22 Push Ups DAILY to help war Veterans! Great initiative that YOU can support with your Upvotes!

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Hi Steemers!

Today we want to share with you a great charity initiative, launched by @senseiteekay to raise awareness about the suicides among veterans.

All the money raised from this post will go to the 22 Kill organization that is an official non-profit where 100% OF DONATIONS GO TOWARDS THE SUPPORT OF EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMS AND SERVICES FOR VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES.

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What is #22KILL

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#22KILL is a global awareness program that helps to make civilians aware of the alarming suicide rate among veterans. To support the cause they have created a challenge to do 22 pushups once a day for 22 days. If you would like to get involved then simply do 22 pushups every day for 22 days and then nominated a friend to do the same. You can also donate to the #22KILL cause on their website.

Here is an explanation from the #22KILL website:

Why is it called #22KILL?

In 2012, the VA released a Suicide Data Report that an average of 22 veterans are “KILLED By Suicide” (KBS) everyday. The name “22KILL” is meant to grab people’s attention, because our primary mission begins with raising awareness to the issue. Suicide prevention is a very difficult task to undertake, especially when the general public is unaware of the issue in the first place. In order to prevent or “fix” a problem, one must first learn and understand the problem itself and its causes. By educating ourselves, we’ll be able to identify the triggers that can lead someone to thoughts of suicide, and confront those issues as they come, rather than letting them accumulate into something much worse.

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I was reluctant at first to do this but it's for a good cause.

Normally I wouldn't involve myself in an awareness challenge due to the fact that most people do it for the wrong reasons. This however is an issue that I think needs to be made aware to those wishing to join the military and the civilians whose friends and families have served.

PTS is a serious infliction upon those who serve. Soldiers come home with the stain of death and destruction on their minds, all in the name of freedom and justice. They come home to a country that chooses to discard them, both financially and socially. They leave everything behind when they sign up and sometimes come home to nothing other than newfound memories of war and affliction. These things are fact for most who have served and yet society tries to hide it behind their flags and patriotism justifying a soldiers duties as necessity when in fact war has become business for those in power.

We must spread awareness and educate our young men and women that war is not a necessity in this day and age. We must educate them to the fact that they don't have to do the dirty work of politicians and corrupt businessmen. We can achieve peace and freedom among all nations without guns and bombs.

Let a Veteran know that you love them and give them the hope for change that they need. Soldiers join with the intent to do good and unfortunately realize soon after that they're fighting an unwinnable battle with unjust cause. Let a Soldier know that love is necessary for peace, not war.

On average 22 Veterans commit suicide daily. We need this to stop.

Stop your family and friends from going to war. Show them that they too can be a soldier of knowledge and non-violence.

The military can do wonderful things when they choose not to fight and instead choose to rebuild. Community projects overseas have had wondrous effects for those who have suffered a life of conflict. Rebuilding communities is the one thing that the military should be striving toward whilst avoiding casualties both within our own nations ranks and the populaces of neighboring nations. Remember this next time you think of signing up.
These are my own opinions. Take them as they are. I myself have not served and have no place to speak about how Soldiers feel, however I do know people who have served and the burdens that their servitude has left them with.

Please spread awareness. War is a business.

"War is rich old men protecting their property by sending middle class and lower class men off to die.
It always has been"

-George Carlin

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Follow @senseiteekay to see his progress on #22kill and upvote his daily updates on this challenge!

As always with @steemitcharity, we will transfer all the money from this post directly to the cause!

If you would like to feature your charity in our next post, please, leave us a comment here or send us a message in chat to @steemitcharity, @cryptovpn and @katyakov!

We will post a monthly report with every dollar that was earned and spent by this account. Because we care.


Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5; Yerushalmi Talmud 4:9, Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 37a.

Hi @steemcharity,

Love the initiative. Maybe you can help promote to Stop the killing of Rhino's for Rhino Horn ... It is a terrible thing that is happening and at the rate it is happening our children's Children will not be able to see a living Rhino.

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Thank you, @jacor!

I will look into this topic and try to make a post this weekend! Or early next week.

I will use your post as a basis, citing your name, like I did here. Or you can send me the original post and I will post it here with your original formatting and pictures, like I did in some previous posts on this account, also referring to you as an author, of course.

Let me know how it works best for you!

haha, great meme!

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