Lending a helping hand will feed them for life

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I know when I was young, it was an older couple from Manhattan New York they gave me the encouragement I needed and they invested some of their money into the boy next door.

Most of us at some time in our life had someone take interest in us and they gave us a hand.

I love living in the Philippines, but every day and everywhere I turn I see incredible need. I believe that if everyone does the little they can, the incredible can be accomplished.

I personally cannot sit idly by and do nothing. It is my hope that others will take interest and help too. Upvotes, resteem, telling others and spreading the news of the need is a start and a great help.

I had two neighbor girls who were sitting at our table during most meals every day. The older one was very smart, but the choice had to be made which sister would attend school and which one not. All because of the cost of school uniforms and school supplies.


This young girl went to school and her older sister stayed home. For $50 to $75 this girl could attend public schools. For $100 a year have a good snack each day. For around $8 per month a child could be sponsored.

My wife and I currently send 2 kids to school and we have helped many more. I cannot wait until I could publish a blog here with faces of those who benefit from the Steem income generated here, or the generosity of others who would like to help.

I am set up to receive bitcoin, lite coin, ETH. I can also provide a tax receipt if requested.


Some of these young guys I spoke with in the local jail, never attended school or had to drop out.


Just this last week I spoke individually with each one of these kids. Many are concerned that they won’t have enough funds to continue their education even through high school.

I am just the guy that lives here and I really would like to do more. No overhead costs. 100% goes to the child in need.

I can also provide references of people who have been here and know me in person. Steemians even!


One place we went there were up to 12 year old boys and girls with no underwear and just a dirty tee shirt to cover themselves. We purchased clothing and took it to them.



I am not looking for any credit. I am looking for people who will partner with me!

Thank you!
As the locals call me Daddy William


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WOW, Thank you so much!

Thank you so much Sir @daddywilliam for helping my kababayans. There are lots of children out there who can't even eat 3 times a day and would sell rootcrops (which they planted) just to have money to spend in school. Few years ago I donated my used clothings to a charity institution. They gave it to the remote areas in visayas. I wish I could do it this timr but I am incapable as of right now. All I can help today is to upvote and resteem amd ofcourse pray for you to be successful, pray that a lot of people will help and pray that a lot of people will be like you. Thank you so much for helping Filipinos. God bless you and your Family!

All of the things you listed that you could do is fantastic and greatly appreciated. Thank you! We are involved in feeding the homeless and especially the children. One of the people that contacted me already told me he wanted to help with the school clothes and materials, but also provide lunch for the children he sponsors.
We all do what we can and much can be accomplished.

Thank you my friend!

There is a new account that helps, calling @scholarsph @tagalogtrail
Where are you located in the Philippines please?

Mindanao, near Tangub or Ozamiz City

Thanks @bayanihan for the tag.

Sir @daddywilliam we are also in the same project and we do love to help you out on this. As of the moment we may not be able to sponsor a student due to finances but what we can do to help you out is we can walk you through in the process of applying to fundition.io for crowdfunding purposes.

If you have questions our team can be reached on this channel.



Thank you so much! I have not registered with discord yet.

I will help. I will contact you on discord.
This breaks my heart.
Bear Hugs!!