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"Always learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward." ~ Charles Fuchs.


Yesterday, I gave away tons of Free "Byteball Tokens" to my followers so that they can register their accounts to get their airdrops. 

I received lots of "Byteball Tokens" from referrals so guess what I'm going to do? I've decided to give away more of them! 🤣

This Is All You Have To Do:

  • Follow @STACKIN on Steemit.
  • Download the Byteball Wallet. (If you don't have one).
  • Post Your Byteball Address with a decent *Comment.
  • *Resteem This Post To Spread The Message.
  • Receive Some Free Byteball Tokens!

The actions by Byteball to airdrop some of their tokens to the Steemit Community was a great idea... I expect to see other projects doing the same thing in the near future. 🧞

I'll make sure that everyone get some tokens within 24 hours of this post. It's cheesy to say but... I always believed in that if you offer more value to the people, the more you will get back in life. 

Be sure to *Follow, *Comment and *Resteem so that more people will see this post and get some Free Byteball Tokens! 🤑

Please don't be "Greedy" and if you already have lots of tokens, why not do the same thing I'm doing and start giving them away... It's all about the community baby! 

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

P.S. For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.

*Stay Tuned for my weekly "STACKIN Steem Contests" where I've givin' out $1,000's of Steem, SBD, and Merchandise to fellow Steemians!


Not that much, but it is much better than nothing.

Didn’t really work well for me , I thought I’d get the $80 too but I didn’t

You will, did u talk to the bot? How many tokens do you have now? You need just like .0006 of it to talk to the robot. It kinda backed up now but it will get fixed :)

I did idk what happen

Didn't get to know about byte early enough, just downloaded my wallet but haven't received any byte yet. The bot is taking too long to reply.
I'd be truly grateful if I can get some from you.


It is nice giving airdrop to steemians I hope others will do same.
That's my wallet ID sir

Great idea @stackin !

Can I still have some Byte's please?



Hey Stackers, Byteball is overwhelmed right now with all the accounts. I will check this weekend :)

Hurray!!!, byteball is working perfectly now.
Hope you'll help me with some bytes. I'll really really appreciate it! Thanks in anticipation.


Sent :)

Thanks sir!

Phewww!! I made it right on time.
Better late than never right.

This is a nice one although i joined very late and then the app stopped working, it still seems not to be working ATM though.

Below is my wallet address👇

They are still clogged up... no worries, I'll try again on Sunday :)

Actually I wrote a post earlier and share
this wonderful act by #byteball folks.
Thanks for sharing this to us and learn about
Keep on postin'
Thanks again

Thanks @byteball @stackin this is a great way to promote and support the community. Really appreciate it! XPY6P4PON7BGXUXM5QZRI3LYLUN6WQVV

I will be happy if i can also get my token to register


Thank you🙏 @stackin👍for having other Steemians 🌫️at heart with people like you the world will be a better place. Do ex☂️stend the love ❤️to my wallet📶 🍴👇

Beautiful programme you got there @stackin heres my wallet adress, thanks bruh byteball: F3PPR5CSMAV45HTDW3KSEU33634FZUUM

Wow. This is really cool. I must appreciate you for this. You've always been a strong supporter of promoting Steem cos you always trace me down with promo-steem tag to upvote me in my early days of steeming.. Keep it up.
My address:


@stackin its very kind of you to share. I am looking to learn more about #Byteball especially now its linked to Steemit in a easy way



Just here to say hello. Thanks for supporting the community, son! 8')

You the man @overkillcoin! Too bad the byteball wallet is congested still haha

Hey, thanks for the offer. After about 5 tries I got my address! Whoot. For others uninstall and reinstall, it took several times. But it worked.

This app is lagging at the moment - the idea to give airdrop to the steemit community was brilliant by the way here's my wallet
maybe I might have to uninstall and use your download link

Awesome! Excited for this airdrop.

hi @stackin
I see this reward is according to your reputation
and I am one reputation away from an extra $20.
Is it advisable I wait a bit more or
I should just jump on it?

