Help Ananda Filza Maizura bounce back from the major traumatic experience.

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Doesn’t it just break your heart when you hear stories of how little girls are being aggressively violated by male predators?. It is quite sickening and disgusting, to say the least, as the victims never remain the same after the incident, as they carry on that scar for life. And in some cases, this scar affect them greatly in their future relationships because of the post-traumatic stress associated with these attacks, mainly due to their violent nature. In most cases, the relationship of the victims later in the future deteriorates because, frankly speaking, not everyone can be patient or capable enough of dealing with these complex emotional problems associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Victims are usually advised to seek therapeutic assistance in order to combat the disorder, which in most cases help them in recuperating and giving them a second chance at being normal citizens again. But for victims in the developing nations, where poverty is prevalent, it is a different story entirely as most families find it difficult to meet their basic needs of food, shelter, clothes and proper education; now mentioning therapy will be deemed too expensive for families living below the poverty line to afford. Today’s story is about an abused little girl in a third world country - Indonesia, from a disadvantaged family who can barely afford to send her to school.


It all happened on Monday the 28th of May 2018, when graphic images started swirling across the popular social media platforms in the country, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram where all alit with images of an incident that had just occurred in the Matang Geulumpang Dua neighbourhood in the village of Pante Gajah. It is believed to have started in the residence of the suspected male perpetrator, who is believed to be the boyfriend of the victim, who is currently unconscious, and undergoing in intensive care at the Bireuen Medical Center (BMC).



The Story

This backstory is one involving the classic story of an abusive relationship where things were going south, and the lady wants out, but the boyfriend insists things stay put. And as the lady loses interests and becomes cold in the relationship, the guy becomes more insecure and believes she is seeing someone else, since she won’t give him the attention he craves. And this prompts the boyfriend to act irrationally, and in this case violently attacking her with a machete, hacking his girlfriend, blow after blow until she appeared unconscious, that almost left the victim dead.

The victim who has been identified as Filza Maizura, is an 11th grade student of Private Madrasah Aliah Tanoh Mirah. A follow-up enquiry revealed that after the victim was hacked with machete various times by her boyfriend and his accomplices, they believed she was dead and tried to cover up their nefarious act by dumping her body to at PDAM Krueng Peusangan dam. Thanks to the intervention of suspicious residents and neighbours, who trailed the gang and intervened with the help of the police, they were able to rescue the girl who was immediately transferred to the intensive unit of Bireuen Medical Center (BMC) for medical attention, while the perpetrators were arrested by the police, and are currently undergoing investigation.

As mentioned earlier, this child may be scared for life because of this incident, the post-traumatic effect may be evident on for some time. Not to mention that she is from a poor home, her family are one of the beneficiaries of Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) one of the Government Programs in eradicating poverty. The PKH is an initiative of the World Bank, although very instrumental in assisting families who live below the poverty line survive, it does not provide adequate medical coverage for these families, at least not the kind of medical cover Ananda Filza Maizura needs right now to help her fully recuperate from this major setback.

The Ask

This post is an effort to raise financial assistance for this family, as all the financial rewards from this post will be directed towards aiding Ananda Filza Maizura healthy rehabilitation, and her family members. I admonish the Steemit community to help in the life of this little girl, by simply upvoting, commenting, and resteeming this post, we can save this girl’s life. If you wish to be directly involved in providing financial aid, do reach out to me, and I will pass the help across to the affected family.

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We upvoted this post to show support for this little girl and her family. It really is sad that people have to do these kinds of things. We really are living in a Dark World.


Thank you so much for your help and kindness! Really appreciated, very sad, I can not imagine how someone would do that to him! Thanks for your help! God bless for you!

that is just sad and terrible !!!


Yeah very sad!

ohh. god blase her.

May God fill this family with health and abundance, thank you for the work you are doing. God bless you always.


Thanks for kindness words :)

My heart melts whenever I read things like this. Mn like this give us a bad name, God help me not to ever catch a man in tthe act, I am not sure I will be very civil with him.

I do hope she gets better in a very short time.


I also hope he will soon recovered, thanks for your kindness words:)

"... this child may be scared for life because of this incident ..."

I am staring at this quote from your post and I am at a loss for words. It seems the only way to do this article justice is with an all-out rant, but I can't get started. Maybe I'll find my Social Justice Warrior hat later. Meanwhile, thank you for your post.

PS: SJW is a good thing to be. What clown decided it should be offensive?

Trust me, I'm a doctor.



Thanks for you reading and kindness words :) i believe justice will come to the victim immediately. Nice clown :D

That sayang teuh keu aneuk naggroe 😑

god bless to you@yandot

ohman, nyan korban barosa
semoga cepat sembuh

miris sekali


Sangat! Saya punya foto yg tidak di blur tapi itu tidak bisa dipublikasikan!

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Semoga @anandafilza-azura lekas sembuh dan selalu memberikan senyuman untuk Keluarga nya..Aminnn


Abg kenal juga yaa? Iyaa amin semoga cepat sembuh

Using all 3 accounts for this one, God Bless, Yandot, and the young lady and her family... <3


Thank you very much man! Much appreciated with your kindness! God bless for you:)

Sangat miris, Semoga cepat sembuh dan pulih kembali..


Terimakasih , amin semoga saja

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@arabsteem @sevenfingers @steemph.antipolo

We deeply regret that events such as these take place in girls so small and in many cases unable to face the demands generated by this horror. Thanks for helping her


My pleasure! Thanks for reading

So incredibly sad! Praying for her full recovery!


Thanks man!I hope she will soon recovered


I hope so also!

I am really sorry to hear this has happen to this lady. I hope that with the SBD (though low) you will be able to find a way and convert to rupiah and will aid her in some medical expenses for her recovery.

upvoted and resteemed


Thank you for your support for him with resteem! Really appreciate it! I am really hate criminal

this is hideous and alarming.


Really sad!


I wonder how can you hurt someone you love that brutal. It is heart breaking


There may be a problem in the relationship so his girlfriend heart to do that

Saya ingin menyumbang 2 sbd untuk ananda filza maizura. @yandot


Wahhh terimakasih banyak bang, sangat menghargai kebaikan anda


Sama-sama bg @yandot, semoga bermamfaat 🤗

Semoga lekas sembuh ya adek ku, ceria kembali, berprestasi kembali.

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Hope she will be fine.