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hello steemians, how are you guys today, see me again @urengjamen and on this occasion I want to talk to all farming friends about improving rice farming.

all farming friends, in each of my posts, I always encourage agricultural friends about agriculture and animal husbandry. Being a farmer is a very good job, because aside from not too much money, and also very satisfying income.

in the last few months I have heard from my friends that the farmers have dropped from 10%, for some reason, the farmers have dropped so fast. So here I would like to invite agricultural friends to revive rice farming.

as we know that rice partanian is very much needed by the community, because poko food from all the people is rice. However, if the rice farmers have decreased, of course, in the future they will decline again if we do not increase the farmers' return.

and how to increase farmers in the future so that the income of the farmers can reach as usual, so here I give a number of ways to improve the farmers' return.

1_._one way is to give them a good way of farming so that they can get a good and a lot of income.

2_._give them how to care for rice, and how to repel pests from their plants.

and there are also very many ways to improve our farmers' farmers.

thanks to all agricultural friends who have visited my post today, and according to you in which part of the interesting leave other comments below my post, and don't forget to follow me so that you can see the latest posts from me. I am @urengjamen.

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