I just downloaded the wallet here my address
Earlier i downloaded it and i don't know why i didnt receive any message from the bot. After waiting for two days i uninstalled and downloaded it again today.
Now the bot in under maintenance till 12PM CET. I will wait for it till then.
Then i will register my steemit
Thank You


Did it work so far, trying to catch up lol

Yes it worked finally 🤪

I am in! I like this project here's my byteball address :

I'm stalking you already... This is the best give away ever happened on steem blockchain..... Ride on @stakin


Your a superstar for doing this for your followers on steemit
I am just sad the app is congested, really hoping the developers do something about it.
Here is my wallet address🤗🤗


Hi! I'm new to crypto and even newer in Byteball. Happy with airdrop for steemians. I could get it and invest in OMG, just to give a try.

Could you give me some advice on which crypto to invest in?


Thanks in advance!

The Byteball team is working on the network. If anybody still need the 49000 bytes for the airdrop just reply this posting with your wallet adress. I will send 50000 bytes if the network returns.


Hello @stackin thanks for the kind offer. this is what the crypto space should be about. Creating partnerships and not walls. Weldone to the #Byteball team



I'm starting to know, I'm still in steem, I hope to understand and follow the instructions for this currency thanks to my address ------ ZGDEJ4OLPVYIFOYW6PD6O7LZL3WPTR3E

Hey, does the byteball app work properly at the moment? I have some problems with sending...

It's pretty congested right now, thousands joined! Give it some time and it will work :)

Finally, i can win some byte without having to guess a crypto's value.
P.S: @stackin, i think we need a contest for those of us that keep failing your predictions, lol. Here is my wallet address:

keep steeming,

You're really kind and generous sir.
I know there's more people like you out there who'll be willing to bless others.
Byteball is doing great already but I think the stuff is pretty congested right now, I'm sure it'll be back and better in no time!.

I've never experienced such quick scheme on crypto this way.

In the middle of a very hectic school activity, I had to rush into the byte business and I have no regrets... The world of crypto is indeed a blessing to this youths I must say.


Here is my wallet. I expect your blessings too. 😉😉😉😂😂😂

It is said that the Good that men do will follow them. I have really heard much about your generosity sir @stackin and I believe in you sir.
I resteemed and upvoted this post for more visibility.


I'm glad your post is not beyond 24hours and I hope to benefit from your benevolence and unbiased generosity sir.

Here is my address sir @stackin


thank you so much for your nice gesture sir, here is my wallet address


Thanks for the support @stackin TZDYHUUZLFG6ZE2J7UMLQBLAXVHUZ3PP.

Followed, upvoted & resteemed.
Till yesterday, I never used Byteball but I was surprised to see lot of use cases with it, especially the chat bot store has a lot of potential.
I don't have a lot of byteball only $20 worth of it, if you are conducting any giveaway I would appreciate it so that I can try out other chatbots and features in it like name & Email verification in it.

Thanks for doing this @stackin... i hope I'll be blessed by you😘

hello pls i need byte to confirm acc



I would definitely like some more tokens. It took me about 4 hours to figure out that I actually needed to delete and re-add the attestation bot. Now it has said that it has sent me my tokens but I have not received them. It does however still say syncing after about 4 hours.


I absolutely abhor resteeming but I have done so in this case.

This project amaze me alot because I have never seen an airdrop like this before.
And byteball being the first I never regret participating.
Here is my byteball address

Thanks 👍👊

Byteballs just took airdrop to another whole level, sure wished all other projects and tokens would airdrop this way.


Hi friend @stackin,thanks so much for your kindness.

Byteball has really brought a good vibes in the steemit community and it's really fantastic.

Here's my address


Thanks alot for your support.

Thanks for your generosity.

