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Yes, another Free Coinbase Earn drop just happened and this time around they decided on Tezos. 💁‍♂️

It took me about 3 minutes to complete the video tasks and I received my Free Tezos instantly! 🤑

I've already earned over $100+ in crypto (EOS, XLM, BAT, DIA, Tezos) doing these quick tasks throughout the year. 📅

Anyone can up to $130 worth of crypto from Coinbase Earn. 📲

If you don't have the Coinbase App, you can download it right here and get started right away.

Coinbase is also pretty good place for beginners to purchase Cryptocurrency instantly but my go to place is MCO by crypto.com.

If anything new comes along, I'll make sure to keep you guys all updated!

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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I tried but they put me on a waiting list, so I'll patiently wait for my turn. I've also earned from all the other available cryptos so far except for Basic Attention Token which I may have been late at the party.

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To be honest, i'm just learning about coinbase for the first time. It is pretty interesting to see how advantageous it is. However i think i still need to learn more about this coinbase before making any move on getting the app to get started. May be checking you previous post on this subject could be of help. Thanks for the information Though...

It’s where most new crypto peeps start, it’s that easy 😀

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At the moment, I'm only using Coinbase and Bull Bitcoin (for Canadians only) to buy crypto with fiat money but I'm looking for more options.

On Coinbase, I like the fact that I can use my debit card, but I'm aware of its reputation of selling customers' data to third parties.

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I was on the waiting list for a day for the tezos one, you should get an email from them soon! 😎... the only one I missed was the zrx one 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Spot on, I received the email this afternoon! And I too, it was ZRX that I missed not BAT.

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I have been on a wait list from a century😣

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Really? Sheshhhh!! Should I contact Brian Armstrong and ask him what’s up!! 😂😅

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LOL the bold says he sends money to Venezuela through Give.crypto but doesn't pay us for doing those Coinbase tasks!🤣

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Free monnnnnneeeee is sweeter than honey ;)

You got that right! 🤑

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Lemmme Tell Yuh ....... Coinbase hasn't given me anything for free. It is BS. I think they basically consider my account to be too old and I have put to much money through it or something. It is BS. 🐳

Damn bro, still? I think you must of pissed off Brian Armstrong and got on the “hate” list jk 😂 couple of my friends got banned couple years ago because they were transferring to much money, use MCO, the referral link above hahaha

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Yeah I don't know what the deal is. It says it is only for select accounts. Must have seen me over on Kraken and Uphold.
I don't really need the MCO card because I don't want to spend the crypto anytime soon.

Forget the debit card on mco... you can buy crypto instantly on it and they do have "lending" on tons of crypto. They are paying up to 10% APR on freakin usdt and tsud.

Yeah Uphold is promoting a lending service as well where you can get 4-10% APR. USDT is against my religion. Tsud? TrueUSD?

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Opps typo, tusd lol

See that doesn't make sense to me though. I mean obviously that is better than the money sitting in a bank account but with EOS you can REX your tokens and then vote for the paying proxies and earn potentially 2% just off that but also have the ability to get the capital appreciation. With TUSD you have less downside risk but still ........ I'm over here for Fuck You Money! LOL

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I had it in Rex a few months ago but I was like you, I want f you money and rather leverage trade EOS and 10x it in 2020 😂

Got my TEZOS Thanks Charles @stackin

Thanks for the heads up, you were the one who told me a few days ago but I had to be on the waitlist for 2 days 😅

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You got it Buddy !!

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Keep them coming.
I will head there to get my free tokens.
I know there is some learning to do
Stay put!

Let’s go! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Thx for your post ;-)

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Great opportunity 😀

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Thanks for information

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I will go make it this week.

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i have already joined the wait list but still in the wait list. what should i do ?

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