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"People are not lazy... they simply have impotent goals - that is, goals that do not inspire them" ~ Tony Robbins.


It's one of those awesome days where I announced the "STACKIN" 10 Steem Giveaway Winner....All one had to do was to guess the price of Bitcoin would be at 4:00 PM PST Time. 🤷🏼‍♂️

There were tons of "action" like usual and over 100+ comments on that post. So many of you guys came close, Checkout @roykie17 who guessed just $3 over the price and I just had to give her a hard time. 🤣

No big deal, maybe next time 😋 because like I said many times before... I will be doing tons of these contests just to give back to the Steemit Community. 

"Who Cares Charles... just get to it, who WON!?"

The price of Bitcoin was $14,352.80 and the closes person who got the price was @lesteemit! Her guess was $14,343! The 10 Steem should of hit your inbox a few minutes ago and Congratulation @lesteemit of winning the contest! 🌟

More contest coming down the road and thanks for all the support Steemians. These contests and giveaways couldn't of happen without all your awesome "upvotes"! 🤩

Enjoy your Saturday night and keep on STACKIN! 💞

For those who are interested in following my "Daily Activities" that I do in very "short form". Follow me here: @charles-fuchs

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Very fun stuff... congratulations to the winner! Thanks @stackin!

@lesteemit got skills :) Congrats!


We should ask her what her “system” is in guessing the right price 😂

I am impressed by those guesses! Coming within a fraction of a percent is damn incredible!


The price of Bitcoin fluctuates so fast lol


Exactly!! In the past you have percentage changes in seconds! Crazy!

@stackin Now that was a Very Generous Contest. Congrats to @lesteemit make sure you POWER THAT STEEM UP !!


My Steemit wallet feels a little empty today 😂

so i was .. WAY OFF 😂😂👍


I was off by a couple bucks, lucky guess haha

14.200$ was my guess,,,
very close


You will get it next time 😀

Congratulations to the winner, very cool contest!



am reallt impresssed you doing a nice work am looking forward to joining many more contest. i wish and hope i win some time.continue the awesome work you are doing

Pretty impressive contest @stckin. I loss my guess again..
Try to guess best next time.
Congrats to winner.


No big deal, more to come 💪🏼🙌🏼💯



@stackin, Its stackin contest..yep
Congrats to @lesteemit.
Will see more.....

Congratulation @lesteemit ! Fun contest.


I wonder what her secret was 🤣

I was one of the participants of your contest. Anyway congratulation to the winner and looking forward for your other contests.


More to come soon 😀


yes I am waiting sir @stackin .


Yes sir hopefully I can win.Heehe

wow many congrats to the winner and thank you for creating such nice contest for steemit community, wish you all the best for all of your future endervors! friend, Stay awesome

.. congratulations :)

Bitcoin is so hard to guess! Harder than when you do Steem guess giveaways! Good luck to the winners!

Thanks dear discuss about the cyptocurrance..

Congrats @lesteemit! You Won 10 Steem! Took the screen shot at 4:01 as proof!


Your post are so amezing kee posting
And also upvote me thanks

amazing contest

Great on steemit

Wow! That was very close. I optimistic to win one of these contest. Congratulations to @lesteemit

Nice dear.. thanks for your post

Great job in getting the community excited by your contest.


Wow ! My new year banner came here !

wawoow is it possbile han?nice post !

Congratulation..Carry on my friend
Upvoted and resteemed done

I was so close with 13,159!!
I knew I was gonna be close based on the charts—

Awesome job @lesteemit you absolutely deserve it!!

congratulation for the winner.

its very informative..
thanks fir sharing..

Many many thanks, brother ...You all-time give us enough information about bitcoin, crypto.... i can learn a lot of experience by your post ...thank for sharing............

i m impressed to read your post,Its good information. I agree with your idea in this way we can earn more.
Thanks for sharing the the post that would help the steemit community.i resteemed your post

Upvote Please...👌

Carry on your activity focus on this platform.
Well done..
Best of luck.


When you say the accounting account here today, the price of the debate is 13608+ USD

I'm only a dolphin please help...

Fabulous one!!!

I guessed $14,110 - so close yet so far haha!

This game sounds pretty fun! I hope I will be a worthy opponent next time. My guessin game will be on point!

Great dear carry on your activity. ....☺☺☺☺😃😃😃

congrats to all the winners.

Congrats to all winners to contest,@stackin thankyou

Thanks for sharing

i wish that could be me ... no wander next time ... love you sir

that´s tuff beating @roykie17 but Charles will probably coming up again with some new great stuff soon.
congratz to the winner.


Great initiation @stackin ! I am waiting for next round .
Congratulation @lesteemit !!

Congrats sir for your great contest.

so impressive....subject.......best of luck....for the winner................

oh that is just awesome congrats to winner

wow this is amazing big congrats to @lesteemit you really have a skill big congrats to you.

great contest it was i love taking part in that

Congratulations winners

love it congrats to winner

Congrats to the winner! Can't wait for another contest! cheers @stackin

Love your pro signature and all the links at the bottom of your blog bro. Gotta find out how to do those and upgrade to your level. Happy t he at your profile again! Keep stackin ✊🏻

Thank you @stackin I won! :) I got lucky it's a wild guess. :)