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People with knowledge tend to outperform people without it ~ Charles Fuchs.


As you guys may have known, I've switched over from Bittrex over to Binance last week when they introduced Steem on their platform. I consider them one of the best exchanges online where you can find different Cryptocurrencies that most exchanges don't have like EOS. 📈

However, the last 24 hours... Binance wasn't available due to to a DDoS Attack which happens from time to time. Many thought they were "hacked" from rumors which wasn't the case. 

All I can say is that the Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao is just a plain Boss. So for the downtime that happen, Binance is giving everyone a 70% discount on all trading fees for the next two weeks! This is how you run a business, they sure knows how to treat there customers right! 💯

The only problem that Binance has is that they do not have SBD but that is ok. You can trade SBD into Steem in the steemit Internal markets and sell your Steem in Binance, only if you wanted to but I do recommend to powerup 🤑

You can open a Binance account for free right here without any verification and it only just takes a few minutes to do. 😎

P.S. Stay Tuned in the next 24 hours! I will be doing another 10X Contest Giveaway and I plan to give out 30 SBD this Weekend!! Just Follow me @Stackin to keep updated.

Just a Quick Update "Keep On STACKIN" 💞

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I’m a big fan of Binance. The 70% trading fee discount is a cool gesture on their part...

yeah binance is really solid

I like binance a lot more than bittrex. That discount was a nice gesture on their part.

Polo suck, binance dont have sbd and u cant withdraw steem from binance, bittrex is old but its ok.


You are so right, 7 months ago poloniex held my crypto for like 6 weeks! Not one response from customer service, was so pissed lol


Just now I withdraw steem from Bittrex and I receive under 1 minute to my steemit account!


Is trading still suspended on Binance.. I have not logged in for a few days..


YOu have to go to us.binance.com

I will take your advice @stackin Binance it is. :) Thank you for sharing the link. ♥


Whoohooo 💪🏼🙌🏼🤣

Yeah I'm tempted to move some Steem over to EOS. From Ned's responses recently I feel like he's worried about Dan and EOS. That and a few other things I'm reading on EOS makes me want to start investing in EOS for it's future potential and gains.


I've been accumulating EOS also for months... we have about 5 months before the "ICO" is done. Its a good idea to dollar cost average it :)


I also believe in the EOS potential. I also have Ethos in my portfolio. What do you think? Ethos can have a nice future.

Well we use Bitrex a lot here but there's no harm in trying Binance huh.


I use to use bittrex but not anymore after using Binance :)

Changpeng Zhao is defo a boss! he's on the Forbes Crypto Rich List because he has a net worth of $2 billion, that shits crazy lol


Dude is probably ballin in 50 Lambos 😂🤣

YES I am so happy that Binance supports Steem. Steem was the only coin I still needed Bittrex for. Now I've happily moved all my funds out of Bittrex. Binance customer support has been so punctual and helpful whenever I needed it, like the downtime issue that you mention.


So transparent and fast, no complaints here 😬

Their growth has just been down right massive 240,000 sign ups in a hour! I still can't get on they gotta be totally overloaded at the moment I have a feeling its going to take a good 3-5 more days till its actually up and running smoothly for the majority of people.

I wish this was an option for me right now as my steem is STILL sitting in poloniex and damnit I wanna power it up!!!!



I stopped using Poloniex about 7 months ago, they held my crypto for 7 months. More exchanges are coming down the road, Heard Binance is getting to become decentralized down the road, who knows lol

Thanks for the info, am checking Binance out now, if they are really doing so much as 70% discount on fees that'll be great. Am following you already, waiting for your next contest, hope I get to win it


Awesome! Give them a try, you'll find out they are one of the best out there :)



Binance is the job. I joined a dew different exchanges when i first started on crypto but this is my main one now. The only problem i had was no steem but thats sorted so its the best by a long way now.


Yeah, now they have Steem which is awesome!

Following and absolutely stalking you right now 😏 thanks for information. I will open an account from binance 👍


That’s funny and I’m going to go check if you did jk lol


Yep 😀 you can check it now 😎

I have seen binance being mentioned a lot lately, I have an account there although I have not made any trade. I think I should better check it out then.


