Report of Charity Campaign for Tsunami Victims in Banten and Lampung (First Report)

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This is the first report post from the Indonesia Center, in this report, we will explain the progress that we make, and Indonesia Center will also reporting the finances of the funds that have collected.

Progress report of the Tsunami Victims Charity Campaign in Banten and Lampung

Currently, we are still trying to raise funds to be donated to tsunami victims in Banten and Lampung. In order for having a new updated from the refugee's camp, we have communicated and coordinated with several organizations that have a camp in refugee camps, we chose the organization with the consideration that the camps they had established were still affordable by refugee camps, so if there were updated for the latest news they could immediately report the Indonesia Center on the demands that are urgently needed by refugees.

From the latest information that we got from one of the staff from Aksi Cepat Tanggap who was responsible in Lampung, refugees who stay in the camps need foods and mineral water for their daily needs, as well as the information on the needs that we got from the Front Mahasiswa Islam-Bekasi who had a camp near the refugee camps in Banten.

Financial Report of Charity Campaign for the Tsunami Victims in Banten and Lampung


The funds that have been collecting from the contributors is 33.085 Steem, and 50 Steem Power delegates. This delegation was carried out to support the stability of Voting Mana and Resource Credit so that the Indonesia Center could still post, engage with other communities and carry out activities related to financial transactions in steemit accounts.

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Funds collected from the post-payout process are 45.368 steem, but we sent 25% steem in each payout to power up with the total power up 11.342 steem, then we still have 34.026 steem remains, 0.157 SBD and 45.828 steem power.

The total funds collected for campaign programs for victims of the Tsunami in Banten and Lampung amounted to 67.111 steem and 0.157 SBD, if converted into rupiah only reached 371,213 rupiahs with an exchange rate of IDR 5,500 / steem and IDR 13,400 / SBD, still far from the target needed so that the funds can be distributed to the victims, at least the funds needed for each distribution are 1,000,000 rupiahs or about 182 steem. The funds we still need are 628,786 rupiahs or around 114.3 steem more.

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Therefore, we hope from all the steem blockchain communities to join a hand for helping Indonesia Center for donating a small amount of the funds to tsunami victims in Banten and Lampung.

Additional Reports

The leader of Indonesia Center, Fara Rizky, shared about Indonesia Center's project in the hangout room at the Fundition's Discord on this evening at 6.15 PM Indonesia times. The responses given by the funditians who attended the hangout were very positive by giving tips to Indonesia Center so that the project will continue to grow and get donors.

Thank you to all contributors who have helped Indonesia Center in conducting a charity campaign, thanks to all the @oracle-d team and the @fundition team who continued to provide assistance and support to the Indonesia Center. We will continue to take positive actions through the steem blockchain technology.

About Indonesia Center

Indonesia Center is a crowdfunding center for disaster victims based on the Steem Blockchain, and for the Independent Researcher bases, created on 27th December, 2018. It was established to support the victims/survivors of the disasters in Indonesia. By using the blockchain technology, Indonesia Center hopes that the transparency of funding management and delivery will be able to be monitored by everyone since the blockchain is a data storage which is accessible to everyone in the network, transparent, distributed and permanent, so that will not be able to be manipulated.

In the future, Indonesia Center will develop the researcher team for disaster mitigation, to explore the possibility of informing people regarding the disasters and provide any alternative (if possible) related to disaster risk reduction, so that we will be able to minimize the victims of disasters. Indonesia Center is crowdfunding that is independent and neutral and is not used for the benefit of any party. Nonetheless, it will not limit the Indonesian Center from partnering with government agencies in the contribution of the valid data generated from research.

How to Participate

Please be a backer for Indonesia Center or direct your help to our wallet in Steem/SBD to the Indonesia Center account, by giving a note of “Sumbangan Tsunami Banten dan Lampung”. After that, we will attach data from all contributors to the report that will be posted every two weeks.

Check our Campaign at:
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