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"It's takes guts to be in Crypto" ~ Charles Fuchs.


The picture and quote above is a perfect example of being a Cryptocurrency investor... we see huge gains one day and then can lose it all in couple of hours. 🤣

Many have to be aware that we are in a very "Speculative Market" and most of these companies evaluations are currently insane with no working product at all. 

Are you willing to gamble with your hard earn money? If so, that is perfectly fine unless it's money that you cannot afford to lose. 

If the market tanks another 50% from here on out, I'm comfortable with that... It was a risk that most of us were willing to take because the upside potential can be tremendous but one must always be prepared to lose it all. 

So Charles, why are you so negative? 💁🏼‍♂️

I'm actually not. I rather be rationally logic and smart with my investments than being emotional like most people are. When dealing with Crypto, leave those emotions at the door.  

So where do we go from here? Are we just gambling with our money right now? I'm very optimistic on the future of Crypto and Blockchain, however we are "early adapters" and it seems to me that prices of crypto were way blown out of proportion compared to it's use cases.

Let me ask you this? What cryptocurrencies currently have any use case? Let me answer that, hardly NONE! Yup, you heard it right... you can't even use most of these coins at all. 🤯

This leads me to STEEM, we currently have the most transactions of any blockchain and there is a functional use case for it for the last 2 years.

I'm wondering why most cryptos can't even get this simple thing done in the last couple of years, maybe Steem is way ahead of it's time? 🤔

I'm a huge believer in Steem and the future of it. The funny thing is that I like it when Steem is down, I can accumulate and earn more Steem by blogging! 

When the next bull run happens again, we all can be sittin’ pretty with hundreds of even thousands of free Steem that we all earned in the next few months.

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This kind of post is a mandate to stay sharp
and not flinch.
Surprisingly BTC is moving backward.
#Steem is not better.
Keep on posting.

Daily posting on its way 😂

Hope it crashes more,time to buy cheap crypto!

You are going to make people mad haha

Lol, I tell you. A lot of people are in shock about this happening

Time to buy more 😃, too bad i mostly went all in last summer haha.

Just send me all yours, it's much easier LOL :)

All your base are belong to us haha

I love Steemit. I do not know if I'm upgrading here or not. But I love this environment because of the good friends I've found, as well as the stuff I read, which will make my information more.

We shouldn't worry at all its a linear workout of a growing field

Best answer yet :)

@stackin Not worry :) Stay cool!

How can I stay cool, over tens of thousands lost haha. We'll it's still better than losing it on the Las Vegas Strip gamblin haha

Steem under $2 maybe $1 soon oh heck yeah good time to buy!

Oh snap, $1-$2 ... It brings back memories when I first started Steem a year ago buying it at the same price. Good Times lol

30 billion dollars , it’s insane

We need to go down another 50 Billion HAHA

Not when you need money to pay your bills

Have you heard about 2.6 bil. coins hacked from an exchange in South Korea, that's the reason of this market down (~20bil. USD down). It will probably go back up in a couple of weeks when people forget about this.

I heard something about it, I’m waiting for confirmation. Crazy! 🤯

Yea I heard about that. I believe the exchange affected was Coinrail.

It probably needs to test 5k sadly. Super weak resistant right now, I bet it keeps falling. Just going to be a buy opportunity

Yeah, the whole market needs a good cleansing 😂

O think there is alot of things happening behind the scene I'm crypto market because the market is bleeding I just hope that we will experience we will experience a rebound soonest

Yup, I think it's still overvalued... maybe :)

Those cryptos are just like "not clear to me " these days, they go down like burning fire

This is an opportunity, because cryptos is revolution! Believe it my friend

Great time to 'stack' up on some STEEM...Issue for me is...Does it keep dropping or should I buy now lol My target was $2 and it's gone down...So I'm itching to pull the trigger. Great time to drop some fiat :)

I was thinking the same thing @jongolson. I'm about ready to buy


Yeah it's getting super cheap right now. I've been buying little chunks. But if it gets lower...Oh boy. I don't wanna miss this opportunity or I'll be hating myself in a year from now lol

Time to shear the sheep.
Bleat, Bleat, Bleat.

I have to up my trading game. Maybe thats what I need to go to thext level eheheh that and money to invest in trading lol but that is another conversation lol

Over the years I've come to understand that relying on price to reflect the success of our world-changing technology is short sighted. Understand the tech, educate others, and your patience will certainly be rewarded.

Right on @zachdt. I don't worry about the price at all because I believe in the long-term sustainability of this platform.


We need a solid rebound month sometime this summer. Over the last few years there's been many ups and downs, but I feel like it's been 2 back 1 forward for the last 6-12 months. If we get down below $5k there could be a major issue. Here's to a rebound!

Lots of people have been saying $5000 Bitcoin, if that happens, I’m going all in 🤩


Do not panic about the drop in Bitcoin's price. It is an overreaction to the news that Bitstamp, Coinbase, itBit and Kraken are being investigated for price manipulation. This will delay the bull market by no more than 30 days. Don't buy into the fear. Buy the coins.


The dude is probably going to eat his 🌭 soon 🤣

At what point will you worry?
It's down $14,000 a coin from a high of $20,000. Plenty of people would be worried about now?

Sellers have been pushing this down for weeks now. Chance bitcoin has bottomed is about 0%. We are going lower. Give me the panic and i flip BULLISH!


It's time to hodl. I guess there will be a pump soon.

Market is bleeding, we should HODL and buy the dips! :)

It should be that simple huh? 😝

Go @stackin !!, I'm taking note, because I'm new to the steemit platform, your observations are interesting, you have to be prepared in all scenarios, well that's the business, I liked the part you say that if Steem does not work. .. I can accumulate and earn more Steem when blogging! that's excellent, THANKS for sharing!

I've always believed that the market of the Criptocurrencys is a game of luck, today we can win a lot but tomorrow we can lose everything

Thnks for the post, yes unfortunately most cryptos don`t have real usage but steem is practical and in fact it should be named king of cryptos.

Totally agree! Steem has a use case for 2 years, best crypto project online! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

I've invested what I can afford to lose therefore no reason to worry

This world of cryptocurrencies is quite unpredictable, but one thing I am very sure of is that in the end there will be good results despite the difficulties on the road!

Well this is the time to stack full on in crypto and be worry free :D

I'm excited!!!! Sharks love blood baths :)

Well last year Bitcoin did very well at Q3 and Q4 ... so I still see 50k possible this year.

Liked your post a lot, the situation worried me a bit since I’m new here and still learning a huge lot of things. But your article was very informative and on point.

Oh, I got 1 BTC for free this is amazing! Thankk you!!