Steem Donation Delivery accomplished. Paid School fees For 14 needy students.

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Donation delivery accomplished. School fees for 14 needy students has been catered for with the donation of 112.5steem and 13SBDs. The students were very happy and appreciated the school fees support that came from the Korean steem Community. I have a recorded video of the session i had with them which am going to be uploading on D-tube very soon. Stay tuned for it. At first I am sharing with you a short one which you are going to find towards the end of this post.

I was given an opportunity to speak to the 21 supported students by the Director of the School. I shared with them about the value of education accompanied with the testimony of my personal academic journey. These were very motivated and i believe they will turn out to be great responsible people in the future.

A snapshot with the Headteacher(on the left) and the Diretor of the School(on the right)


The following are students' classrooms.

More photos i took while with them

During class time

The following is the video of the total of 21 supported students appreciating @ukk and the entire Korean Steem Community for offering school fees support for their education.

I have spent about 10 hours on this activity. Most of the time was consumed on traveling to and from the region where the school is located.

Thanks so much to @ukk and the entire Korean Community for the contributions towards this great noble cause. Your contributions made a difference in the lives of these kids. Your support just birthed a hope in the hearts of these students for a brighter future.

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This is great. I haven't been actively participating in donations as I had some doubts on where the money would be spent. I appreciate your detailed posting.

Let me know if you need addtional help. You may communicate via @ukk or directly to me.


@glory7, thanks so much for the appreciation and for the expressed interest in supporting this project. I will surelly communicate when there is a need.

Wow! supports for so many students..!
I was moved by the students' message.
Thank you so much @yohan2on