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Won't Stop, Can't Stop... Will Never Ever Stop ~ Charles Fuchs.

Before I get started, I just want to thank everyone who have supported me throughout the last several months. 📆

I couldn't of accomplish this goal without the tremendous support from all the "Minnows 🐠", "Dolphins 🐬" and especially the "Whales 🐋". 

You guys absolutely rock! 🗽💯

I wanted to know if it was possible for people to achieve "Dolphin Status (5000+ Steem Power)" just by blogging and being an active member of the community. 

Guess what guys? "YES", It can be done! If I can do it, you can too! 👨🏼‍💻

Last night I hit one of my Personal Milestones of "Earning 5000+ Steem Power". The Posting Rewards were 5,060,347 (5060+ Steem Power) and it was ranked #711 of all time since the beginning of Steemit.

The numbers even surprised myself 🤣😲😳. Here is a screen shot from one of my go to websites called Steemitwhales.

During this time, I did buy over 2000+ of Steem Power (Dollar Cost Average $.90-$2.20 in 4 months). 📊

If you want to have a fast start on Steemit, I recommend everyone to buy at least $500 of Steem. It's soooo cheap right now sitting at $1.20!

Cryptocurrencies will continue to be "HOT" for the next few years, $10+ Steem in 2018? In my opinion, it can go way higher than that! 💰

There are tons of benefits of buying Steem, it will give you better voting power and you can attract more dolphins and whales to your posts. It's simple logic 👨🏼‍🏫

Later this week, I will probably talk about "Curation Rewards" and what my results were. I just wanted to keep it very simple today by focusing just on "Posting Rewards".

Once again guys, thank you for all the support and always remember... never give up and do your best, in time you will become great!

Keep On Stackin! 💞

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Wow you really are killing it on steemit. Great job man! Keep rocking it hard, I'm truly impressed!

People Need To Get Steem Power!


Straight to the point! :)


Its kinda difficult to understand how steem works, will just follow blindly and see what happens. What bothers me most is where the payout money all comes from


@nmao don't follow blindly there are many educational post such as this and many steemit videos on youtube explaining everything. If one wants to earn online he/she needs to invest not only money but also their time. Time posting, reading, interacting such as this and you need to invest more time learning and understanding the platform and how it works. Following blindly is not a good idea my friend. Tried to do it and it's no good.

You will not get to your destination if you don't know how to get their. 😉

And oh, if you did bother to study and watch youtube videos, you'll never wonder where the payout money all comes from. Have a good day!


Great comment Bossman, bringing that value 🙌🏼


She's a boss lady. I have watched youtube videos of steem but still can't really understand the money bit but the idea of a decentralized chat is clear.

Congrats and thanks for the reminder on curation rewards :-) I really should use an auto-voter ;-)


What up @lichtblick, you the man.

I need to step up my curation game lol

Beast brother! Keep up the hustle.

5000 SP is really impressive. I thought you invested more :O


If he invest more, he would have got more. I wish I can invest more though.


Well I could've guessed that one xD

What I'm saying is I thought initially that he had invested more, and not only 2000 SP :)


I got tons invested in other cryptos... did buy over 2000+ steem. 💪🏼🙌🏼😀💯


@stackin and @enazwahsdarb😍😍😍 I'm happy that I found both of you in one place 😊😊😊 Got questions for the both of you. You see, I wish steemit will add notification so I may be able to see your latest posts. But since it doesn't exist as of the moment, will you please tell me your publishing schedules??? Do you publish every day or every other day? When and what time you usually publish your articles? Please help me. So it is easier for me to stalk on your posts. 👼👼👼


I made a blog about this a few days ago, go take a look 😀


Keep up the hustle brother. Your momentum is solid!

great to see your making your brand on steemit. You have my attention in your blog from now

Get steempower now well cheap...

Congrats man!


Thanks Bossman!

WOW good job @stackin😎
Hard work pays off! Do you use any Discord chat services to talk to your homies on here?


I'm on discord at random times, I get to many spammers asking for votes 😂


Ja i feel you.

