Let's feed the unfeed

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A few days ago I would eat from the hall and call a familiar brother from behind. When I approached, my brother pressed down and asked me to pay 100 rupees? The brother did not eat rice or the previous two rice. I was sure that the brothers had borrowed money from his friends for the last few days, maybe no friend was left, so the younger brother was trying to borrow money. I did not know the language to express the embarrassment in his face while speaking. The brother was disabled. Where will a boy reading a university keep this shrink ??


One day I left the class, one of my friends called me. I asked to go close to 200 rupees. Did not eat anything since morning.
And one day I am going to eat this. I see one of my friends is standing in front of it. I told you not to eat ?? Her head was humiliated. He had 21 taka. It takes a drink of 24 taka. He was waiting for someone to be known.

These are the real facts that happen to me. Can never help me But people will not be called to eat until they are hungry. I will fill the inner hunger with a dirty smile and say that my stomach is full. Because they do not want to be small. These are the daily life of some sons of our country studying in the university. Do not know how many thousands of such stories are being written in our country's way - in the wilderness, in the field, in the fields, in remote villages or in the narrow streets of the city !!!!!!!!!Come on let's do something for all these people. Awake your conscience. We can not allow any of my brothers to stay hungry.

Let's skip a small project.

One meal a day

. You and your 5 friends spend 5 days a day, and at the end of the day feed a hungry man. You are feeding God with your 5 rupees. Because ......

He who feeds the unfeed, feed almighty Allah He who helps the vulnerable, help the Almighty God

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