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RE: Can You Build A Dream If No One Shares It?

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This is such an awful situation... for the animals and for the people. What I am a little confused about is how people living in such abject poverty are able to wield the sort of influence you spoke of. Usually it is people with money that make the decisions - unless you meant that the political ruling class (as I like to call them) are enhancing their own bank accounts at the expense of peole and animals in their districts that they are supposed to be helping and misappropriating funds.

Anyway, best of luck to you. Rescuing animals is a never-ending and mostly thankless job even under the best of circumstances.


The people with the influence are living in anything BUT abject poverty. It's a feudal system, with old-world-type land barons and coal bards. The people living below poverty level have long since quit caring enough to rally for change.

There is a lot, lot, LOT of money in Southwest Virginia. Unfortunately, it will never see the light of day.

I thought all the rich people pretended to care about animals, people, the environment, etc. I guess you are seeing an example of what happens when the facade comes off. The real reason liberals pretend to care about things is so that they have an excuse to steal more taxpayer money, which mostly goes to line the pockets of themselves, their friends, families, and campaogn donors. Evil and disgusting.

Not many liberals here--this was Trump territory big time. The coal mines, and such. The rich here are simply land barons. Their grandfathers made their fortune off the backs of immigrant labor in the mines, and the money gets socked away for the younger generations to burn away on drugs and lifestyle. Here's a great archived Washington Post article (from years ago) about one of our area's millionaires. They absolutely got it right, too. Not a thing has changed in all these years, except that Grundy got a WalMart.

@sabrin514 Yep - it's all the liberals fault. Rich liberal pretenders in coal country. Please read the piece posted by the author below. Knowledge is power and all that.

Politicians of all types are pretty much self-serving sheisters regardless of the letters they wear. The group in this area you speak of seems almost like a mafia first and foremost.

I live in one of the most liberal states in the union (in both politics and ideology of the average people). The upper class people here will get on a soap box and rail against the evils of capitalism, slavery, borders, pollution, and a host of other favored topics as they sit in Starbucks sipping on their $5 latte on am iPad made by improverished Chinese people locked inside a factory working 16 hour days, dumping toxic waste directly into their land and rivers. Then they will cheerfully head to the horse racing track to support an industry that chews horses up and spits them out like waste, to sit in their private box so that they do not have to mingle with the rest of us scum.

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