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If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you've got to dream big and have huge goals that are so outragous that your friends think your crazy ~ Charles Fuchs. 

You know what... I will always have "More Respect" for Entrepreneurs out there than most people because they are Grindin, Hustlin, and Bustin their asses off everyday to accomplish their goals.

The Best Successful Entrepreneurs work more than 100+ hours a week and Average people complain about there 40 hour work weeks. 😳 

Why do I respect Entrepreneurs? A real entrepreneur will never make excuses. We don't blame others and circumstances for failure, we go through tons of adversity, and we are the ones that take huge risks to achieve our dreams.... we take full responsibility.

We are the one that don't say stupid sh*t like It takes money to make money, I don't have money, I'm not good enough, I don't know how or when or what... blah blah blah, just bunch of nonsense excuses everyday 😨

You know what It really takes? It takes guts, heart, bravery, courage and the drive to be an  successful Entrepreneur. 

In regards to Steemit, don't make excuses... just do the work. Starting making tons of friends, posts awesome stuff, and keep on going. Can't Stop, Won't Stop Attitude.

If I quit my first month because my engagement sucked, I wouldn't be where I'm at today (doing pretty well in my book😆 ) but I think I could of did 10X better. 

So I'll end it with this, never give up and make "Excuses"... You know why?... because the outcome will always be the same... "Failure".

So I'm here saluting to all the Entrepreneurs and Steemians out there who are not making excuses and doing big things... just remember guys, enjoy the ride. 

My bad for the language, I just got a little emotional 😅🤣😂, however I hope this inspires all of you...  just remember never give up. 

Like always, Keep on Stackin! 💞

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I know some people who I really wish would read your article (and take it in, stop complaining, and implement your attitude). And they even think of themselves as entrepreneurs already LOL! But they want to stop work at 5:00pm and take weekends off. What a joke.

Mad Respect! I always hear people say that they don't have time to do it, but then they have 5-6 hours watching tv a day 😂... apppresh the support boss 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

but then they have 5-6 hours watching tv a day

Haha!! that's me if you replace TV with Facebook... But watching TV is easy.. doing something that matters is hard (at least it seems so)!!

But I'm changing... I have more guts now. and I write posts that hopefully become a good read in the future when I have people that actually read.

My man stackin never sleeps, we will all have time to sleep when we dead.

I haven't watched TV for YEARS.

Right? :D Do you also feel like super unproductive when you watching say a movie?? Because I sure do lately.. Can't stop, won't stop.

I like your attitude.

I watch movies (although not lately, I just don't have the time). But i usually try for quality in my movie watching menu - not interested in car chases, gratuitous violence, etc.

Funny you should say that.. I just finished (literally 2 minutes ago) watching 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'. What an incredibly impactful movie.. And I too, never watch anything anymore. This was the first time I have just chilled for a bit in at the least 2 months!

Speaking of which, if you haven't yet seen that movie, I encourage you to take a watch. Such an inspiration for honor and integrity!

Nicely said too!

Me too... it's open a lot of time in our house so I can't say I really didn't watch it... But I never changed a channel since... a long time ago.

Yeah man, I got away from the tv many years ago... but still got that Netflix at times 😂. Had to follow ya 🙌🏼

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Dude, we should have at least one day off. It refreshes you, ya know? 😁

True, have to live in the matrix sometimes 😬

You hit the nail on the head.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Absolutely, I don't know any true entrepreneurs that spend their time making excuses. Put in the time and get to work. Resteemed

Had to bust out this meme :)

"Because you don’t want it bad,
You just kinda want it."

We need the workers for us successful people to thrive, not every one is meant to be a leader, sounds fucked up but true.

Amen to that.

yeah!! time spent making excuses is better spent on TV... and that's also a wasted time if done more than 2 hours per day.

That is the point you can be here a hobby blogger or you can be an entrepreneur starting a steemit business.
Look at @boomerang who does a voting service an he rented from someone the power.
It is really worth to invest time into steemit- the best contact base which I have ever had in social media. People spread all around the world and highly clever people like you, us and nearly every steemian which I have meet in person.
Full 100% and resteemed :-)

YES @welovesteemit! You guys are the best supportive group in town :)


we all love @welovesteemit

kurze Rückfrage @welovesteemit meinst du @boomerang ?

