On my way to deliver a donation of 112.5steem and 13 SBDs

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I am currently traveling to the eastern side of Uganda to one of the impoverished region called Bugeywa and to a particular school called New Hope school. This school offers education to various categories of students that includes orphans and those from families that are struggling financially. Ofcourse it also has a another category of students who are from families that are financially stable and are in position to cater for the school fees of their children.

The first time I went to this school, that was last month I delivered to them a steem donation of 70SBDs that catered for the school fees of 7 needy students. They had presented to me a very long list of 25 students who were so much in need of the school fees donation but the money I had with me by then was only enough to cater for 7 of them.

Today am so glad to be travelling back there with a more donation of 112.5steem and 13SBDs which will cater for 14 needy students this time around.

This support is coming from Korea and from a very good friend called @ukk together with his colleagues that contributed greatly to have this total donation that is going out to support some needy Ugandans.

Its quite a long journey that is 3 and half hours. Am using public means(a taxi) to get there.

Wish me all the best and Stay tuned for the incoming Updates. I will be taking some pictures and a video with a total of 21 supported students to hear their feedback message.

Am pleased to conclude this message by saying that with the power of steem, lives can be touched and the hope of many can be restored.

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I’m cheer for the children of Uganda.
Thank you @yohan2on


Thanks so much @ukk for cheering up the Ugandan Children through the kind support for their education.


you check the steemchat~^^

This is very selfless of you. I will be in Uganda next week. Are you in Kampala? If yes, maybe we can have a Steemit Meet?


Hello @jeanwandimi. Yes i will be in Kampala early next week.