Charitable deeds, let's crowd-fund for kids in Bangladesh, fruits and snacks every week, nr. 33

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Hello, all! I am late today. I almost forgot at all! My mom and brother are visiting and I have not seen them for more than a year so I got carried away. I am sorry! So... All proceeds from this post will go to @SchoolForSDG4, created by @Azizbd, to help host a weekly fruit program and/or provide educational materials for the kids.

Here is a recent post from @SchoolForSDG4


First order of business, the Hot Meal Arrangement is going t take place on 26th of March. It is another month that brings good news. The kids are going to have warm food that will fill up many, many bellies. 26th of March is also Bangladesh Independence day so it is going to be celebrated. And what better way to celebrate but make the little ones happy? After all, they are our future and will make the world a better place if we show them kindness.

This week the snack in fruit program was apple. I know I have said this before but I will repeat myself. I love apples. They are the best juicy fruits. They come in different flavors and tastes. They are green, red and yellow. They are the best. The snack for all seasons. When I was little, we used to have special winter apples that would develop a protective layer to protect them from rotting in winter. Those were what I snacked on throughout the coldest of seasons.

Also, another great news! The school has acquired a new water filter and a fan for the summer. The kids are not going to get overheated or dehydrated, they have all the basic necessities that will keep their focus where it should be. On learning. I am so happy that those expenses are something that @Azizbd can afford to make. And most of it is possible because of this wonderful platform and community. Thank you Steemit! For one more amazing week.

I will not be adding more this week. I am taking some time for me and my family. I am thankful that you are sticking with me. Thank you for all the votes and comments. Even resteems. Thank you for making a hope into reality!

All the pictures are recent and provided by @azizbd, any questions about the project can be resolved with him, he will be happy to answer any questions if you are interested to help this project and have any idea about how to make it better. Heck, he will even get up at 4 AM in the morning just to talk to somebody about ideas. Here is a link to his steemit chat:

If you would like to contribute by making a post, you can contact Mohammed ( @azizbd ) and he will provide pictures for you, anyone spreading the word is welcome. The income from the post can be sent to @schoolforsdg4, if you think you deserve any Steem for your hard work making a post, keep a dime, even a small donation from your posts means a lot to those kids.

If you have any Steem to spare, donations are welcome. @schoolforsdg4 is where you want to send them.

If you can't spare any Steem, because I know everybody has their lives to live and expenses needed to be covered, a simple upvote is very much appreciated, a resteem is encouraged. :)

As I said, all income from this post will go towards the project, my rewards are set to 50/50 payout, but I am still able to find the STEEM the posts make, so I will be able to forward all income from this post to @schoolforsdg4.

Wishing you an amazing day, today, tomorrow and forever,

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Re-steemed and voted! Thanks for continuing to do these posts to raise money for the fruit program--awesome stuff.


Thanks for your help! I have noticed that you have been helping actively and it is truly appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

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Children are kings of the future 👍


They mos certainly are!

Great initiative! I hope you continue to help these children 🙏🏽


I will. I have been doing it for quite some time now :)


Excellent! What a beautiful gesture... I hope that this platform will soon be full of these types of initiatives... That should be the aim of the game...