Ja. Danke :-)

Well said :) Agreed my man. Nice comment.

Talk soon.

Agreed... I'm a hobby blogger that want these three niches to become bigger on this platform... it suits them a lot:

  • anime fans (those who make theoris or arts.. not those who steal others work)
  • gaming fans
  • Indie game developers.. and programmers in general


You the man @avilsd ... "The Flow" haha

In regards to Steemit, don't make excuses... just do the work. Starting making tons of friends, posts awesome stuff, and keep on going. Can't Stop, Won't Stop Attitude.

Won't stop, boom. 🎤

That's the attitude I like to see! :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


Well played. 🥇

Solid governmental move that!

Man! I love your attitude! I've noticed the people that are successful in life in general are the ones that cultivate a strong work ethic on a daily basis. They never quit no matter what life throws at them. They don't take no for an answer and always adapt to be able to thrive. That type of outlook on life basically guarantees success!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's hard to find like minded people like yourself... most average people get confused when I talk about the grind and hustle lol

Thanks Boss! 😎

Entrepreneurs are taking over the world.

Steel balls bro!

Probably my favorite yet!

Loved it!

Brass balls haha

Not sure if I qualify as an enterpreneur, but I am definitely on here all day trying my best to make this work! Less than two months in, and 1200 posts/comments worth of content and community engagement! I have not found many others who go at it as fierce as I do! Sad to say, I have yet to catch the eye of a whale who will do me the honor of following me and occasionally upvoting, because that is the true formula to success on here. Thus far, with my almost 500 followers I still struggle to get any views (not even talking about votes), and feel like I'm swimming in a circle a little bit.

Nonetheless, I'm of the stubborn sort so I will keep swimming upstream and conquer this place from the bottom up like a digital crypto-Khaleesi!
I think staying determined and keeping at it, will eventually pay off. But for some it takes longer than for others, especially if you try to play fair.

Less than two months in, and 1200 posts/comments worth of content and community engagement! I have not found many others who go at it as fierce as I do!

wow!! that's huge!!... for me I have 1000 posts/comments in three months.. while most of them are community engagement, some of them are just comments like "agreed, nice comment, thanks" which don't add much value.

Nonetheless, I'm of the stubborn sort so I will keep swimming upstream and conquer this place from the bottom up like a digital crypto-Khaleesi!

Let's be the best, fellow stubborn steemian!!

Not really at all because as a entrepreneur you need to create your own product or service that you sell. Not use someone elses to make money from. You can be an Entrepreneur though and use Steemit as a marketing method. Just my own crazy opinion though!

Make sense, I don't think it has to be your own product however 😬😀

First one to comment, come at me bro! However, while you are hatting on my boi I am going to follow his lead and keep working hard. I don't hang out at the button. I fight for the top!

Straight to the top 🙌🏼😀

Still here man, doing my thing!

@stackin for the motivational posts :D

I see you @ah12345! You making moves :)

Back-flips today buddy! Back to the slow dance tomorrow though :D

Am doing it slowly. And powering up with more STEEM on Monday once the money works it's way through the system...

Would help if you increased your STEEMVOTER rule on me from 1% to say 10 or so

Muchas gracias ;-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'll take a look! I usually do all my steemit valuations on Monday 😀

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Charles R. Swindoll

Those are wise words! 💯

thanks :D

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

your blog is amazing and educative
many entrepreneurs today quit because they thought its easy :)
but i believe when determined , you are simply unstoppable

Appreciate you @knowledges! Just followed ya just cause of this comment 😀

Man, I know that's right @stackin. Nothing but grinding. Wont stop, can't stop, will not stop. ᕦ(Ò_Óˇ)ᕤ

The Grind Don't Stop 😎

The Best Successful Entrepreneurs work more than 100+ hours a week and Average people complain about there 40 hour work weeks. 😳

  • They like working more than 100 hours week, those job guys don't like working for 40 hrs lol

You couldn't of said it any better 🤣

I have been an entrepreneur for many years working much longer hours than the normal 40 hrs. a week to keep from working the 40 hr. a week job. Some years have been really good and others not so much but focus seems to be key along with never ever giving up! Thanks for your important insights!

