Charity Help: Asking for some help for my friend's mom 😢😢🙏

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Hi Good evening Steemians and Uloggers!
I am knocking at the doors of your hearts and ask for some help. My friend's mom was diagnosed of Leukemia and she is also suffering from many complications in her body . It has been a very shocking news to me when I found out about her condition recently because the last time I saw his mom was she was very healthy and suddenly she had been admitted to the hospital here in Cebu .

In order to help my friend, I have been looking for some blood donors and I would also ask some donations for her hospital bills and medicine. I know it will be embarrassing for me to ask for some donations but I would do it in order to help my friend to save her loving mom .


This is the Statement of account of my friend's mom .They still have a remaining balance for her hospitals bill which will cost Php 34,975.00 or 655.83 Dollars . This would be a lot of money but my friend's family would be very grateful to any donation that we will receive from all of you . Your upvotes , comments and resteem will be much appreciated as well. Also, please include his mom's recovery in Your prayers. Thank you so much and God bless you always.


Please support @surpassinggoogle as a witness by voting him at and type in "steemgigs" at the first search box.


The bill is 655 USD - a lot in this country for poor people. We all could help with an upvote at least...

seen too late for an upvote... 😕


Upvoted and resteemed to help you out.

Oh thank you so much @darthnava . I really appreciate it .

Upvoted and resteemed

Oh dear upvoted. N I will include her in my prayers

Thank you so much @suzprice . Your upvote and prayers is much appreciated . May God bless you always.

Espero que pronto mejore la madre de tu amigo. Mis oraciones están con ella, saludos.

Mother is so precious . We support u.
@sumitsaurav5000 from kryptonia

Sending prayers

I hope she gets better soon.

hope you receive everything you have prayed for (@claudia - Kryptonia)

I hope your friend's mom will be okay and I will pray for him. God bless him.
hey, God, she will recover fastly.

I know that she will be in better condition soon. Sending prayers and God bless us all.

Upvoted and resteemed your post @joancabz. I hope your friend's mom will be okay and I will include her in my prayers. God bless.

Hola espero con la confianza en Dios que mejore la señora
Kryptonia id: yajaira.

Hola lamento bastante, lo de la mamá de su amigo espero con la ayuda primeramente de Dios y con los granitos de arena nuestros contribuyan con los gastos. Kryptonia @henry blanco.

Que se mejore. Mi ID de kriptonia @isamaroon.

Upvoted and Resteemed... I hope your friend's mom get better soon. Greetings!

Ojala y todo salga bien y tu madre se recupere amiga xD
Kryptonia ID: @edward_stobia

acosta from Kryptonia, I already upvoted and reestemed, I hope you get the money quickly, I'm sorry for that, she'll get better!

I hope she will get better soon.

Dear @joancabz. We are supporting you, so therefore you have an up vote and resteem from @hopefundraise.

Thank you so much @hopefundraise .

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Pray God grant her good health and make make her body system perfect...

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