Through the Nobel project i donated some money to the Treatment of Cancer patients and care of the Disabled people

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Last weekend I travelled to Eseza Foundation, a home where severe cancer patients and Disabled people are looked after. I found some other team of donors that had visited this same place. These were the main donors of the day. I spent the whole day executing this charity project as the place was a bit far. It took me 2 hours and half to get there.



I made a simple donation of 55,000ugx ($14.86).

I spent a total of 25,000ugx ($6.75) on Transport and a simple lunch as I spent the whole day there learning about the actual condition of these needy people.

This charity project is a bit expensive as the cancer patients need millions of Uganda Shillings ($000s) to be operated. Some are taken abroad to countries like India for special surgeons to do the operations on them. The condition of these people is too severe (close to death). They really need a special care and attention yet they come from very poor families which cannot afford their surgery and other special care.

This was possible through the Nobel project, a fresh project that is powering the Charity initiatives on the Steem Blockchain. Get involved in this project by buying and staking some Nobel Tokens.
You can read more about Nobel project following the link below:

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Wow. Keep up the good heart yohan