Day of hope, the expansion of a dream...

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Hello dear hope bearers!

In the previous post where I brought you the testimony of the food donation that we carried out through @hope.venezuela, I explained that the project was in expansion and that we would add to what we are doing another element to help the people in Venezuela who suffer day by day the ravages of a crisis that worsens over time.


We have a dream, and our dream is to alleviate the suffering of people suffering from food, clothing and shoes in Venezuela. It is a very difficult task, however we are putting all the effort in helping, using the resources that we have at hand managing to bring some joy in the middle of a painful situation.

We add a new element to the program.

The architects of this idea are my wife and daughter, they, last month motivated by the situation were obliged to make clothes for them and for my two sons, besides cooking them manually.


From there came the idea of ​​recycling used clothes, fabrics and making clothes for children in need in the sectors and delivering them together with the food program.

So, they began requesting clothes in good condition that people no longer use for reuse by making clothes for children in need.

Now my house has become a sewing workshop hahaha, and that makes me very happy.

Program projection.

We are making a great effort to continue with the "Day of Hope" program, the delivery we have been making will double it, now, in addition to the food delivery we make once a month with the other leaders, we will be making a delivery more , only us as @hope.venezuela which will include delivery of clothing made by my wife, my daughter and a group of collaborators of the program and the usual delivery of food.

I must tell you that we have already made our first delivery of clothing to some children but we could not take pictures of it, because we did not have a device to take some photos, however for the next installment we will document the activity to share it with you.

This delivery will take place on January 31

We show below images of the garments made manually by the promoters of this idea.


Thanks to the bearers of hope who have contributed to help sustain this program.

@crypto.piotr, @edgarare1, @wakeupkitty, @roleerob, @deeanndmathews, @city-of-dresden, @olivia08, @suntree, @akdx, @jadams2k18, @otom, @fredkese, @josevas217, @pedrobrito2004.

Special mention for @achimmertens and his Nobel Token, for contributing his vote.

Final reflection.

We have a dream, and our dream is to bring hope, to draw a smile on the face of needy families, this dream is something very difficult to achieve, however, it is worth the effort, share what we have and manage to help to others.

In the near future we plan to buy fabrics, threads and if we get support a baking machine to continue this dream of hope.


My call is for all those who feel identified with this noble cause, my call is to the bearers of hope, those who through their contribution give joy to a family in Venezuela.

Help us to continue providing hope, with your contribution you will attract smiles on problematic faces, every penny counts, a steem, BTC, Ether, transfer to a bank account in Venezuela, you can vote and rewrite this publication or even delegate steem power to this account , your action will help us to continue growing and reach more people.


ETH: 0xC5bC511d852Be63Bc7d46e3cD9AbE57f18F12Bc6

LTC: LbncEfubydyJvJZcfCP1k587PjZibxWyg6

DOGE: DChQwidZGK2pZFgUNpqwnqnNUoc235qFwp

Become a bearer of hope!


I have resteemed the post and have also send 2 Steem. Thank you.

Thanks for support dear friend @akdx.

It's my pleasure!

Hi @akdx, thanks for the support, this means a lot for this project.

Blessings, bearer of hope!

I am glad that I could do something for the needy. Unfortunately, I am not so wealthy to do more but, these are my sincere efforts . I hope I'll be able to help more people in the future.

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Resteeming, and will be sending along more Steem soon ... hope you were able to take advantage of the (brief) Steem bounce ...

Hi @deeanndmathews, thanks for the constant support.

Blessings to you, bearer of hope!

Dear @hope.venezuela

Thank you for sharing this link with me and for this update reflecting progress of your project. Hopefully your efforts will bring satisfactionary results. It's surely going to be a long journey.

Now my house has become a sewing workshop hahaha, and that makes me very happy.

good one :)

Enjoy your weekend, solid upvote from @project.hope is on the way (that's my little way of showing support)
Yours, Piotr

Hello dear @crypto.piotr, thanks for being here.

Enjoy your weekend, solid upvote from @project.hope is on the way (that's my little way of showing support)
Yours, Piotr

That is very important to us, thanks for the constant support of this project. You are a bearer of hope.

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