Bot off in the distance

Hardwork is the key of success, you did it!
Congratulations @stackin

Wow, you're the boss brother, hardwork breeds success, congratulations.... This is a source of motivation to minnows like me


It can be done and you just showed us how! :)

At this rate you will be king of steem in no time. Congrats to you prince stackin!


That be to much responsibly, I rather be the leader of the army 😀

@stackin HELL YEAH !!! You Rock Dude. I need to look you up next time I come up to Vegas. You are an inspiration to me as well as so many others. I need to find my Wallet this week and buy some more STEEM too......................STEEM ON Brother !!!


You buyin the 🍺🍸🥃🍷🍹? LOL Jk


I'll be there lol


Soft Drinks


Deal 😬

after every storm there's sunshine


That's why I live in Vegas, it's always sunny 🤣☀️


I hope to accumulate that much Steem in the comming years!

Btw I totally agree with your recommandation for newcommers about buying 500SP cheap to gain a head start here on Steemit!!!


I want them to following in my footsteps on becoming a dolphin, few days I was in... I bought $500 of steem to get on the fast track 😀😎

I have a thousand and some followers and few votes on every post, when I grow up I want to be like you! Haha good morning friend!⭐️


Hey @artedellavita, i think your blogs are awesome! I like to support ya haha

Give it some time, once you have thousands of steem power, more people will start finding you more and get better upvotes :)


Aww friend you've been super kind and supportive since day one and I truly appreciate that! and you always teach us and give so much encouragement on your posts 🙌🏻 And that's why you're so awesome ☺️

You are my inspiration. sadly unlike you, I cant buy anything because of stupid banking system in my country.
That is why I am a big believer in crypto currencies :)

Wow, that's amazing! Every time I get disheartened, I read something like this and it gets me fired up again. I need to get stuck into some serious writing :)


It's time to get fired up 🔥🤣

hardwork is the only key to achieve success😍 u deserve that sir ! i have 200 sp my own i am trying harder to get more seniors like you really help us 😍


I'm still new to the steemit community 😬... be sure to do your best to get to at least 500 SP! 🙌🏼

Excellent result @stackin, if you could do it, then I can do it!


That's the right mindset 🙌🏼

Challenge accepted @stackin, I'll do it in 3!


I love friendly competition! I want you to beat me 😬

For those of us with little money to invest, I suggest leasing delegation through @minnowbooster. I have just started doing it and my little 0.01 upvote is now a big 0.10 upvote! I think this is a cost effective move when you are a little minnow and may not be worth it as you grow.

It's amazing how much difference this extra sp makes in my results. I plan to keep leasing the delegation up to about 5000 sp - then hopefully my success will be all I need :)

Thanks for such a great example for the rest of us.


Totally agree, leasing delegation is also a great way to become influential on steemit 😀

Great job and congratulations, @stackin. It's an inspiration to all of us here committed to being successful.

I've been following successful Steemers to determine how and what they did to clamber to the top. What I am seeing is a blend of big action (lots of posts and curation) and some smart money management (buying Steem Power.)

I am experimenting a lot now, but am staying focused on providing good curation and making friends with those here with whom I have things in common. I think those two points are the keys to my eventual success.

I'm looking forward to your upcoming post on curation. Congrats again! Cheers!


You got this down @braveboat! Let's take some major action! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Unstoppable Steem Stackin Force 🔜🔝🏃🏼


Let's keep Stackin that steem haha

You're keeping up to your stackin handle..... whoot, woot for you! You inspire us to press on and keep it simple, fun and engaging. Great job as always.


Let's throw those hands up lol 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Steem Power is the best. Good news. thanks for sharing.


Yes it it 🤑

wow fantastic work friend, many congrats on getting 5K + SP, you are good author and you truly deserve it. keep up your good work and enjoy.


I wanted to see if people can earn steem power, yes they can 😀... thanks boss 🙌🏼

Will definately invest in steempower when I am able, sofar all my earnings on the blog goes straight to steempower ...


I plan to document all my new steemit purchases next week, scaling up 😎


That's some major steem power right there 🤣


I was talking about you, not me. Goofball 😆

Great job! it just keeps building and can really payoff in the future for sure.

