Go Fund Me to help Rebuild Holistic Center

in charity •  7 months ago

The center where I organize retreats recently had a fire, and the family lost their home, the reception office, their cars, the hanger garage, their small plane, and all sentimental items. The facilitators of Bambuddha have given so much care to the community that we want to help them in their time of need, so they can continue to help others in their pursuit of healing. Bambuddha is one of the only holistic centers in Acapulco, Mexico and because of that, it is extremely essential that we preserve its presence. Your generosity is very appreciated during this difficult time <3

Please consider donating or sharing this webpage. Any support is helpful!


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thank you are doling well job i like work and appreciate you

use upfundme tag

So sad .. I was just there for your first Bambuddha retreat (thank you Macey). There is really beautiful consciousness-expanding art and a very good vibe. I'm a better person after that experience. I learned a lot about retreats and healthy living in Mexico. We need to see this re-built.


Thank you so much, James. Truly truly appreciate it!

Thank you for what you're doing. It sounds like a very worthwhile project. I'm sorry to her about the fire and loss. I'm sure you are a blessing to them in their time of need. Best wishes for their healing.

thanks for come in my comment @maceytomlin now i am your follower


It says a lot about you that you would comment on a post I made about someone's house burning down. Have a little class.