My first try f the byteballs, waiting for the gb. Here is my address LGYR462LCWV2EOJG2MMGGQ444SCHJCCN



I'm glad I saw this.. Keep up the good works @stackin.


It's really nice to see people readily giving out to the community, the app is lagging but I'm sure the team are working on it.

Here's my Byteball Address:

This initiative of yours will remain in our minds, like you said, itll be vrry good if other airdrops will come this way too.


great post great idea. giving one of the if not the only tool that create, love, peace and prosperity. thanks for your help and care... keep following you


I tell you one thing this app is going places. Come 1 year or 2 year max, it will be everywhere. What they just need to do now is to stop testing and put it on big scale. Wish the team luck!


Thank you very much for your kindness and for sharing us your knowledge and free byteball tokens to us, absolutely this will be a great experience to me and to all steemians, godbless and more power sir @stackin

Here's my Byteball Wallet Sir! 65G6PE3K2I247JMUOJR5JN6D6PK2MMZR

Thanks in advance Bro,

Was surprised to see you giving away some bytes .. I must say you are really rare ... Thanks a lot for the give away below is my wallet


This post has received a 36.72 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @stackin.

This is awesome @stackin. But I am not sure is the *Device Address" the wallet address? Here's mine

Thank you so much!😊❤

I haven't joined the airdrop therefore it would be great to get some tokens

Some for me too

This is very nice of you @stackin I hope you are right and more company's will do airdrops threw steem. here is my addy TZEOGFEBFNVY3EBHOQ42FD3C2QYDN7WK

now its resteemed as well

That is very kind of you... It's amazing to give your tokens out like that, it's shows your selflessness. May you be blessed


I have followed, upvoted and resteem
Here is my byte address

Thanks so much

Hello, I have followed, upvoted and resteem.
Here is my byteball address

Hi, @stackin, thanks for being amazing
You are simply the best.

Resteemed this for visibility.....
Here's my wallet ID



wow.. Opportunity like this come rarely.. Already followed, Upvoted, resteemed.


Thank you @stackin you are really generous. Here is my byteball wallet

Amazing initiative and kind gesture from your guys. Byteballs are awesomely wonderful. Just getting to know it. I'll be happy to be guided by you guys.
Here's my address

Great value you give @stackin thanks for your kind guesture.

My byteball address: EDEGA7G3MPUWXOJC7GAP25J5ZU2WCQVO

Am glad i found this post, i got the information about byte ball very late yesterday i was unable to get some byte. I hope i get some from you in other to get activated. Gracias in advance my byteball address.

This is my wallet address:

I really thank you for giving us more opportunities. Thank you again. ^^

I always believed in that if you offer more value to the people, the more you will get back in life.

I believe this too. And I also believe that once everyone around you is wealthy, it will surely rub off on you too.
Here's my wallet id: 5VW2ZTCOYXLBT32L3X3JUZ3D2CZO57TU

Thank you.

Byteball has been very awesome since I got to know about it yesterday, I Will be very glad if I can also get some blessing of Byteball from you sir , thanks in anticipation.


I remembered translating for them during utopian-io translation, it's good to know they are finally back.. Here is my wallet

Well, thank you for the chance. I was trying to receive the airdrop but failed, maybe because I'm a newbie here. I'm still hoping if I can receive the official airdrop along with your giveaway :) Happy steeming.
Here is my wallet, created a few minutes ago, 4FWDKBNYWYJCLNOFPIN7XPZQYV3KLYEN

That is very kind of you. We appreciate your kindness and good heart. Together we build a world full of love.

@stackin, please sponsor me - my address- HVBQ2DC6IPWYJ3XKUZ6GUZLNZTVEUJY5

Oh.... Brilliant Charles Fuch. At last one giveaway that my sorry ass can finally win :D.
Are getting byteball on blocktrades soon?
What are the odds?