Yeah, us entrepreneurs always ride that rollorcoaster, tons up and downs.... but we enjoy the ride 😎💯

On this platform , you can't settle for less , you have to be put in the dirt then work your way up . We will be told shit , shit will happen , but that will make us rise stronger

Let me check your fingernails, better have tons of dirt underneath them 🤣

"The Best Successful Entrepreneurs work more than 100+ hours a week and Average people complain about there 40 hour work weeks."

Well depends on what you mean exactly with "work".
Stay on steemit is work?
stay on facebook for read the news is work?
stay on bittrex is work?
checking news about crypto is work?

I prefer stay 100h/week like this, instead 40h/week under some boss with a ridicolous salary..

Yeah, when I say "work" as entrepreneurs means a tons of "action". Idk what real work is, last time I had a job was 20 years ago 😂

Ahaha lol, thats why i leave my job 1 year ago, i don't want to have a regular job anymore in my life ahah


  ·  2 years ago (edited)


Fear is the number one enemy of progress. Stop worrying about what other people think of you when you are trying to achieve something and stop wanting to be politically correct. Fear kills your ability , influence , opportunities and potential. You are indoctrinated in not speaking your mind because you will offend someone. Away with being timid and weak. Speak up ! - find yourself and your strengths. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by the shepherd.

These are words of wisdom! People need to really understand this comment and become free 😀

Hi @stackin, "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" - Eienstein

This post is enlightenment on entrepreneurship and will help many. No great thing was ever created suddenly. A great job to serve the Steemit community. Keep writing, inspiring and serving the community! 👍✌

I'm also following your footsteps and trying to help the beginners who never earned even a single dollar ($1) per day 💰 at Steemit, through my posts. I believe this article can change their lives so your valuable feedback can help me serve the community in a better way: How To Earn $100/Month By Commenting On Steemit 🚀.

Let's lift others as this is how we grow! 💪



Thanks for the comments but Im seeing you placing your steemit links everywhere in the comments area all over steemit, this might make tons of people mad just to let you know 😀

Respect @stackin

Here is some Respect back :)

Agree, I do not know there are successful entrepreneurs who spend their time making excuses. Successful entrepreneurs always work full time and never complain for any particular reason. thanks for sharing

True words right here!

Great pep talk. I can sense the power... coming my way, sensei!

Thank you master 😬

Realtalk! Entrepreneurs take ownership of their life! :)


I am still a newbie in Steemit but I already learned this kind of mindset after exploring and working online for 4 years now. Complaining brings you nothing but failure. My #1 rule is never expect big bucks when you are still a newbie. #2 You need to learn more to earn more #3 Find mentors that could guide and help you grow. #4 never stop growing yourself #5 enjoy the process of growing. And lastly, #6 Pay it forward. If I already have gain enough knowledge at something, I will never hesitate to help other people because as what Les Brown said, Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

Welcome newbie lol jk. These six steps are awesome! I started 3 1/2 months ago and was making peanuts but that was expected, i just kept on putting content and a very active community member and things look good now :)

😂😂😂😂 Thanks. I'm still a 7 day old minnow. Am I right? Minnow? Hehe anyway. I better write a blog post out of these steps so I could spread it around steemit. Will these be a good guide for newbie like me? Or for other people that needs these? What do you think @stackin?

Thanks @stackin! I just have to keep on pushing.

How you been @david777111? Thanks for stopping by! 😀

Hey @stacking! I been doing good. Thanks for asking.

Some talk, others walk. Keep walkin' Stackin!

The stackin lifestyle 🤣😀



I think, you can be called as untrepreuneur, if you provide a services, and get paid for.

That's a another way of it 😀

I have big dreams and my friends definitely
Think I'm crazy because of it !

Haha we're all crazy just because average people see us differently because we're not common peeps 😀

When we have the basics of life taken care of, when we are fascinated by the world and find joy in being creative, then we will build machines and structures and create new art to enrich the lives of other people and reap the rewards for ourselves.

Hope AI won't destroy us lol

Hell yeah Charles! it's true. "It takes guts, heart, bravery, courage and the drive to be an successful Entrepreneur." Very well said.

Apppresh @ashfreqk! I think Incoupdnof added more words lol

I have applied to join your steemit fb group. please accept my request if you find me eligible for you group member.

