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There is a lot written about the blockchain and cryptocurrency and how it can be used by bad people to do bad things. News headlines are full of stories and reports about hackers shutting down computer systems or kidnapping people and demanding a ransom to be paid in one cryptocurrency or another. But the blockchain, like a computer or the internet or even an AI robot is neither good or bad, and it can be used for good just as easily as it can be used for bad acts.

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There are problems whenever a disaster hits and people want to donate to help the victims. What organization should you use as a vehicle to get your donation to the people who need it most? The internet has tried to solve that problem with crowd funding sources, but those can be scammed and it can be difficult to get money to the victims if they are on the other side of the world. The blockchain can really shine in situations like this. Because of it's very decentralized nature and full transparency, plus the use of cryptocurrencies that are not limited by political borders, the blockchain becomes the perfect vehicle for helping people suffering natural disasters anyplace in the world.

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The recent devastating tsunami in Indonesia is a perfect example of the blockchain in action as a source of victim relief. Consider this Indonesia Center set up through the Steem blockchain:
Indonesia Center

On Saturday, December 22, just three days before Christmas, Anak Krakatau blew up, creating a massive tsunami. Anak Krakatau - translation "The Son of Krakatoa" - was formed inside the remnants of the infamous Krakatoa (East of Java) volcano. The devastation and loss of life during the height of the holiday season was almost unimaginable.
Check out a first person account of the horror

But many of the people in Indonesia are blockchain and cryptocurrency users. One of them, Fararizky, with help from Mariska Lubis and Alaikaabdullah sprang into action, creating the Indonesian Center to receive and distribute needed cash and supplies to the victims of this disaster.

Because of the internet, and social media, the word can spread far and wide, but because of the blockchain, donations in the form of cryptocurrency and tokens can be used to obtain those much needed supplies and relief aid. This grassroots movement can move swiftly and efficiently without being tied up in the red tape that often surrounds disaster relief agencies when dealing cross border with situations that require their aid.

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Cryptocurrency transfers also don't run into the problems and often high fees inherent with fiat money transfers, allowing people from all over the world to donate quickly and easily. This is truly a use case where the blockchain can shine - solving problems around the world in a timely manner, without governmental red tape and delays.

I hope you'll visit Fararizky's blog on Steemit and show some love with your upvote, but if you can't, just stop for a moment and think about the incredible opportunity the blockchain presents to us to do peer to peer good in the world.

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Thank you very much for your attentions and care... It means a lot, we need to use technology to help more people, it will be more useful instead of just thinking about ourselves.


Thank you very much for the support. I am a 100% sure that blockchain technology can help the people all around the world.

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