SHH presents the sum of 1.2 million naira to the Family of the baby with hydrocephalus.

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Good day steemians, @steemhelpinghand is here with update from the case of Daniel adebisi, The baby with the hydrocephalus condition.


Some weeks ago we made a post concerning the 8 months old Daniel Adebisi suffering from the hydrocephalus,and we got unwavering support of the steemit community, lots of support and donations were given, and we are exceedingly happy to announce to the community that the sum of 1.2 million naira (750 SBD) was been raised successfully for the baby's surgery.


All thanks to God and the selflessness of steemit community.

After we had raised the funds we reached out to the family on the 3rd of February 2018 and informed them that the funds for the surgery was ready and we needed update on the commencement of the surgery.

The family informed us that they only visit the hospital when they have appointments, and luckily for us they had an appointment on Monday 5th of February.


they reached out to us on Tuesday 6th of February with a report from the doctor stating that, after series of blood test that was carried out on the baby, the doctor instructed that the baby was not fit for the surgery at that time because he lacks strength , the mother also confirmed to us that the baby was having loose stool at that period because of teeth growth which left him in an unhealthy state, the baby needs to be strong and in good health before the surgery can be carried out.

The baby was placed on medications and they got another appointment on the 26th of February, till then the date for the surgery can be given and carried out only when the baby is healthy and the doctor gives the permission .

Due to this reasons steemit helping hands couldn't wait on we handed over the total money for the surgery.. The sum of 1.2million naira (which was equivalent to 750 SBD at the local exchange of 1600 naira for $1) to The family of the adebisi's with an agreement in order for us to proceed into our next project.

The agreement stated that steemit helping hands donated the said amount and failure to carry out the surgery and give back full reports and original proofs will lead to a refund of the donation given to the family.


steemithelpinghands team will bring further updates, once the surgery date has been fixed and also we promise to bring back all details of the surgery and photos of the baby when the surgery has been carried out.


All supports and and donation should be sent to @steemhelpinghand

For more informations please reach @phunke @stevenmosoes @stevendion or @thomasgift on discord


Way to go! What a great investment of your efforts!

We are grateful for your support sir!

I love that the contract says "from liquid block chain cash SBD"

That's fantastic!

Good job! Blessings to all.

Thank you @youarehope this success is thanks to the steem blockchain we had to give credit to who deserves it.

I'm glad to see your work. God will bless you more success. What you are doing for this child @Sterminglingand

Great work steemit. Proud of. Take it up. I really supported your great work.

It is a helpful work.

Thank you and salute you

I am impressed with your hard work

Really such a nice post

Awesome.....just soo soo awesome

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its really a great post.i appricate your great work.
please carry on your donation and helps people.
i agree with you...

hi friend good post vote me

God bless you guys and everyone who supported one way or the other. Steemit is changing lives. #OneLove 💚 @steemhelpinghand

Thank you, God bleas you too

Awwww....God bless you guys for your good work.
You will go places with this your philantropism, I was really touched with this.
Hoping to rise and do mine, I am really encouraged.
Keep it up.

god bles with you friend

This is really great what you’re doing at @steemhpimghand. Only God can pay you back for your support. Keep up the good work
I wish the baby a successful surgery.

It's always good to help @steemhelpinghand

You guys are doing a great job
May God bless steemhelpinghand

Nice post but i wanted to know why i wont get votes on my posts

God bless you for your kind gesture!

I'm from Philippines and i really admire your works.. keep it up to all those behind @steemhelpinghand.

God Bless you, guys!!

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great job done guys, things like this make us have abit of hope in humanity. God bless you guys

good job...thanks to all... of your helping also help me to upvote... thank you to help them

My you be filled with an abundant supply so you can continue to bless others.

God Bless you guys.

This is touching,more grace to your work

This is really great guys, blessing and blessing be upon you!

Wow, I'm crying already...
This is so amazing..
May God bless and replenish your pockets...

It's awesome to see. Thanks

This is indeed really awesome