Charity Work: The liquid earnings of this post will be sent for @diosarich's son and the documents from hospitalization

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Recently, @diosarich has messaged me stating that she was taking a break from Steeming to focus on her ailing aunt and son. I stated it already in this post. The liquid earnings of that post will be sent to @diosarich, and I will create a post about it once it was sent to her.


@diosarich's son CJ in the hospital

Her son has Epileptic Cerebral Palsy, and was brought to the hospital due to acute gastroentiritis initially but findings say, he also has uriney retention. Her are the documents she sent to me.





If you are willing to help @diosarich directly, feel free to contact her on her Facebook account or through her account on Steemit.

Thanks in advance for all the support.

Please support @surpassinggoogle as a witness by voting him at and type in "steemgigs" at the first search box.

You can also give him witness voting decisions on your behalf, visit again and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

Please support his project as well, which is @teardrops Smart Media Token.

Do support @steemph, @bayanihan, and @sawasdeethailand curation teams.



steemitdavao group will support

We pray for her son's quick recovery @iyanpol12.

Praying for her son's quick recovery.

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From: steemitdavao family


steemitdavao members will support this post. Upvoted and resteem

Thank you sir!

hope this will be ok..

Im steemitdavao member

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Thank you for the support.

@diosarich Praying for your son's fast healing & recovery ma'am.

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Thank you ma'am.

resteemed master

Thanks sir melvin.

we pray for his recovery very soon

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Cj fight fight lang!!! 👊🏻 We pray for your fast recovery.

God bless you all. upvoted and resteemed for more visibility.

i hope your son quickly thanks

Kalooy oi God bless the family.

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