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RE: Helping people in Venezuela - 1 month after we started

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Hello @ achim03 thank you very much for the support, in Venezuela every penny counts so we are all very grateful for this initiative, something that perhaps worth noting is that although it seems illogical food in Venezuela is more expensive than in almost all Latin America then earning some dollars is very difficult but spending them is incredibly fast alone in food a small family to be well fed could spend $ 150 to $ 200 per month, I live on the border with Colombia and it is cheaper to market in that country, that great price difference between the minimum wage and the cost of food is what makes the vast majority of Venezuelans not eat well, it is shocking when you see friends and family who have lost 20 kilos or even more weight because of the cost that is the food.

@crypto.piotr I do not think that mature yield to international pressures, the vast majority of people in the government know that if they leave power it is very likely that they will end up imprisoned the rest of their lives either in Venezuela or another country, I am almost sure that they first I would face an invasion rather than give up power, there is something very important that Chávez infused and that few people understand and it is ideology, ideology is like a religion I am agnostic and I know that arguing with religious is a lost case the same happens with the people who took the revolution as an ideology, it does not matter that they are going hungry no matter if it is one of the most insecure countries in the world or that we have the highest inflation in the world they continue with the "revolution" because they believe that this is the way to something better, for them all the bad is the fault of the others (the opposition and the empire), that's why it is good to understand that the government of mature if you have people and are people to rmada willing to die for the "revolution" so the only alternative that I see as viable is for a military invasion to happen or what has been more common in other countries that were financed by armed militias of the country that fight the government, in any the two cases to Venezuela awaits bloodshed.


Dear @hendersonp

what an amazing comment. Love it!

but would you consider using enter sometimes to separate blocks of text? it would make reading much easier :)

I'm not sure if I already spoke to you about it, but good friend of mine (from steemit) is looking for crypto writers and social media marketers.
Perhaps you or someone you know would be interested in such a position (check out my latest post).

Yours, Piotr

or perfect I did not know, I'll see your last post to inform me

Thank you :)

When I read the reports of people from Venezuela, I can't help but feel sorry. It must be a terrible challenge just to find food for the family. I don't know whether the recent political developments will be the answer but it is sure that things have to change.

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