You can fulfill the dream of a child Venezuelan 👉 Join the sponsorship program

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In the Little Disciples Foundation we have a dream, to raise new generations to be agents of change in our society, that is why we are selecting children and young people from low income communities who have the talent in dance, singing, acting etc. Giving him the possibility of reaching that goal and of supporting them in his studies. .

We introduce you to 👦 Yoana Ovando is 13 years old and lives in the Celestial Villa community, she wants to be a Professional Dancer 👉 you can help her fulfill her dream, and change her future, be part of the change in our nation, a change that begins with them , the new generations.
If you want to know your story and SPONSOR THIS PRE-TEACHER 👉 WRITE US BY DIRECT MESSAGE👆

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Good to hear that Yoana Ovando, at age 13, is a Pre-Teacher of other children.

GOD Bless the Children !!

That's just just need a lot of support since it's a girl who sometimes eats once a day but God can make it possible to sponsor

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