Have you ever experience the joy of giving with Steem ?

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Has someone ever made a promise to you before and fulfill it, how did you feel?

Have you ever made a promise to someone before, how did you feel when you fulfill it?

In my opinion, the answer to the two questions above would be - HAPPINESS.

Yes, that was how I and the little girl above felt yesterday 30th May, 2024. Let me tell you how it happened.

Perhaps, you must have forgotten about her, but let me show you something that would remind you a little about her. Check the video below..., play it and fast forward it to 10:50 ..watch it till 13:34 timestamp of the video.

Also, do me another favour...

Forward the video to 14:54 timestamp, watch it till 16:35 timestamp.

Can you remember the girl now and why we both stood up there to take the picture on my cover page? 😀.....exactly!

So, finally their school is resuming on Monday next week which is 6th May, 2024. Presently, they are on vacation.

I decided to put that smile on her and her Mom's face yesterday as I paid her next term school fees which is fifteen thousand naira (#15,000) and that's approximately 42 Steem.

I called the head teacher last week to inform her that I would be visiting her school this week to fulfill my promise to that young girl.


I told her to invite the girl and her mum to the school, which she did. And the good thing happened.

That was a big relief to the mother as she is the one taking care of her and her other siblings. You and I know, it's not easy this time.., things are very deficult and it's not easy for families to survive in this part of the world.


I was so impress to see a young girl from a poor background like me with so much intelligence. I felt that, the right thing to do was to support and encourage her. That was why I paid her school fees yesterday.

If people like this are given opportunity like that, they can contribute more in the world.

Interestingly, the fund paid was from STEEM. Isn't it interesting that we all can do good things like this while promoting STEEM...? Obviously!


The joy, the happiness was priceless and satisfactory. I just can't explain the joy and happiness I had yesterday when I saw genuine smile and happiness coming from this mother and daughter. I love that feeling.

I hope to do more of this in the future, not as a project but as a little contribution to the society from my earnings. I need to see more of those smiles in around the world.

You too can do more of this..., not because you are rich and not because you are poor..., but because there is joy in giving, let's save our planet earth with good deeds.

I always believe and work with the saying..: “Do it right or don't do it at all" by Catherine Bybee

Did you make any good promise to someone this year...? Go and fulfill it and experience the joy that comes from it.

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Dear Sir,
I am very happy to see your great work. Everyone in the world should make people smile like you. You will live on earth for your great work. People will remember you for good deeds. I am also inspired by your great work. It takes a good mind to put a smile on people's faces which you have. I pray you can always put smiles on people's faces like this. Best wishes for your great work.

Very well done! The girl will remember this moment in later years and help herself someone in difficult situations.

Thank you very much for your kind words ! And yes, I want her to remember this and pass it on to another person, not me and the good deeds will continue.🙂

Such a beautiful gesture I must say. I can relate to that feeling of happiness and satisfaction when you fulfill a promise you’ve made.

It’s so beautiful to know that you put a smile on the girls face with her mum. They must be so glad to receive such help in this difficult times.

The economy is not smiling and any help done to someone out there it’s worth it all and how much more satisfying knowing steem was a background for that.

Charity is good and I look forward to following your lead in the future. Thanks for laying a good example to us all.

Weldone sir and more grease to your elbow.

The the joy and happiness of giving is priceless!

Giving makes one happy and you putting such smiles on their faces makes them happy too. Well done for your good work. May your blessings increase day by day.

Thank you so much!

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