I'll take a look this weekend 😀

Thanks @stackin

Yea...Got such "never give up"spirit long time ago...hustling now smile later...Thanks @stackin

Attitude to live by 😀

Even someone like you had little engagment on your 1st month. >_<

It's was embarrassing 😂🤣

Congratulations for the quality of your post, it was chosen among the posts to be upvoted on Steemit Community Quality Support. Thanks for sharing!


Amazing Blog, thanks from all my heart....

Boom! 😀

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

At the end of the day, you need to be 100% sold yourself on what you are doing. You have to be your best customer.

Yes! Be 100% committed to all actions 😎

Yup, that too! Committed and consistent.

I'm annoyed that work has been getting in the way of steemit. My activity has plunged because of it and it is always annoying knowing the the back of my mind that I'm missing the next @stackin post or some other user.

I've seen some people hustle their way to the top quickly including yourself and if you have the right avid mindset you will reach your goals but it will take blood, sweat and tears.

No worries, it's in the past... always move forward. It's never to late 😀

Young Flipper Strikes Again!

Livin the Dolphin life 😂🐬

haha! the best way to get out of the machine of monotony is drop out of school and get in the school of hard knocks...actually go do stuff...

thanks for exhortation to be awesome and for calling people out to greatness...

A few people probably got pissed but if it motivated a few, it was well worth it 😀

Yes siree ; It reminds me of the quote ; There is no chance , no fate and no destiny that can circumvent , hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul. Another one ; What the mind of man can conceive , it can achieve.

Make it happen attitude

Procrastination will not make us go anywhere.

An entrepreneur really have a mind of steel and work like thre is no tomorrow!

A great tribute and awesome words by @stackin to sum it all up XD


Totally agree, procrastination just stop progress... I have to catch myself not procrastinating on a daily bases 🙌🏼



You are absolutely right!

Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks @rtdcs!

People just don't understand that stackin is a lifestyle, you either live to grind or you don't

I'm creating a lifestyle movement, all we do is stack 🤑

@stackin got you a $8.36 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@stackin got you a $8.36 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image: pixabay.com)

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Very nice post in photo. Thanks for sharing. stackin

I see four distinct 'attitudes' in people when it comes to generating an income. First there are the 'employees'. This is most people. They depend on work 'providers' such as a companies or governments who offer jobs. By offering up their available time exclusively to one or more such work providers, employees are getting paid. Then there are the self-employed. These are the freelancers, shop owners and internet content creators. This is a fast-growing group who don't offer up their time exclusively, but rather generate income by selling goods or services which are attractive to buyers or consumers who don't want to put in the particular labour (time) or don't have a particular skillset. The third group are the entrepreneurs, who develop a system that generates income. Such a system could take the form of a company, a piece of software, a business concept, ... The entrepreneur's time goes almost exclusively to the creation, gradual improvement and marketing of his or her system. The last category are the 'capitalists'. They make their money work for them so that it generates extra money. These are the stock market traders, the venture capitalists, investors and / or speculators. The amount of capital you are able to Invest determines how much money and income you can generate.

The question is not to which category you belong, but rather how you can combine one or more of these 'attitudes' in such a way that you are able to generate an optimal income.

In my view, Steem and Steemit offers a system where you can combine 'self-employment' with 'capital'. Because you can start out with little time and investment, and grow intro the content creation and curation to grow your Steem, this platform seems appealing. You can be an entrepreneur when you also create systems (apps, tools, ...) to improve the Steemit community and/or Steem functionality.

This article needs to be posted all over the internet. There is a lot of people who need to read this. So many people give up so easily, so many people complain about everything and the blame others for their failures.

Me personally, my life changed dramatically once I started taking full responsibility for everything that has happened to me.

Thank you for sharing bro, best article I've read all day!

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Yes Stackin!!! :-D A Sunday Steemit G-up from the main man Charles. I love your energy dude and you inspire me.

"A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds". Mark Twain

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I will always keep an eye on this post, really great what you do, keep up the good work !!

Resteemed for others who want give up!!

Yeeees thanks for the inspiring words!!! Keep going no matter how many obstacles are thrown in your way

its too good!!


I always love the way you write the things and inspire us here. To be a partof the crowd is quite easy but to lead the crowd it takes a great responsiblity and guts. Here you are a leader who lead us and try to move in right direction. Love you dear. When I come to your blog, I feel like steemit is the best place to hang around.