Nice work you are doing @charlesfuchs ....thanks for this wonderful giveaway.
Here is my byteball wallet address: byteball:N477MJLS2B22XTWEV4NNOAPB35DCSUW4

Thank you byteballs and mr @stackin


we cant thank you enough. this token must have helped many also along side your help in making sure all steemian get registered. keep the good works on.


You really wonderful. The following help is great for the new entrants to Steemit as me. Thank you. ^^

My wallet address:

This is so great. I have also shared the news through a post. Haven't gotten referrals from the post though. Thank you for this. My address below.



my address


my address. thanks

nice information and help. following you. and i wasnt aware of the contest but promise to always be there. thanks for aall you are doing for the progress of this community

Thanks for the generosity @stackin, great way to support the community! XPY6P4PON7BGXUXM5QZRI3LYLUN6WQVV

It's just hard sometimes when I can't talk about upcoming features or anything because what's in development seems to be a secret(no updates or a roadmap) to us and the devs are pretty much silent, even the official Byteball Twitter has mostly just retweets of byteball articles or tweets from random people, it should be the other way around surely? The devs don't even mention themselves or who they are on the official website.

I do push Byteball sometimes when it's a good time to bring it up when it won't count as random shilling, but sometimes I don't feel like doing it because it feels like I'm doing someone else's job for them when they're not even trying.

It is one of the best cryptos by far though so I'll definitely keep mentioning it every now and then. It's one of the fastest, cheapest, has one of the highest transactions per second capabilities, has more features than most(not missing must have things these days like smart contracts which RaiBlocks does not have), and a lot more.

And like you say it's Wallet isn't just "one of" the best, it IS the best out of any cryptocurrency imo. It's identical across platforms, it's ridiculously easy, the chat system makes it 100% foolproof when sending between wallets, it has a great modern UI. It's also the OFFICIAL wallet. Pretty much with most other coins it's like "theres no official one yet but theres a few okay third party ones" or "the official one sucks but try these", but with Byteball if you want to know which wallet to use the answer is simply "the official one on both desktop and mobile".

Would be very happy to receive some tokens, thanks: O3VM46N3UKCTEC4LSWQMHJSIXECCJ5UR

I must say, what you are doing in the steemit community is encouraging to we youngsters. You've been promoting this community and making us see how to be a better steemians for prospective users.
Thumbs up @stackin
heres my byteball address just in case:


Such an amazing platform and i was so excited telling others about it. @stackin, Thank you for your goodwill.
Following now and post resteemed as well for more visibility Here's my wallet address;


Wow this is great @stackin. It is just like giving us golf. Only a selfless person like you will think of blessing other Steemians like this.thank you so much. Althoufh i am just seeing this now and feels like it is already too late, yet I'll let my faith work by still dropping my address.

Here it is @stackin. Bless you.LCRUM7ZY4D72B2KW7VWCIQMLLKSFZZAV

You are just simply amazing @stackin
Weldone and more grease to your elbow


I've been trying to get some byteballs to register. Hope you're my savior.


Byteball is such a unique Cryptocurrency. To be honest I still don't get how their mechanism works. But I am glad they are doing some Airdrops for Steem Community.

Here is my Byteball Address..


Byteball wallet is such an amazing wallet with a superb Airdrop plan... I love em like crazy.. Here's my wallet ID;


Hey there,
So I did follow you, and did a resteem.
I saw Byteball 2 days ago but just wanted to wait and see a bit. Seems enough big whales, including @ned and @steemitblog have signed on board so here I am :) Finally!!

My wallet

Please sponsor me

Thanks so much for doing this :)

I need some byteball so I can activate the airdrop :)

My wallet address is


Created the wallet.

Thats really nice of you.
it good this came up, a lot of people now treasure their steem account more than they did and saw that opportunities can come in from anywhere and having a steem account is a plus.

here is my wallet, thanks in advance


This is such a great giveaway! Love it when people hand stuff out to the steemit community! Good luck everyone!


It's a great thing that you are giving free byteball tokens to your followers. I think by that more people will join with byteball bytes.


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