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"You can complain or just start winning, the choice is yours." ~ Charles Fuchs.


Yes, you heard it right... I have just completed the whole "STEEM Monster Collection" this weekend! 

All that I can say is that it didn't come cheap or it was easy at all! To complete the collection, I had to buy lots of packs (around 250+ Steem/SBD) but that still wasn't good enough. 😳

I had to do some major "card trades" with fellow Steemians in the "Steem Monsters Discord Group" to get those extra missing cards. 

If you are not part of the Steem Monsters Group, all Steemians are welcome and you may get some great deals. 🤩


If anyone is interested in trading or "buying" some extra ones that I have with Steem, all you have to do is hit me up on Discord @stackin and send me a message. ✉️

So that's about it for me, I'll be waiting for the tournaments that is coming around September. I may still buy a few more "Steem Monster Packs" here and there... just for kicks. Why not, it's pretty fun. 💁🏼‍♂️

I may be giving out a few packs this whole week, stay tuned!

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

P.S. For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.

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I’m really a nerd, can’t u tell 😂😅

Impressive man! Good work. I wonder how many have complete sets now.


Probably a few dozen that I’ve seen so far 😀


I’m gunning for one. Maybe next week

Some of my cards -



yasssssss you did it and along the way seriously leveled up those other cards I don't stand a chance! lol


I know so many people who had 3x as much haha

These look cool! Nice work man.


It was expensive haha

Congrats @stackin for completing the deck! I'm still really far from doing so.


No rush, you have couple of months to complete it :)

Nice work... stackin monster!


Hey man, we did some good trades the other day :)


Yes we did! I finally got 2 screaming banshees late last night when SBD jumped to 3.50 for a moment.

This is awesome you are the first person I have heard that has truly bought the complete steem monster card collections bravoo


There are dozens right now :)

Good game and monster stackin!

Stacking gotta go for be monster lol...



Congrats! A little late though..beat you with about a day. lol :)


Hmmm, I let you haha jk :)

Congratulations and you have 5 Selenia Sky 😉 that's great man, waiting to see you in battle.

Awesome you already have a complete set! You really enjoyed playing this @stackin.😄❤ But 250 Steem is a huge amount. 😊


I just want to win! haha


You'll definitely win, yourlegendary cards are on a high level! :)

The problem may be that the Blockchain gives the Unique identifier for the card but is that enough information to know what TYPE of card and what LEVEL that card is at? Is there a way to query steem monsters to find that information out?
I've asked if they're going to include more info about the card (type) in the blockchain... if not we need another place where we can find this information. A place where this EXPLORER can find out more information about the cards that are being bought and traded back and forth.

I'm not a programmer but I'm very interested in this Steemmonsters Explorer being made and would likely contribute more packs to Your prize pool. But without these tools being around first i'm not sure it's possible yet.

So we may need those tools in place first.

Omg that is so cool! 250 hahahah taht is a lot but when those prices increase then it will be worth it indeed hahaha!!!!!


The prices might go down, lots of people getting involved 🤣

The full house of monoster set.

over 250+ SBD.
but i will tell you something.

It was worth it :D

Congrats coz I've never seen any steemian that has completed it yet

steemit monster = stackin😜😝😝 just kidding 👹👹. september is pretty far away till than i will be monster👹👹wondering here and there to learn to🤣🤣 get ready 🙄🤣 by the way you don't have your own discord server 🤔🤨


Yeah I do, u can find me by putting @stackin#7322 . I get tons of messages of people asking for upvotes that get blocked though hahaha


Lol i think you are getting me wrong i was wondering you still don't have your own server :p


I have no server because I’m not a greedy politicians *hint 😂


seriously like those who have their own servers they are greedy 🤔🤔🤨🤨not agreed 🤔🤨

This reminds me of Yu Gi Yo lol


I never heard of that game in my life haha

Wow congrats @stackin.
You're the biggest monster in steem platform. :D


Getting up there, I see a few Steemians way more than mine haha

Wow wonderful collection... Really so good

this really I like dear, the monsters steem cards are my favorite great

Excellent so loking for thank.......sir

For us, young ones must be really funny to show our parents that playing with cards was going to have a significant economic impact on our lives.

*Goes and spend hundreds of tokens in card packs.

P.S. Amazing collection!

This collection is the dopest of them them all damnnn :D

I just bought my first starter pack and your story has inspired me to embark on my own @steemmonsters journey. I cannot wait for the tournaments to begin! Do you have any advice on what n00bs like myself can do meanwhile, in preparation for the tournaments?