I was looking more into Zcoin last night and I'm stacking up more of that too after what I found out late last night.

There is so much potential in so many projects it is nuts. But yeah....... Steemit is one of the coolest things I have found online in a very long time!


You are so right, hundreds of coins every week... this is reminding me of the dot.com phase 😳🤣

I congratulate all blessings and further prosperity
giphy (3).gif


Damn boss, those are major stacks! hahaha

aww congrats! KEEP ON STACKIN those crypto currencies. hehe :)


Hey @karensuestudios, great job on that steemfest contest! Yes, I did noticed :)


AWWW! :) hehe runner up. :) It was super sweet of @firepower to award the runner ups. I'm still waiting on @blueorgy. Hoping we win tickets from him. EEKKK fingers crossed.

You certainly did socially influence me. nice clean graphics. you said I can but I don't have $500?


Start with $10 a day or even a week, become resourceful, you got this 😎


You are the man! keep it up , quite inspiring and motivational , keep guiding us @stackin


With support from people like you, it will motivate me to be the best! I can't let down my peeps! :)


You have got all the support! Keep rocking!

Congrats! 🎉


Don't stop, get it, get it!!!


You know what, that's the new anthem of the day... get it haha

@stackn that's truly awesome man. I also noticed a nice touch in ur article - the complex signature at the end. It's an article itself!

I will surely try to emulate something like this to my account.
Keep it up. Congrats!

Congratulations on the wonderful accomplishment @stackin.

I know it takes a lot of work to get to the point you are at. My first month here saw me spend a lot of time interacting with others and I feel I made a good start. People need to realize this isn't a get rich quick scheme but it can yield a serious windfall for those who all participate in making this great.

Fortunately, I was able to buy just shy of 1000 steem in different batches. I am glad I did since it is helping me become more active and have some value when I upvote people.

I look forward to your article on curation rewards....that is something that I am still trying to figure out.

Thank you for all you help.


You hit all the crucial points, everyone wants quick money and success. That's stuff doesn't happen overnight! Boss comment right here 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

In 2018 we will be all whales :P


Mannn, thats what I like to hear... set up big ass goals! :)

We can do it sure, but we need to create good content and share useful information for people :)


Totally agree, we grow together and we win together concept :)

damn, nicely done. steemvoter.com is giving me login problems. keeps saying error.


Hmmm, try to contact them at discord :)

You are a machine to do steem power congrats @stackin!!!


The people of steemit provides the fuel I need to keep on going lol


Keep STEEM N ON, Frank


it can go higher than 100$ :)

Hey @stackin! Really nice work man, awesome entrepeneurship!

As a guy that cares for the Noobies around here, you might be interested to support this initiative! It might even be interesting content for your upcoming piece about Curation.

For those with little Steem Power that want to increase their Curation rewards, you are welcome to follow and try to be the first one in on the next round!

Up and followed, Steem on!


Good stuff, followed!

You rock bro... Congrats always. Hustle pays a lot.

I would love steem power but in my curreny conversion its so expensive hence i make a small investment every month and i know i wont be sorry. Dont know why people are still on facebook and it does not even pay I have personally quite facebook and now spend most of my days on here.= and its so worth it. O' thanks for a great article

Unbelivable good work what you are doing @stackin.
Really well deserved :-)
Full 100% upvoted and resteemed :-)

Congrats man. I've been using steemdollars to buy bitcoin cheap and I think I will start using that to convert the bitcoin into seem until as you suggested I get around $500 dollars worth of steem. I'll be stacking as right now I only have about $200 dollars worth of crypto and probably only about a quarter of it is in steem right now, but one day I'll make it there!

It's all about that Steem Power!

Absolutely correct. Steem Power is the name of the game.

Congratulation. I like steemit (much more fun than facebook ) and @future24 -- here is the link:
https://steemit.com/deutsch/@future24/future24coin-wurde-gebohren-kostenloser-steemit-giveaway-and-bounty-programm-ideen here You get (in the time beeing) coins for free
I also use steemnow.com, very practical

Congratulations on your earned 5000+ Steem Power!

Congratulations! Great post.

