We Cannot Believe it's 2016 and it's Still Happening - Stop Rhino Poaching!!

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Hi Steemit Charity supporters!

The story that we are sharing with you today was brought to us by a well-known Steemit author @jacor, and we are happy to spread the word about this important issue!

Sometimes we cannot even imagine where the ignorance and cruelty of people can lead to…

Read this post about rhinos poaching and let’s help the Castelager non-profit project stop this madness!

All text and most photos are from original post by @jacor (you can read it here)

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I know all countries have their own problems and yet another good thing about the STEEMIT platform is that there are now an audience to raise awareness of the terrible things that are happening across the world.

Please note that this posts contains very graphic images of Rhino's that was slaughtered.

Unfortunately I do not believe that there is any other way of really bringing this to the attention of the rest of the world without showing these graphic images! These images a freely available on the internet!

One of Africa's many problems and this is a serious problem!

Poachers are killing Rhino's to the extend, that our children will not be able to see any rhino's within the next few years. The killing is about the horn's as there is a mystical believe that the Rhino horn contains healing power. The horn of an African Rhino can weigh anything from 1-3Kg's and it is currently being sold for up to $100 000/Kg

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Rhino's are being slaughtered, the horns removed and sold at incredible rates for a few reasons:

Rhino horn was prescribed by the Chinese as a medicine for liver problems and fevers as early as 1800 years ago. Luckily it was removed from Chinese prescriptions in the early 90's. This made a massive difference in the rate of poaching and only 15 rhinos were killed for their horns between 1990 and 2007.

Then the killing surged to an unforgiving rate of around 1.4 killings average per day!

2008 - 83 Killings
2009 - 220 Killings
#2012 it hit 668 Killings!

2014 - 1004 Killings!!

2015 - 1336 Killings and still counting the killings in 2016!!!

So what happened in 2008 that started the killing spree...

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In early 2000 a rumour started in Vietnam that using Rhino horn cured cancer of one of their politicians and the rumour is still active today. Well respected doctors in Vietnam still prescribes Rhino horn as a cure for Cancer. Note that Rhino horn is made of a protein called Keratin, which is exactly what normal human hair and nails are made off.

The amount of millionaires in Vietnam grew more than 145% over the same period. Is all of this just for personal wealth creation?

Guess what another craze in Vietnam is that Rhino Horn is a party drug as it is apparently good for the liver … Now we are back with the Chinese believes of more than 1800 years ago!!

People from across the world are trying to take stance against the poaching of Rhino's for their horns. Another fact is that Rhino Horn are now more expensive than most of the street drugs we all know, like heroin and cocaine. In fact it is a symbol of status to own Rhino Horn in Vietnam even though it is illegal to buy Rhino Horn in Vietnam. It is very difficult to come up with a solution to the problem if people are buying it without even being legal.

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I am calling on all Vietnamese People who is using Steemit to please assist in spreading the message that the purchasing of Rhino Horn must please be stopped!!! And in turn the killing of these poor animals will hopefully be reduced dramatically. Please I am not judging anyone, I am just highlighting the facts of of what is happening to these animals in order for anyone to purchase Rhino Horn.

All of us have a responsibility to ensure that the necessary steps are taken against the poaching. Just think what happens to the babies of these animals when there mother is killed!!!

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If you want to participate in the fight against Rhino Poaching please donate here :

Boucher Legacy - Stop Rhino Poaching

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I heard about a Japanese scheme to ruin the rhino horn market... Scientifics had devised a way to produce fake rhino horn and to flood the Asians markets with it, in order to make the prices plunge and to make poaching not worth the price... I don't know how it worked out but it is the kind of out of the box idea which may kill this insane economy.

Wow this is so smart!
Amazing, people have to create such tricks to kill this crazy business - that means that just providing information to educate people about it is not enough..

I know some people are putting dyes into the horns, that way if people eat the horn it will make them sick.

AnotherJoe supports of this post.

This is very sad. We've had to watch helplessly as these incredible animals are decimated. There has been an effort to tranquilize them and take the horn, so the monetary reward would be gone. Killing this magnificent animal for a few kilograms of material is amazingly myopic and heart breaking.

Totall agree... thank you for your comment!

It's horrible. People are sick for killing these animals for their horns.

Это ужас.... those people should be.... oh well

Absolutely.. let's not even focus on these people and try to help the animals!

This is so stupid... 😑 Thanks for sharing such content! 👍

This really makes me sick. How is it with all the advances we have this barbaric situations can continue. Hunt the damn poachers!

I can' find words to ... devastating. This shouldn't be happening. It must be stopped at the source!

I don't know if it would help to create a Care2 petition and direct it to the highest authorities in Vietnam.

You can do this petition on https://secure.avaaz.org/
I like this organization, I think they can help.

Soon people going to find them selfs on empty planet.
Or, our planet will get rid of us !
And in hundreds of millions of years will give a birth to a new some kind of Rhino ...