'I had great pleasure in understanding complex topics'

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I remember in the early days of school that I had to run fast enough to get on time, and because of being a fast runner, I often succeeded. But whenever I used to suspect, I started praying with God impatiently, and I remember that I always gave credit to God for my success, not my fast races. I used to say to my father and sister many times that when I was very young, I used to be like a sannyasin, but I do not remember anything like this.

Many times I was lost in myself. When I left school, I was neither very meritorious nor mature enough according to my age, but all my masters and my father used to think me as a very ordinary boy, but in a wise way even below normal scale. My father was a deep connoisseur of personality, and he told me one day that I could become a successful doctor. He also believed that the key element of success is self-confidence; But the thing that influenced me was that I could have confidence in my mind about what I did not even know.

During school life, I was developing some such qualities, which were the cornerstone of the future, as if my interests were diverse. I was filled with enthusiasm for what I was interested in, and I was very happy to understand any complex subject or thing. Apart from science, I was also interested in different books. An incident about Anand from poetry shows that in 1882 we were riding on the borders of Wales, and the vibrant color poetry that was filled with scenes made my mind longer for any pleasure than any other Stayed.

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you have written this so interestingly and beautifully
all the best


thanks brother