#2 Reports of Charity Campaign for The Tsunami Victims in Banten and Lampung (The Funds Distribution)

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This is our #2 updates, we will write a second reports from Indonesia Center, we will explain the latest news about the distribution of funds that had been carried out on 31 January 2019, as well as some of the latest updates on the development of the Indonesia Center that we will be carrying out soon.

Financial Reports: The Funds Distribution

The funds collected in the Indonesia Center wallet had been distributed for the paid of Indonesia Center's logo and to Aksi Cepat Tanggap at the Lampung tents to purchase the needs of the Sunda Strait tsunami refugees. We focused on the first phase of distribution at the Lampung post because they were the first contact that we could reach. For the next distribution funds, The second phase of the funds will be focusing on refugees in Banten through FMI-Bekasi.

Here is the financial transaction we have done:

• Undelegated the Steem Power delegation from the Indonesian Center delegation conducted by @fararizky, because it was considering that the SP owned by @indonesia-center is enough to communicate, reply to comments and make posts. Resource Credit and Voting Mana were considering to stable.

• The collected amount of 230.890 Steem had been sent to bittrex, then exchanged to XLM coins and sent to Indodax. After that, we sold XLM into rupiahs. And we got 965,189 IDR, but 25,000 IDR charged by Indodax for admin fees. Then, we sent the funds to CIMB account (@fararizky account) for further distribution to beneficiaries. There are several pieces of administrative fees required. Finally, the number of distributions for Logo Maker is 200,000 and funds distribution to ACT Lampung is 700,000 IDR.


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Remaining funds that we still need is 1,464 Steem

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For Logo


Sent to Aksi Cepat Tanggap at Lampung

• There is automatic upvote support from the @charitycurator on every Indonesian Center post that has been submitted in the comment replies on their steemit account, the donation from @oracle-d and support from @fundition and @sndbox, and many others who help Indonesia Center so that we can help more people.

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Therefore, we still hope from all the steem blockchain communities to join a hand to help Indonesia Center for donating a small amount of the funds to tsunami victims in Banten and Lampung.

Progress report in Lampung

From the communication that we have done with Aksi Cepat Tanggap who are in the Lampung post, here are some updates they provide:
• Victims whose homeless because their home were destroyed by the tsunami are still staying in refugee camps, and for victims whose the home were still standing in have returned to their own home.
• Daily food needs for refugees are 3,500 portions and were supplying from ACT's public kitchen.
• Educational activities have started normally, but there are some that still be doing in refugee camps because of the school buildings were destroyed by the tsunami.






The photos belong to Aksi Cepat Tanggap. They sent us via Whatsapp Messenger

Additional Update

To provide support for the charity program of tsunami Banten and Lampung, and for the next charity programs, @fararizky as a Leader took the initiative to offer the opportunities for content creators or researchers to be able to contribute to the Indonesia Center by sending the research content on related science and technology with anticipation and management of disasters in various fields such as social, economic, and others. We are accepting the content from all over the world too. We will set the criteria in the next post update.

This program would be assisted by @mariska.lubis as an advisor from the Indonesia Center. Indonesia Center will pay 25% liquid payout for the freelance content creators after the redeem payout process, and we will save the remaining 75% liquid payout in the wallet if something happens later, so the funds could be distributed to disaster victims as faster as we can.

Here we will show you the form of a flowchart:

content creator - english version.jpg

Thank you to all the contributors who have helped Indonesia Center in our charity campaign. We will continue to take positive actions through the steem blockchain technology.

About Indonesia Center

Indonesia Center Is a crowdfunding center for disaster victims supported the Steem Blockchain, and for the freelance research worker bases, created on 27th December 2018. It was established to support the victims/survivors of the disasters in Indonesia. By using the blockchain technology, Indonesia Center hopes that the transparency of funding management and delivery will be able to be monitored by everyone since the blockchain is a data storage which is accessible to everyone in the network, transparent, distributed and permanent, so that will not be able to be manipulated.

Indonesia Center will develop the researcher team for disaster mitigation, to explore the possibility of informing people regarding the disasters and provide an alternative (if possible) related to disaster risk reduction, so that we will be able to minimize the victims of disasters. Indonesia Center is crowdfunding that is independent and neutral and is not used for the benefit of any party. Nonetheless, it will not limit the Indonesian Center from partnering with government agencies in the contribution of the valid data generated from research.

How to Participate

Please be a backer for Indonesia Center or direct your help to our wallet in Steem/SBD to the Indonesia Center account, by giving a note of “Sumbangan Tsunami Banten dan Lampung”. After that, we will attach data from all contributors to the report that will be posted every two weeks.

Please Visit Our Introduction Posts:
Indonesia Version
English Version

Check our Campaign at:
Fundition | Twitter

Indonesia Center


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thank you very much for the support

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Indonesia Center is a crowdfunding center for disaster victims based on the Steem Blockchain, and for the Independent Researcher bases.

Kindly visit our steemit page to get more info.

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