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Hello dear steemers.

Continuing with our work of attending to the girls of the home of the Augustinian Recollect sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we have made the purchase of toiletries and food, after talking to them and finding out what their most pressing needs are.

At the time of delivery we could not count on the always pleasant company of the beautiful girls, since these were until a couple of days ago in Los Teques in a camp with Sister Eunice.

Inside the shopping there is soap, shampoo, alcohol to supply your infirmary, fruits and vegetables, flour and proteins. The total expense was 1440.62 BsS, of which 50BsS were used in transportation, the rest is well specified here below.

Sorry if there is no backup on invoices of all purchases, in Venezuela there are businesses that do not issue them as some sales of fruits and vegetables, likewise I leave a screenshot of the bank where the purchases made that day are reflected.

The funds for this day of donations were obtained from donations of the great team that supports charities @adollaraday and the proceeds in our post, the steem and SBD collected were exchanged through @anytrades.

Excess previous donation29.6 BsS+
Amount charged for 17,636 SBD1440.16 BsS= 1469.76 BsS -
Expense on invoice1235.21 BsS= 234.55 BsS -
Transportation expense50 BsS184.55 BsS -
Expenses without fruits invoice175 BsS9.55
Surplus for next purchase9.55.

In addition to collaborating with supplies and food to the home for girls, we have also helped again FUNVEDEIN, a foundation run by Dubal Perez. These foods are of great help to its founder and the other members of it, since with the terrible situation that the country is going through, they have been in a very precarious position due also to their disabilities.

Remember that @oneopportunity is an account created since July, but this project in charge of @carlagonz, has worked formally since 05/24/2018.

Immense thanks to people like @tarekadam, @pennsif, @adollaraday, @sircock, @youarehope, @ crypto.charity, @cryptoeater, @fundition, @ercu, @humarheart witness, @ hede-io who have somehow or other contributed knowledge, encouragement, financing and much more to my project.

As well as a special thank you to the team @cervantes who have supported with our positive vote our publications in Spanish.

Immense thanks to people like @ rvag5 @franqueff @haroldmateria @carlosega who support this project in many ways.

Thank you very much for reading this publication.

May God reward your kind hearts.

Remember that your help will be used to give them a better diet, way of life for these children, clothes, footwear, school supplies, personal hygiene products and many more.

Have a beautiful and happy day.

With love the One Opportunity Venezuela project team.

This post was made by @franqueff.

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Project One Opportunity @oneopportunity has been chosen to receive another donation of 15 SBD from the A Dollar A Day project - supported today by @pennsif, @cryptocariad, @cryptocurator, @globocop, @goldendawne, @hopehuggs, @nikolina, @onemedia / @soundbath, @steeminganarchy, @steevc & witnesses @drakos, @followbtcnews & @quochuy

Contact @pennsif if you would like to know more about A Dollar A Day.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


there are no ways to express so much gratitude, this project could not exist without the invaluable financial and personal contribution that @adollaradand gives @oneopportunity, all the people benefited by this project and the organizers we send many thanks.


We are very happy to help your great project.