Rewards from my charity posts transferred to @charitysteemit 🗻 $420 raised so far!

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Moments ago I moved 149.530 SBD into the collection fund for the evacuees of Bali, as you can see above.

These are the author rewards for the posts I made on this subject two weeks ago.

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Thank you to all those who have already donated towards this important cause!

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It was suggested by the person who hacked my account last week that I was using this appeal to scam you all. Perhaps this is even one of the reasons why he chose me to target?

You can see his exact words posted in my @samstonehilltube account 8 days ago
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I hope you can see I am not a 'charity scammer'...

and it is my promise to you all I will deliver on my clearly stated intentions HERE

Having lived in Bali for almost 2 years now I would very much live to give something back to the people... in the form of solar kits & water filters. Giving them the knowledge & power to change their lives forever. Even if it is only a small collection of families who benefit. Others will see what they have... and this knowledge will spread 🙏🏻

Our kits will bring light to tents such as this one. This shot was taken two weeks ago in one of the evacuation camps.

The Situation

Still no one knows how long the 140,000 displaced people will have to stay in these camps. The experts continually tell us to expect the eruption any moment, but this is little comfort to those whose crops & animals are now dead... and the weeks drag on and on....


THE TARGET of $1000

It has been decided to set a target of $1000 for this fundraising campaign. We believe this is a realistic figure which can be achieved by early November.

And should the value of STEEM/SBD suddenly spike, we will reach our target even faster than expected.

The account is currently powering down and when the target is reached, the promised products will be bought.

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I will document every last part of the journey from STEEM/SBD to solar products & water filters being handed over to the evacuees who will learn about Steemit while this happens....

because I will be wearing this hat!


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140,000 people have now been evacuated from their homes and many of them are living in poorly funded camps, unable to provide the most basic of facilities.

How can you help?

STEEM/SBD Donations are being accepted in the @charitysteemit account for the purchase of these solar products & water filters.

Once the products have been acquired, we will document them being given out to the evacuees of Bali.

A Bitcoin donation QR code is displayed on the @charitysteemit account banner.

All donations will be logged and listed here on a weekly basis.

If you want to get involved by writing related articles...

This is the procedure to follow:

Please write informative articles & do not seek to capitalise on spreading fear.

It is our job to provide accurate decentralised reporting on this situation, so speak to people you know who live in Bali, rather than quoting mainstream news. You have my full permission to copy the information you find in my posts... but please try and present it in your own way!

Feel free to use any up-to-date images you find in the Facebook group, Mount Agung Relief remembering to quote your source if you do.

Use helpbali2017 as one of your tags. It doesn't have to be the first one.

Upon reviewing your article, assuming it fits our criteria, we will resteem it into the @charitysteemit account and add you to the weekly published list of awesome contributors.

Make sure you select the 50/50 option at the bottom of your post before you submit.

When the payout is received after 7 days keep the STEEM POWER for yourself and transfer the STEEM/SBD to @charitysteemit

If you are found to be abusing this system you will be flagged on your future posts and listed for all to see alongside those who have made genuine donations.

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Multiple review articles

I have noticed people linking to the posts in this account with review type articles on multiple topics. This is much appreciated and a great to help in spreading awareness but if you want to really make a difference... you should write articles exclusively about this subject.

And as such, we regret that we can only resteem articles which are 100% dedicated to the situation here and helping the people of Bali.

They will be resteemed from the following accounts which support this cause: @charitysteemit @refugeeaid4bali @samstonehill @samstonehilltube @steemshop @steemholdidays @steemtv @chron @savetukadpetanu @jockey

If you would like to help us spread the word by resteeming our posts and have your name added to this list, please let us know in the comments below.

T≋H≋A≋N≋K≋ ≋Y≋O≋U≋ ≋E≋V≋E≋R≋Y≋O≋N≋E≋!

If you are unable to donate anything, you can still help by simply upvoting & resteeming this 🙏🏻



Good luck mate..

Thank you! $420 isn't a bad start. Shame to see the flagging going on here. Not sure what that's about?

You are awesome!

The scammer is now trying to discredit you? Wow... to quote my granddaughter's favourite character (this week...) The Grinch:

"The audacity! The unmitigated GALL!"

It appears someone called @susanne is now flagging my posts with 97,230 delegated SP taking the payout to zero.

Could this somehow still be related to the scammer???

Or something @susanne has against me personally?

She appears to be a food blogger. Do you happen to know her?

yea, the "anarchy" comes down to the power of the dollar ... hold on mah man, some nutcase CEO startup will sure come up with something based on steem and the complaints it wont take years i'm sure
there's nothing you can do about these crypto-capitalists here. It's all buy power and buy votes and that's it, the rest is 50% pay up or else scams ... don't let that deter you from keeping the banner and quality high

No, I don't think the name rings a bell.

I do hope that account hasn't been taken over as well - especially with the delegated Steem.

That is what I am wondering. She seems lovely, reading through her work. Not the type at all to suddenly go on a flagging binge! I will notify a few people now...

Such a shame. I hope this can all be sorted out.

Just had another thought!

I wonder if she isn't aware you've got your account back and she thinks she's flagging the scammers?

All sorted now! And you guessed it! haha!

We are fiends now and she just gave me a lovely big upvote ;)

you look an awful lot like my old kine from Ghent ... she had the habit of giving away her time for free too ... it used to be such a beautifull progressive city ... like that last bulwark against the onslaught of the couch-nazis ... what happened ... other than the sozis becoming couch sozis ?
im going out on a limb here based on the name ofcourse :)
its good to see people who arent just here to pick crumbs dumped by the whales like you and @samstonehill ... be careful if you hang around me though i have a natural tendency to clash with both said couch-nazis and couch-sozis , with the crypto-capitalists disguised as anarchists and in general with anything that labels itself whale or artist (they're trying to sell you or make you do something) ... careful so it don't rub off ... i'll give you my last vote for the day. When the next thing comes along i hope both you join the rest of real people there .... (not that i'm a startup i'm a startup as the british would say , which is not a compliment xD)

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