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"Share your journey with everyone, it might help them change their lives." ~ Charles Fuchs.


For the last few weeks, I've been sending out lots of information on some "Crypto Projects" that looks very interesting to me (and yes, they are free to join). 

.... and guess what guys? I have another "Crypto Project" for you called Merit. 👨🏼‍💻

So what the hell is Merit? It* aims to be the world's friendliest digital currency, making it effortless to pay friends, buy goods, and manage your wealth.

Here is a quick video that explains "Merit" in 45 Seconds: 

I know it's the weekend and everyone is busy with their free time so I'm going to make this very short and simple for everyone to get involved. 

This is a community drivin' invite system which means that the only way to get involved is from an invitation. 📬  Good thing I already have an account! 🤣

If you have followers, love mining coins (Merit makes it easy), or just love new projects where you can earn some free crypto... Merit is for you. 💁🏼‍♂️

Here are the Steps To Get An Invitation :

There are only certain amounts of invites a user can get at a time so I only will be accepting quality people from Steemit, in other words... no fake spammer cartoon profiles lol

Have an Awesome Saturday STACKERS! 💞

P.S. For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.

*Stay Tuned for my weekly "STACKIN Steem Contests" where I've givin' out $1,000's of Steem, SBD, and Merchandise to fellow Steemians!

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Why is better as Steem?


Who said it was better?

Lot of projects....I'm confused now....none or the other they are all same but with different names or I'm weak at understanding them😂😂


I have like 50+ of them that I'm doing on the side that I have yet to talk about hahaha


I too registered for so many projects and accounts a d forgot all.passwords now😂😂

I try to grow the account by inviting but nobody join because I'm weak at making followers lol...and then I abandon them .

Hah! I discovered Merit by accident last week. Mining but still getting my head around making it work better.


Nice! I'm still trying to see if its worth it. haha :)


Just sent :)


I copied my phrase and forgot to save it, now I lost it how can I retrieve it?
Pls help

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I signed up with your link.
My Merit waller name is: kp138


Just sent the invite, It should work now :)

Cool been meaning to sign up to it for awhile.
My wallet username is bitmaster177


Just sent, you should be able to use it now :)

I signed up with your link.
My Merit wallet name is: georgemales

Hi dear sir I make a merit wallet and my user name is (atulsinghchauhan)
Waiting for your approval.
Thank you.

Just clicked your link, @stackin my Merit username is EverNoticeThat (of course) All my cryptobuddies please follow me on Twitter (almost 13k followers)

Read more about Merit at TechCrunch and businesswire I love how the best referrers get a piece of each mined block. Can't beat that. Nothing like a little motivation to get you going!


@stackin have you abandoned this one? Odd to see no response from you...

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i signed up with your invitation
My wallet username is : waleed
Thank you for letting us know

Is there seriously any confusion about Dash? I thought we all knew it's a scam. I used to be all in on Dash, like 100% of my portfolio... Then I heard of Monero, and it was all over. converted all my Dash to XMR and haven't looked back since, happily.

I made the registration in Merit with a wallet to UNISAT name I thank the invitation

lol not again 🤣🤣🤣 well xawi is my username i signed up congrats xawi😎😎🤣..