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✴️ LAS VEGAS TRAGEDY: Deadliest Mass Shooting In U.S. History. More Than 50+ Dead and 400+ Injured Near Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

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They are,... because the flag is "not" a representation of "police". The flag represents The country it's people and the soldiers-(which I was one) that risk their lives and"die" to keep us all safe and "free" to express our thoughts and pursue life liberty and happiness. Like each of the players have attained. Also, the players are paid to play ball not protest!
They should do that off the clock, on their own time! The people that pay their hard earned cash do NOT pay to see the NFL act like thumbsucking babies about a culture issue that is NOT an issue to the very people that pay them. If you doubt me look at the NFL support, it's tanking because of this. They were wrong and incredibly insolent.

There are absolute statistics by the FBI that completely blow the claim out of the water that cops are roll'n in the hood with an agenda against black people just because.
Statistically the biggest (by FAR) likelihood of a black man getting shot is by another black man. As well by FBI stats show white men are (by FAR) more likely to be shot by cops than black men are. And these are "facts". In fact it's been found that cops have a much higher tendency to slow roll into a black community area out of typical accusations that they are looking for black men to blame. So no, the actual stats do not support the false argument that we have an out of control cop problem insomuch as cops looking for black men to give trouble.

That being said I do NOT support blindly giving cops blind trust and power. Hence my position on the 2nd Amendment. The "police issue" if any is still one tiny petal on a larger flower of a social issue that has NOTHING to do with gun ownership. If we are disarmed we will be subject to a far more dangerous threat than a nut in a hotel room, the government. Historically, when governments take away the people's right to posses arms it's ALWAYS only a matter of time before the people become subjects of the state where the "rights" are given and taken at will by said government. Meaning the government becomes tyrants. The framers of our country were some of the most brilliant men of their time. If they were here and now with our tech etc no doubt they would still be the brightest. The point of that statement is They knew what would be best to have a proper balance of power between We the people and the government. So I err to their position on it. and their position then was for the people to be "on par" with arms with-the-government. So as to be a proper deterrent against tyranny. Meaning automatic weapons would have been totally good to go by the framers to be able to counter tyrannical government. And anybody that argues their wisdom better be seriously brilliant and globally accomplished as they were. These guys were top level minds.

Truly, it's something of recent times that has changed. I'm near 50 now and have seen a HUGE change in the way people think act (socially) and feel , and please believe me, guns have "nothing" to do with it. Take the UK for instance, knife attacks, acid attacks. France people getting run down in mass with trucks, Sweden, a new sick rape culture. T-totally out of control. These things are very new, fundamentally well,... for me but, I can remember many decades back now. So, my references (near 1/2 a century now) are probably quite different than yours if you are as young as you appear (no offense intended).
My best council is for this generation to seriously ask themselves what was so different 50-70's about people's thoughts, beliefs tendencies to sponsor such a different (happier/healthier)normal for them. Because if you were to time travel back then and tell them this would be normal they would freak out. They wouldn't be able to believe it. It's an internal thought/ emotional issue that is being perpetuated by this current society and culture (MSM). Why? How do we change it? It's not by taking away or changing the only last line of defense we the people have IF things went truly ape shit with the government. Dig deep, look at history. use multiple sources. It's the culture that has changed not guns. The common man/family with guns are the good guys. We're the ones you hope come by when we hear something going crazy at your house. The bad guys are the ones wearing black masks throwing urine, feces and attacking non confrontational bystanders. Good guys don't do that stuff... Something is wrong with people/culture/society. That is berthing these anomalies more and more. And it IS increasing. You are right in saying something needs to be done though. But it's about US changing US how we think what we believe how we have not just blind empathy but valid empathy. If we are not careful we will empathize with bad people, feel good about it and become them. Much thought should be put into who we have become and have we made mistakes about who we are and who we should be. Did we take a wrong turn with our social/cultural development? (yes).

I'm now seeing pix of this guy at left leaning activist pussy-hat gatherings. There are talks now surfacing about him being tied to ISIS and or ANTIFA (just as I had expected) And on a parallel thought, when the times are such that a gay white man (Milo)engaged to a black man is not welcome to speak at Berkeley then things have gone off the rails.

I know the answer but likely you will not agree or like it. It is what it is.

I wish I had an easy answer it's not. It's simple, but not easy. I feel bad but, people must grow at their own pace, when they are ready. Usually only after lots of pain. That's just our tendency unfortunately. Thanks for your volley btw.

That's the way I see it...

"Everone thinks of changing the world but, no one thinks of changing himself"
Leo Tolstoy

I am GROOT- Have a blessed day, have another on tomorrow. keep you head on a swivel...

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