts would win this every time.


Sad I'm not that good in guessing but I know it can't below one dollar

2.10 mas o menos

My prediction is: STEEM = 1.69 $

my price $ 1.95

my price $1.78

My prediction $ 2,01

My prediction $ 1,86

Round about $1.825

$23.50 on hitbtc and $1.45 average on others. 😂😂😂

Hitbtc is joke exchange...

Oops sorry I guessed for SBD Steemit would be 2.08

First guess of the day, good luck! 😀

SBD Steemit sería 1.96

My Steem prediction is 1.68

I just cross my fingers everyday and hope for something over $5!!!! Haha
Hugs amigo!

If that happens, I’ll give away 1000 SBD tomorrow 😂😂😂

Can’t wait to see us in the lambo sugar!!!

$1.63 average

I guess $1.57

$1.85 yoo🙌✌️

My prediction is $1.81

Is it $1.75? I hope so. ;-)

Hello! @ stackin my assumption for the price of Steem is 1.866

I remember that I followed you before, so it's strange that when I am into your wall, it's still "follow". :(
I think the price will recover a bit. It's 1.77

1,79 my prediction.

I'm clearly a lousy clairvoyant regarding altcoins behavior, but maybe a little better with 'outlandish math'.

So, exactly at 11:00 AM PST the Steem price will be at:

$1.689975 USD!! No more No less. :/

my prediction is→ $1.61

my guess 1.78

my guess 1.97

my guess if 1.673!


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