Valentine's Day Orphanage Visit at Ibadan: First video, pictures and how we connected with the kids.

in charity •  9 months ago

I posted earlier of my visit to Ibadan and plans to join the team to visit the Jesus Children Mission Home, JCM orphanage and these are first photos and video from the visit.
First of, it was a fulfilling experience having to be there to be part of their lives on this day that love is preached and perceived as the order of the day.
The Ibadan Steem community are an amazing breed, and the organizers put together this event with so much love that the moment we entered the home, we immediately connected with the children. And of course we came bearing some goodies.
Unlike the Government Orphanage Home I visited in Ikot Ekpene with the FETCH team, this one was more sane and the children were actually being well catered for. I didn't cry and no one in the team cried because we were smiling all the way.

I Feel Blessed!

At the orphanage I had an amazing time and was able to connect for the first time with more Steemians like @Mosunomotunde and her lovely daughters, @Arogboolabisi, @Stacey31, @Deronke, @Olawalium, @Bisodun, @fadiji09 @Aristokratos, @Gloviss34 and @Olufisayo. @Tojukaka @Phait, @Adejoke16 and @Fisteganos were also there.

My Valentine day celebration was complete with this visit and looking back now, I think we need to give more to society so we are able to truly leave lasting imprints on the sands of time.

There was this time the children sang and I was like, waoo!!

Watch out for the video where these lovely angels sang.

I had fun with the less privileged today and I am still relieving the moments because it just makes sense to be a part of someone's life and really do some good.
More Photos.

How did your day go?

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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@ejema you guys are doing a good job here...even on lovers day you guys are showing love to the needy...keep up the good work and you guys have my 100% support.


Point, I agree with you @ejema et al are doing great

This is really heart warming @ejemai. What better way to celebrate valentine's day.
God bless u sir

Thats the real spirit, we all have to do such contribution to the society, and if anyone has no money to contribute in such way, then it will not just be done in shape of money and to fulfil the needs of those little orphans, there are many ways to contribution, if we just spent some time with them, that makes them enough pleased.
Ejemai i really glad what you did today, thats the real thing which that day made for, I encourage to others to do the same things as Ejemai did, make yourself lovable for the happiness of someone, thanks for your great and epic contribution, its really appreciative, i love those things to do ever, keep sharing and keep in touch,
Steem On

Wow thanks for showing much love and thanks for increasing the standard of your giving and not just your living. Greater heights bro

You are absolutely right boss! It felt so good making those kids happy, and it felt soo wonderful doing so alongside other like minded steemians. Having you there was a great honor Valentine's day ever!


Yea.. Thats right @mosunomotunde....... I agree with you!

You always work so hard to serve humanity... Your compassion for the needy cannot be over exaggerated. Thank you sire! @ejemai

It's a thing of joy meeting you today, I respect your intelligence.. Thanks for your time and words of encouragement.

This is great. Love is the greatest. Keep it up bro

Nice work sir,May God continue to bless u guys for finding it worthwhile and thoughtful to spend today with the orphans

God bless the works of ur hands

You are doing a great job foe the humanity .May GOD give you reward .there is an orphanage school near my home and i used to take clothes with them.May GOD give all humans the spirit to help humans☺

I really love what you are doing. Although i I'm not in position to do what you are doing, I really love to apreciate your effort. Keep up the good job sir. Stay blessed.

Thank you for the huge sacrifice in coming all the way. This is absolutely priceless and selfless. Thank you for all you did and still do. God bless your amazing heart sir.

you guys are not learning this thing. It is purely in your blood. God bless you guys for giving hope to the hopeless.

Nice and initiative work sir, greatest love in orphange childreen. @ejemai
upvoted from@ynoor & support me.

Good one....that's nice..thumbs up

I Feel Blessed!

God has blessed us to be a blessing... I admire your zeal. Well done Sir 🙌

A great initiative indeed..! 🙌

u people decided to spread love among the orphans who have lost their most loving parents..! 😊

A big thanks to The Ibadan Steem community for thinking about the less-fortuned ones..!

u people are inspiring all of us here to be a better person than we were yesterday..! 🤗
Keep the good work going..! 😊
Stay blessed..! Spread the love..! 😇
~Greetings from Tennis Girl 🎾🎾

Mind blowing, there's no better place to be on a day like that, than to show love to these adorable children. My brother you are a super man. This is love in practical. Thank you!

It was a day never to forget, showing love to those that can't reciprocate it.
I could feel the excitement of those kids. They were happy to have guys around and even with gifts.
I'm glad I eventually met you @ejemai. Such a charming personality
Great work.

Good job...

This is good great

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This is a service to humanity

Great @ejemai this is what I call real love..... Not the lust I see in the streets today....

very good job

Really impressed. It is so good to see thay sense of social responsibility is still alive in this world. Wish you all the best. Keep up the good work. Peace

upvote and resteemit done dear......
keep it on...

It's a remarkable experience meeting with you @ejemai, you inspired me and shed light to secrets. Thank you sir

It's such a beautiful thing giving back to the community! A very good way to celebrate the significance of Feb14! Kudos to the team

I love the way you celebrated your Val.

Instead of being sad, it’s good to hear that your visit had ended up with of joys and smiles. Social visit at the orphanage involves lots of emotional feelings and the probability of crying is usually high.

This is definitely the more appropriate way to express love on Valentine’s Day, not just by spending time with your couple but by giving something even bigger and meaningful to the more deserve people like the orphans community. I admire your good deed.

This is so thoughtful of you sir.
More grace to you for more good works.

I've been challenged

God bless your heart sir.
Thank you for all you for us.

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