Progress: Capoff avoidance and status updates

in charity •  8 months ago 

@we-are's model uses multiple voting-accounts and some of these were capping off VP due to low user activity. @we-are will now issue random minVS sized upvotes whenever a voting account is about to reach 100%. This will mean more efficient utilisation of VP across the @we-are army and consequently better value for members.

Progress continues on the MemoAPI; the status function is much tidier because some internal details are left out. To experiment with the status, community admins and members of the @we-are system can send a transfer of any amount with a memo of status. Right now, it's only possible to get information about the senders own account.

@we-are is a free upvote bot that supports nearly 400 individual creators in over 20 different communities. @we-are is in closed beta.

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