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I'm going to keep this very simple while many people like to make it very difficult on themselves. 💁‍♂️

Here are some simple steps to become success on the Steem Blockchain.

#1 Buy Steem and Power Up.
#2 Post 1-2 Times A Day.
#3 Curate 10-30 Posts a Day.
#4 Engage With The community.
#5 Show Up Every Damn Day.
Bonus: Have Lots of Patience.

How simple was that? Pretty damn easy if I say so myself.

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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My goal is reaching 5000 SP with my extra and hidden money...

You got this 🤑

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you made a post like this over a year ago. changed how i approached my steem journey. thanks for reminding me again man. this stuff is very important.

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I need to post this image everyday, I think everyone tends to forget lol

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OK, OK I get It.......Just Go Easy on Me on The Steemmonsters Battlefield....

Fine, I’ll surrender my battle next time I see on the battlefields 🤣

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Awesome advice. That is exactly how it works ;-)
Resteemed :-)


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Who the hell are you?

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I know right?! I better step my steem game up 🤣😅

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Yup ! :)
SP UP and need Patience
Chaces to Changes the World


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I’m lovin’ the 7 “C’s”... simple and easy to do 😎

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thanks so much ! :) 💙

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This is very simple yet powerful strategy in Steem and I have been following the same since last 6 months. The outcome is amazing and I am enjoying it. Thanks for nice tips @stackin
Have a great day.

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I’ll simplify it even further:


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Can't argue with that. It works.

Thank you for the tips! I love it!

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It’s all about being present! Funny that I find myself engaging more again now at these prices because I just want more of that Steem that others are letting go of!

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Hello there ! Nice SteemMonsters Game earlier ;).

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Patience Patience and celebrate every damn steemit anniversary ;p

Yo yo yo Stackin in da house! Your Steem #lifestyle is and has always been inspiring 🔥 you never waiver on your consistency

Just found out about the lifestyle community! Looking forward to it! 💯

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Its easy looking at it. The real work is the discipline to follow through

Simple but damn effective. Thanks bro :)

My brothers @stackin are good advice for success, but there are many Steminians who are here because they have no job, their only income is this? What would you advise these people? As is the case, I am from Venezuela, the economy here is terrible, but inflation and not say unemployment ...

#1 it's a pay to play system and investors will be rewarded... Sounds about right 🤔 Not the dream that was sold that created 31,000 dollar make up tutorial posts back in the day but it's definitely the only path forward now. Gotta lock up that investment for over 3 months and pander to the others of the same ilk.

I'll buy steem when I see the return of life changing pay outs and I'll lock up steem power when I'm convinced it's not a ponzi scheme that's dependent on convincing people that a hodl ecosystem that has collapsed in on its own weight has any semblance of a sustainable model of social stratification...

Patience is definitely a must so I'm in agreement with your bookends. Now ask yourself just how much one needs to invest to make curation actually profitable? Also explain how auto voting on trending posts is the key to curation success and how by engagement you meant to say kiss ass and never offer anything that doesn't shill to the desperate blind faith followers..

Please define success? For the majority it would be having steem be a legitimate source of weekly income that puts food on the table. Step 1 of your plan doesn't allow for that, so clearly your view if success is coming from a perspective that can afford to be an investor. OK cool, now ask yourself what other crypto investments force people to hodl and not have any ability to hedge their bets by trading outside of an ecosystem where step one is investing is the key...

The cheerleaders are one of the most entertaining aspects of this experiment in monetized social media.. Wouldn't success come from attracting people outside of the ecosystem and having a decent enough economy to faithfully facilitate both investing and real time earnings? Since that latter isn't even possible without a major investment and one must then be adept at manipulating the market through self voting etc I'd venture to say there are some major flaws that no half way intelligent investor would be inspired to partake in such a scam..

But what do I know right?

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Beautifully put. Couldn't agree with you more. RESPECT

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Thanks, it's not surprising this clown hasn't been able to respond... I'd also like to ask how anyone that has half their accounts SP in liquid steem has the audacity to post advice they don't even follow.. These people aren't even worthy of name calling or giving any thought to. But, since I've already written so much and got no response I'll post my reply with a screenshot of this guy's liquid steem to slander his name on my blog.. I have no intention or interest in allowing these types to dominate the ecosystem without any push back.. Perhaps they'll reply soon and add more comedy to the post they're soon to be featured on..

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Lol will make zero distance. You have endless free loaders on here. Giving a nice comment so they get an upvote and then cash it out quickly. People like this love the ego boost. Can you imagine how much money you would need to invest today to be successful on here. Wouldn't even be worth it as soon as you started making a bit of money you would start getting downvotes. The whole system is fuked but people like this need people to buy so they can sell there shit. Ps use different tribe tags on your post and spell them right lol ie creativecoin lol try neoxian upfundme marlians etc your writing good stuff might aswell get some decent rewards for it

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Well said! There's hardly a pot left to stir. I like to troll the creative police a bit since they took my air drop away for pointing out the inadequacies of steem engine, especially for a mobile only user. They then gave me a warning that my satire wasn't creative and future posts would have their ccc rewards removed which I took as a personal challenge 😂

The other tags you mention I'll give a try in the future, thanks for the follow and solidarity..

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The same principle as Gary Vee. Micro speed with your actions, macro patience with outcomes.

So how does one properly curate?

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Now I feel really bad for having missed a few days on here lol Hugs friend and thank you always for the motivation!

HAD to resteem it to have it as an reminder in my own blog; thx, you made my day (night truth to be told as its 1:11am...

I've started posting daily again and I'm now halfway to dolphin!

I've started posting
Daily again and I'm now
Halfway to dolphin!

                 - cadawg

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