BitShares Charity Group Greek Fire Victims Relief Campaign... until Aug 2nd

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BitShares Charity Group Greek Fire Victims Relief Campaign... until Aug 2nd.


The simple step-by-step instructions:

Go to

Buy any amount of our charity coin, which is pegged at 0.01bts;

...and yer done! Super Simple and Fast.

All funds raised are transferred by our friends at EasyDEX to the Greek National Government's Official Fire Relief Fund for the exclusive benefit of Greek Fire Victims. EasyDEX is absorbing the transfer fees.

Save your coins so as to receive airdrops in future to our charity coin holders, and we are working on lining up some other perks for our charity coin holders.

Visit and join us at:

BitShares Charity Group
A Place for discussion of BTS charitable endeavors.

All earned SBD and STEEM will be donated to the fund


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