This post has received a 2.95 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @stackin.

@stackin thanks for valuable information😊😊😊

Nice work. I only just discovered steem accidentally but definitely gonna look to hold some steem dollar for long term.

Agreed:)! Every aspiring whale should buy some SP. Nothing in life is free:)

I need to start being more active on steemit and start buying more steem with my loose crypto scattered around, life just been sucking up most of my time.


Steem Power,steem ,steem dollars....still very confusing to me how people make all the money they make.

Wow,awesome bro 😍😍 you are doing great..
check mine too n upvote it if u want

Thanks for sharing. I am also thinking about investing :)

Great Work!

Congratulation Charles .... keep stacking!!!

bro congrats man! Just actually put a goal out in front of me to get to 1000 by the end of October...I guess I'm shooting a bit low - thanks for being positive and hopeful to people!

If your looking for another coin to get in on early - check out www.smartcash.cc - just one some in a contest here on steem and looking into it - seems to have incredible potential...wrote a bit about it here -
let me know what you think if you check it out!


Curation rewards and STEEM POWER is the way to go. I earn approx 1 STEEM 7 days . Now all i need to 10x my STEEM power, then it's 10 STEEM in 7 days by just voting others :D and then multiply it again by 10 !

@stackin, Charles fuchs many many congratulations on achieving mild stone of 5000+ stem power. Amazing and wonderful, you spot a guideline for those members who r struggling a lot. And your struggle and advices are appreciateable, thanks for sharing and keep it up.

That's incredible man! I hope to get on your level eventually lol! Right now I've gotten the vast majority of my SP from investing in it myself. Been here 3 months probably made less than 500 SP from my content (if you don't include pay-for-votes like booster.) That's a huge achievement making several thousand!

Really inspiring story, one of the first things i learned on steemit is always invest in steem power.
Thanks for sharing, this is the kind of posts that keep me motivated

You are really a great inspiration for us and we believe someday we will be standing next to you. Thanx for motivating us dear.

What about those who don't have the resources to buy steem, what should they do?.

Very impressive. And yes, you have to buy some Steem Power if you want a good start on the platform.

Excellent advice!.. I'll keep at it.. I'm loosing faith in steemit.. 😥

I need to seriously buy some Steem Power.
Hint taken.
Stackin All The Way Up !

Super inspirational!

Nice stackin some SP there. I am also proud on my first month in steem :) Looking forward to that $10/steem next year :P :P Thanks man!

Congratulations!!! Always have to keep on pushing and setting those personal goals!

@stackin you did the amazing work

I really need to treat steem like an investment because 2 to 3 years form now the value would be tripled.

Congratulations @stacking. That's a great accomplishment.
Working hard on building that Steem Power. I'm so happy that you are going to make a post about the Curation Rewards because I'm still confused about it. Can't wait.


Congrats man. Best of luck for your future.

congratulation@stackin for your 5k SP, it show how much hardwork done by you, thanks.

nice post.

Sneaky Ninja attack!
You have been defended!


To help keep my Jōki (蒸気) power strong, I rely on the support of my fellow #thealliance brethren.

When able, please upvote my attacks so that I may stay mighty and continue to defend and protect our beloved team!


Good result! Congrats!

thanks for the information gonna give it a try

Well done! That is a great accomplishment. How did you earn so much?

Upvoted and Resteemed!

Awesome, you deserve it. Thanks for blazing the trail and giving us the roadmap!!

congrats man you are the legend

Congrats man! Its not an easy thing to do and it takes a lot of time and dedication every day to get there, congrats on persevering! I've read a stat somewhere that only 25% of new signups stick it out past the first month, let alone longer and even fewer get to where you are now. kudos!

Damm that's amazing great work you have put in on this great platform :)

many many congrats my friend,just keep it up

Fantastic! great achievement.
Hope to be like you one day. You inspire us.
Thanks, man!

Congratulations @stackin!
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Wow what a great post so motivating. I am going to buy so more steem now. I hope to be bringing a lot of people to steem with my YouTube videos Ive got over 1k subs so its looking good. The world needs to know about steem and its benefits.