Yeah try it out, sell like one Steem or a crypto to test the waters. It's way user friendly after you get the hang of it :)

Binance and Cryptopia are my current favourite exchanges.

Binance was worth the wait to get signed up. Just like steemit!


Way worth it 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Good deal. Thx for the info.

I love Binance too. Of course you also get a discount for using Binance coin. BNB to the moon!


You're right, I never bought any Binance Coins yet but plan too :)

Awesome move by binance for sure man!!

Binance is just awesome. It's the best so far.


Totally agree, 10x better than bittrex and poloniex! 🤑

That's why don't offer too good or you will be bombard by the cryptonites.... :))

Is there #Steem/tether pair or
#Steem/use pair @stackin?

This is lovely. I have a binance account already but not traded on it yet or do any business on the site.

Stackin is the game and getting Rich is the name of the game !!!


Have been curious about Binance. Thanks for letting us know how good they are in doing business with their customers. Good customer service is always key. I will take your advise on this charles @stackin.

binance is far better than the rest. thanks for the update.

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It was pretty cool before Steem got on it...now its just been better!

Do you think this discount will cause people to buy more? I guess for whales and the new investors it's a good incentive to get a lot of alt coins. I use Binance and love it! I'm sorry you had a bad experience so soon but at least you get a discount now

you mean to tell me you're not on poloniex anymore stackin?! lol

The best part of this entire situation was the way CZ was visible on Twitter , keeping people informed throughout.

This showed massive leadership to me and I'm thankful I'm a customer of Binance...Seeing how their CEP reacted and was calm throughout.

And then the discount on top of that....Bonus!

Turned a scary situation into a huge win.

When’s those next 3 10sbd contest coming up !?? 😎

Binance is awesome, for me its one of the best out there! Every single crypto that arives on it, it explodes !

Thanks for the info! Discount from fees 70% is super! Cryptocurrencies are at a low price. I go to change! Today I have a really good day.

McAfee doesnt even bother apologizing after stirring controversy and claiming that Binance was hacked, even after Binance and Mr Forbes provided evidence.

Dont trust anyone in this space. Always do your own research. Stay out of FUD!

I love binance

@stackin wow Great
post dear, hella funny...##Upvote/Resteem###

ya, i registered there.

All I can say is that the Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao is just a plain Boss.

Binance is my main exchange because of that man!

only if you wanted to but I do recommend to powerup

Why do you recommend powerup?

Whoaaa!!! Really?!!!
Thank you @stackin for introducing us the Binance site! Surely, I will use this one!
But what made you switch over to Binance?
Is there any issues you encountered on Bittrex?
Blocktrade is what I am using up to this time so I don`t know if Binance or Bittrex is a better choice to go. But later, I will try creating an account to Binance.

binance to the moon bro

That's so true ...but seems like they are still facing the dDos attack on the site

I'm always up for some giveaways bro. I will follow you and keep up-to-date.

I know binance is the best, but never used it until now.. too lazy xD

that's a huge discount time to use it to the full effect

@stackin nothing better than a Good Strong Green Day on CoinmarketCap !

This is a world class customer service!

who knows they will add sbd soon too there but they have got steem too : )

binance is really best for trading in btc field

I love Binance too. They have way more coins and are cheaper than the other exchanges. It was interesting how the CEO had a 2018 goal of becoming the #1 exchange and they accomplished that mission in a few days.

discounts i love hearing that wow

I've been liking Binance in the past and enjoyed the referral program, however, with the recent unexpected market crash, it makes holding on the market particularly nerve-racking. Finding wallets for all the different tokens is another issue, so it seems it might be a good idea to clear out of Binance as a hold and only trade tokens that can be stored off the exchange.

If they add Zclassic ASAP before the bitcoin private fork it will be very good

I joined Binance in I think November and immediately bought some Binance coins once I learned you got trading discounts by owning them.... I think they were .90 cent at the time. I only bought a few hundred, had I known, would've bought thousands!

I also use Binance, I like more than Bittrex